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  1. Kilauea ByMatthewKjos

  2. Things I will go over • Location • How it formed • What type of eruption it causes and how often it erupts, and its form of volcano • What it effects • How to prepare, and what to do afterward • My Opinion

  3. Location • The volcano called Kilauea. Is found in the Pacific ocean on a Hawaiian island. Its coordinate points are 19.421 degrees North, 155.287 degrees West.

  4. How it formed • Kilauea was formed over a hot spot which the magma oozed through which then cooled. • Probably soon though in a couple 1000 years give or take the volcano will go dormant. It will go dormant because the tectonic plate will move. The magma will then start pushing up and making a new island(this is already happening). • Look at this picture which show the plat moving over the hotspot which is making the islands(which are volcanoes).

  5. All about the Volcano • Well Kilauea is a shield volcano, because it is really big and has a gentle slope. • You can’t really predict when it will erupt cause its been randomly erupting for about thirty years. • When it does erupt though it does go boom and blow everything up it has a quiet eruption and lets gasses out slowly all the time which makes it eruptions less dangerous. • It lets the gasses out slowly because the lava and magma it holds is low in Silica which makes the lava thick, this also causes the lava to be fast moving.

  6. What it Effects • Kilauea when erupts doesn’t do mass destruction, actually it affects the surroundings slowly, but it still does effect things when it erupts. • It kills things slowly by when it lets gases out, they can creep down(if there’s enough) and poison you slowly and if you are by them for too long , kill you. • Also, when the volcano erupts it sometimes sends hot ash in the sky which can then make fires and burn animals and people • When the lava it’s the water it makes a steam/acid called maze , this is sort of like acid rain, some of the plants are dying because of it. • Finally, when the lava flows it flows really fast and it can catch unsuspecting homes and plants , but not humans usually , because we usually see it coming and run away fast. •

  7. Prepare and after the eruption • Some people there have gases protections, like a So2 detector, and a hydrogen sulfur detector. • They also have gas masks and an air filter. • Have routines if a lava flow is coming their way so they know what to do. • They also have a warning system if an eruption does occur. • After an eruption though the only thing you can do is hope that your belongings are still there go home and continue your life. • If your house is burnt down and you lost everything, you will probably have to move to a new area.

  8. Opinion Time • In my mind I think that Hawaii is doing a great job and if you think about it what else can you do . Not as though there’s a teleported that can save everything you own there.

  9. Sources • Mrs. Karsten • Earth Science book • • • H.V.O.