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hajj. Layth Rustom. What is HaJJ?.

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    1. hajj Layth Rustom

    2. What is HaJJ? • Hajj is one of the five important pillars of Islam, it is the Fifth Pillar of Islam. Every Muslim must do Hajj at least one time in their life if they can. Hajj is the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. Hajj takes place once a year from the 8th to the 12th of DhulHijjah.

    3. Hajj Has Four Pillars • The four pillars of Hajj are : Ihram, Arafah, Tawaaf and Say’ee. • All these pillars must be done for a valid Hajj • ArafahSay’ee Ihram Tawaaf

    4. Ihram • Ihram is one of the four pillars of Hajj. It is a sacred state which you must be in to do Hajj. A Pilgrim must enter into this state before crossing the pilgrimage boundary, Miqaat if they want to do Hajj. In Ihram you must only wear the Ihram clothing and you must follow the rules of Ihram. • This is the Ihram Clothing 

    5. ARAFAH • Arafat is done during a specific period from the noon of the 9th of DhulHijja until the daybreak of the day of the 10thof DhulHijja. During Arafat Arafat, pilgrims go to Mount Arafat in Mecca and remember Allah, worship him and spend the day there.

    6. Tawaaf • Tawaaf is one of the Islamic rituals of the pilgrimage, Hajj. During the Hajj and Umrah, Muslims are to go around the Kaaba (most sacred site in Islam) seven times, in a counterclockwise direction.

    7. Say’ee • Say’ee is one of the rituals of Hajj when you go back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwah in Mecca. It is a part of the Islamic Hajj and Umrah.

    8. What the Quran says about hajj • [2:125] We have rendered the shrine (the Kaaba) a focal point for the people, and a safe sanctuary. You may use Abraham's shrine as a prayer house. We commissioned Abraham and Ismail: "You shall purify My house for those who visit, those who live there, and those who bow and prostrate.” • [2:200] "As you complete your rites, you shall continue to commemorate God” pilgrimage to the House is a duty unto Allah for • [2:196] And perform properly ( all the ceremonies according to the ways of Prophet Muhammad PBUH), the Hajj and Umrah (the pilgrimage to Mecca) for Allah.

    9. Benefits of Hajj • Since Hajj is one of the five important pillars of Islam, it must be done by every Muslim who can do Hajj. Allah expects all the Muslims to do Hajj at least once in their whole life if they can. Allah will reward you for doing Hajj in the Afterlife. We will also get closer to Allah.

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