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Chapter 22 Summary

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Chapter 22 Summary. Madeline Coggins.

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chapter 22 summary

Chapter 22 Summary

Madeline Coggins


Percy, Annabeth and Grover safely arrive back to Camp Half-Blood from their grand quest. Upon their return there is a feast, a bonfire and a large celebration. The annual camp bead commemorated Percy and the quest he undertook. The Council of Cloven Elders was so impressed with Grover’s bravery they rewarded him with a searcher’s license. Grover later leaves to search for the great God Pan.

After they returned to camp and camp returned back to normal, Percy was soon faced with a decision. Percy must choose between living at Camp Half-Blood as a year rounder or going to live with his mother in the city. On the day of the deadline Percy still hadn’t made his decision.


To help Percy think, he went down to the sword-fighters arena. There Percy found Luke disemboweling battle dummies. Luke convinces Percy to come into the woods with him, bribing him with Coke. Percy and Luke sit by the creek, chatting. Luke soon reveals his purpose to bringing Percy into the woods, it was to say goodbye.

Only it wasn’t the friendly goodbye you would expect. Luke snapped his fingers and a hole burned in the ground at Percy’s feet. A scorpion crawled out onto Percy. Luke revealed that he now serves Kronos and that he was the lightning thief. While Percy was coming up with a way to avoid getting stung Luke escaped, leaving the camp.


Percy managed to swat the scorpion away and cut it in half when it pounced. When Percy had swatted the scorpion away it managed to sting his hand. Percy blacked out in the woods. When Percy woke up he was in the infirmary. Annabeth went outside with Percy to the porch. There she told him of how she had made up with her father and was going to try to live with him throughout the year. Percy on the other hand still hadn’t made his decision.

After Annabeth left Percy felt truly alone. Percy finally made the decision to go live with his mom. He promised to survive until next summer.