Biomes and human migration
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Biomes and Human Migration. Spread of Modern Humans. Modern Chimpanzee Habitats. Marking the Text. Define. Symbolic Language Collective Learning. Group Activity. Scenario.

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  • Symbolic Language

  • Collective Learning


  • On December 21, 2013, there was a disaster that killed every human on Earth except the members of your group. All books and computers were destroyed. Animals and plants were not effected. List the knowledge and skills possessed by the members of your group. How could you best use them to survive? How many things you use each day would you be able to maintain (water, lights, machinery)? How would your life change?

Scenario 2
Scenario 2

  • How would things change if everyone on the GTCC – High Point Campus survived?

  • How would things change if the High Point Public Library survived?

Biome challenge
Biome Challenge Migration?

You and your group have been dropped in your assigned biome. You only have the tools listed in your toolkit. Complete the following tasks.

  • Write a specific plan to explain how you will obtain food, shelter, clothing, and if possible, transportation.

  • Identify the skills you must acquire to achieve each step of your plan.

Selected biomes
Selected Biomes Migration?

Exit ticket
Exit Ticket Migration?

Select one of the biomes that has been studied in this lesson. Describe it, and explain how humans likely adapted to it and what technological skills they might have had to perfect in order to survive in it.