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Paragraph 2

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Paragraph 2. Decline. (n.) 下降 Due to the change of people’s eating habits, there’s a decline in rice yields. (n.) 衰退 The town fell into decline after the mine( 礦坑 ) closed. (v.) 拒絕 (decline<refuse) I offered to give them a lift /ride( 搭便車 ) but they declined.

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paragraph 2

Paragraph 2

  • (n.)下降

Due to the change of people’s eating habits, there’s a decline in rice yields.

  • (n.)衰退

The town fell into decline after the mine(礦坑) closed.

s v n one some many all of which whom v
S+V+N,one/some/many/all +of+which物/whom人+V

*Human activities has destroyed the natural habitats of many animals and plants, one of which is the natural habitat of bees.

=, and one of them is the natural habitat of bees.

*In the party, I met a lot of people, many of whom are my high school classmates.

= ,and many of them

  • contribute to 導致=result in / give rise to / lead to / bring about

*Medical negligence(過失) was said to have contributed to her death.

*The extinction of bees will contribute to serious problems.

scarcely only seldom never no aux s v
Scarcely/Only/Seldom/Never/No + aux+S+V
  • Little do the people who live near the RCA factory know that the factory will cause such serious pollution.
  • Seldom do I buy bubble tea now due to the chemical Maleic acid(順丁烯二酸).
n can t compare with n else
(n) can’t compare with (n.) else
  • Money can’t compare with love because you can’t use money to but love.
  • A person’s character can’t compare with his grades.