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How to make an inspector competent ? Training need Analysis, Train the Trainer Approach and Training System. Karl Kuhn EU Twinning project „Support to the State Labour Inspectorate Service (SLIS) in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) enhancement in the Republic of Azerbaijan” ( SUPSLIS).

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How to make an inspector competent? Training need Analysis, Train the Trainer Approach and Training System

Karl Kuhn

EU Twinning project

„Support to the State Labour Inspectorate Service (SLIS) in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) enhancement in the Republic of Azerbaijan” ( SUPSLIS)

Final Twinning conference, Baku

A competent staff for the slis
A competent staff for the SLIS

  • Effective OSH inspection is vital for promoting national legislation and good practice on safety and health at the enterprise level, making Decent Work a reality.

  • Inspectors thus need a sound technical and legal knowledge as well as good communication and other skills to promote compliance with the law, as well as effective and efficient organizations supporting their work.

Final Twinning conference, Baku

Needed competences
Needed Competences

  • To advise employers, workers and other duty-holders on good practice and specifically on how to comply with relevant legislation;

  • To investigate complaints, accidents and cases of ill health;

  • To work with social partners in educational/promotional activities, such as training courses, seminars for small enterprises etc;

  • To enforce relevant legislation; and

  • To report to superiors on their activities and about particular matters as required, including ‘defects or abuses not specifically covered by existing legal provisions’ (Convention No.81).

Final Twinning conference, Baku

Needed qualifications
Needed Qualifications

  • Technical qualification and skills

  • profound knowledge of statutory instruments

  • ability to provide advice

  • technical expertise in specialized areas

  • expertise in the economy and industrial relations

  • expertise in working conditions, and cause-effect relationships of different risks

  • knowledge in using tools and measurement devices

  • …..

  • Personal competencies

  • ability to communicate with people

  • ability to motivate and persuade

  • ability to gain confidence

  • ability to avoid conflict situations and if there are any

  • skill to analyses and identify problems

  • ability to resolve them

  • ……

Final Twinning conference, Baku

Training needs assessment
Training needs Assessment

  • The twinning team has prepared a questionnaire to analyse the training needs and the needed skills of the SLIS staff.

  • The draft of the questionnaire was discussed in the working group for training, improved and a final version prepared (ca.15 questions)

  • A short version was prepared for the supervisors and a longer version for the inspectors. After translation to Azeri language the questionnaires have been distributed to all units of the SLIS.

Final Twinning conference, Baku

Results i
Results I

  • Totally 164 inspectors and 25 supervisors have answered:

  • N=164 Inspectors

  • N= 25 Supervisors

  • Only 46, 3 % of all questioned inspectors had in the last five years training courses and only the half of them (51,3%) have called them as useful.

  • On the other side more than the half of the inspectors call that they never had any training courses.

Final Twinning conference, Baku

Results ii
Results II

  • There is a very clear need for trainings in management techniques (108 inspectors)

  • and in computer skills (104 inspectors).

  • 69 inspectors are interested in project management and 36 in presentation techniques.

Final Twinning conference, Baku

Call the most negative factors which are impeding hindering your task performed
Call the most negative factors which are impeding/hindering your task performed?

101 Inspectors called negative factors (61,5 % of all inspectors). These factors are dealing with organisational factors of carrying out the work:

  • Lack of computers

  • Low salary

  • Lack of internet

  • Lack of seminars about changes of legislation

  • Poor logistics

  • Lack of service vehicles

  • Time pressure

  • Management instructions which are contradictory to the law

  • Shortage of promotional material for the performance of the tasks

  • Bureaucratic obstacles

  • ………..

Final Twinning conference, Baku

A lot of other negative factors are related to the poor knowledge of both employer and employees of the duties and rights in the labour code.

  • Lack of workers’ interests to learn their rights.

  • Some employers’ lack of profound knowledge in labour legislation.

  • In most cases complainants’ ignorance of their rights

  • Citizens and employers ignorance of labour legislation

  • Employers’ failure to create conditions for the conduct of investigations

  • In some cases employers’ failure to create conditions to carry out enforcement

  • Intentional failure by employers to fulfil their duties

  • Self-satisfaction of people

Final Twinning conference, Baku

Results iii
Results III

What helps you to be successful in your task performance?

  • All inspectors called 184 factors which support to become successfully: All this factors are dealing with the own experience, good knowledge base, learning of each others, communication, and legislation.

    To be discussed: these answers indicate how important the creation of a learning climate in the units of the SLIS is. This confirms the strategy to create a concept of train-the-trainer, to organize a continuous learning and to organize the exchange of experience.

Final Twinning conference, Baku

Selection of trainers
Selection of Trainers

  • After training need analysis, after selection of trainers by interviews, after training them two weeks in Dresden in different OSH issues, the content for the train-the-trainer programme was discussed with the trainers.

  • A training program was established with 15 OSH themes.

  • Beginning 2012 a four week training was carried out

Final Twinning conference, Baku

Train the trainer approach
Train-the trainer approach

  • Twenty participants, five of them from the social partners, have been trained in in all OSH relevant issues.

  • At the end of the training the training was assessed by the participants. A clear majority rated the training as excellent or good.

  • At the end of the training all participants had to undergo an examination with more than 42 audit questions

  • On the 27th of April during a ceremony, the Deputy Minister NatigMammadov passed the certificates to the trainer in the frame of a national conference.

Final Twinning conference, Baku

Training system of the future
Training system of the future

  • One year induction training for new inspectors with defined subjects

  • Examination at the end as a prerequisite for the inspection of enterprises.

  • A annual training plans for the staff of the SLIS

  • Defined learning objectives for the different issues

  • Individual training and development plan for every inspector.

  • Continuous learning will become essential part of the profile of an inspector in Azerbaijan.

Final Twinning conference, Baku

Thank you for your attention!And thank you, that you have been so patient participants in all the courses!!!!!!

Final Twinning conference, Baku