theory of change l.
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Theory of Change

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Theory of Change. Based on the Works of Thomas D. Morton. 5 variables that influence change:. efficacy. present discomfort. preferred alternative future. emotional security. internalization of responsibility. Present Discomfort. You must have a need for something to be different.

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theory of change
Theory of Change

Based on the Works of

Thomas D. Morton

5 variables that influence change
5 variables that influence change:


present discomfort

preferred alternative future

emotional security

internalization of responsibility

present discomfort
Present Discomfort

You must have a need for something to be different.

internalization of responsibility
Internalization of Responsibility

You must realize change is your job, and not the work of others.

emotional security
Emotional Security

This can have different meanings at different stages of development, but generally includes safety, identity, attachments, trust in others etc.


You have the power and ability to influence outcomes.

preferred alternative future
Preferred Alternative Future

You must hope for a different future that is worth working for.

quoted from the prince by niccolo machiavelli 1515 a d
Quoted from “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli, 1515 A.D.

“It follows that an acceleration in the rate of change will result in an increasing need for re-organization. Re-organization is usually feared, because it means disturbance of the status quo, a threat to people’s vested interests in their jobs, and an upset to established ways of doing things. For these reasons, needed re-organization is often deferred, with a resulting loss in effectiveness and an increase in costs.”