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Paragraph Structure

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Paragraph Structure
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Paragraph Structure

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  1. ParagraphStructure Writing Style

  2. TheParts of a Paragraph The Lead orTopicSentence TheSupportingSentencesorBody of theParagraph ClosingorConcludingSentence (TheClincher)

  3. Functions of each part of a paragraph • The lead or topic sentencetells the topic the paragraph is about. • The supporting sentencesor body tell details about the topic, such as when, where, what, how, and who. They support what the lead sentence states. • The closing or concluding sentence (clincher) tells the final thought, or reaffirms what the lead sentence states.

  4. Paragraph Composition Structure of a narrative paragraph and a narrative composition Lead or topic Sentence Lead Paragraph Supporting Sentences or body Supporting Paragraphs Closing or concluding Sentence Closing Paragraph

  5. Identifying the main idea of a paragraph • Each paragraph has a main idea. It expresses in a general way what the author is telling the reader. Usually it is located in the lead sentence and/or closing sentence of a paragraph. One must be careful not to confuse a supporting detail with the main idea. One points to the other, not vice/versa.

  6. Identifying supporting details • The details support the main idea. They tell the what, when, where, how, who and why the events or ideas. Details are specific, not general. They give valuable information. They usually come after the lead sentence in a paragraph, or after the lead paragraph in a composition.

  7. Assignment (see slide #4) • As an assignment, you will write a mini-composition containing four paragraphs: • A lead paragraph (introductory) • Two supporting paragraphs • A closing paragraph • Each paragraph will have at least five sentences: a lead sentence, three supporting sentences, and a closing sentence. • Your assigned topic is: My Dream Vacations

  8. My Favorite Programs (Example) • As an educator, I have many favorite programs. They are usually related to science, and human nature. I like to watch romantic comedies when I want to relax. Sometimes I also like competitions. In general, I like to learn, but I also like to relax and watch fun programs. • Related to science and medical mysteries, I love to watch House, MD. It is about a controversial diagnostician who solves medical mysteries. He has an excellent team of doctors. They cure really sick people that other doctors cannot cure. House MD is my favorite series. • Related to competition, I love to watch Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model. One is related to fashion, and the other to modeling. I like to watch the human drama as the competitors try to do their best and grow in their abilities. The final fashion show is very exciting, and also the winner’s reaction. ANTM is definitely my favorite reality show. • I usually don’t have much time to watch television. I choose my programs carefully. Educational programs from the Discovery Channel, and the History Channel are really great. But I also like reality shows and romantic comedies. In summary, I like a variety of programs.

  9. Rubric