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The Hajj
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The Hajj

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  1. The Hajj My special journey

  2. Modes of transport past and present - History Mind Map Has anyone in the class been on Hajj? – Personal Development and Mutual Understanding Change over time Geography– Map work ICT – apps/google maps Hajj Partnerships with other agencies Why do they go? - World Around Us Muslims go on the Hajj once in their lives. The Hajj is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Closer to Allah. (Allah is the Arabic word for God). Extend the learning environment Literacy – different alphabets prayer hall وقاعة الصلا Minbarمنبر المسجد Mihrahالمحراب

  3. Muslims go on a pilgrimage called the Hajj. • Muslims all over the world go to the city of Mecca. • It is in Saudi Arabia. More than 3 million Muslims go on the pilgrimage every year!

  4. How people travel to Mecca • In the past people drew pictures on their walls to show how they travelled to Mecca.

  5. What can you see? Have a look at the pictures • Talk about the pictures with the person beside you. Identify the different modes of transport in each picture.

  6. The Great Mosque of Mecca • This is the Great Mosque of Mecca. A visit to this Mosque is part of the Hajj pilgrimage. The Ka’bah is in the centre of the Mosque. It is very important to Muslims because the Ka’bah is the House of Allah. Muslims must face towards Mecca when they pray. This is called the Qibla(direction to Mecca).

  7. A Universal Qibla Finder A Universal Qibla Finder will show you the direction of Mecca. This Universal Qibla Finder is in the Chester Beatty Library. ( directions to Qibla Finder in Library)

  8. What is a Mosque? A Mosque is a building that is used for worship by Muslims. The design of mosques can be very different from country to country. The Mosque on the South Circular Road Dublin is a converted Presbyterian Church. The Great Mosque in Xi’an China has traditional Chinese architectural features. Did you see this picture of a Mosque in the Chester Beatty Library today?

  9. Inside a Mosque Minaret Mihrab Minbar Prayer hall

  10. The Great Mosque of Mecca • This is a picture of the Great Mosque of Mecca. ‘The Triumph of the Holy Places’. This picture is in the Chester Beatty Library.

  11. Pop Quiz 1. What is the name of the pilgrimage a Muslim person must try to go on at least once in their life? 2. Mecca is a city in which country? 3. What is the Ka’bah? 4. Where would you find the Ka’bah? 5. What is this? What is it for? 6. What is the name of this picture? 7. What is the name of the building where you would find this picture?

  12. Paired/group activity Work with the person beside you to make a model of a Mosque.( following instructions/teamwork/cooperation) You may also answer the questions on the pop quiz – Enjoy and good luck!

  13. Answers to the Pop Quiz1. Hajj2. Saudi Arabia3. It is the house of Allah4.In the Great Mosque of Mecca5. Universal Qibla Finder. It will show a Muslim person the direction of Mecca so they can pray.6.The Great Mosque of Mecca (The Triumph of the Holy Places)7. The Chester Beatty Library

  14. Talk with the person beside you about what you learnt today. Think about your setting. How could you use or adapt this lesson?