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“And proclaim unto mankind the pilgrimage. They will come to you on foot and on every lean camel; they will come from every deep ravine, that they may witness things that are of benefit to them, and mention the name of Allah on appointed days over the beast of cattle that He has bestowed them. Then eat thereof and feed therewith the poor unfortunate. Then let them complete the rites prescribed for them. Perform their vows. and (again) circumambulate the Ancient House” 22: 27-29



Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said: “ Verily al-Islam is founded on five (pillars): Testifying that there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is His messenger, establishment of Salah (prayer), payment of Zakah, fast of Ramadhanand performance of Hajj to the House” (Muslim)



Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said:

“Perform the Hajj and the ‘Umrah for they both remove the sins in the same way as the furnace removes the impurities of gold, silver and iron. And there is no lesser recompense on a pure and unstained Hajj than Paradise” (Muslim)



Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said:

“Take you rites (of Hajj) from me”

What are the rites of Hajj?

al ihram



It is a state in which a person is prohibited from doing certain deeds that he is usually permitted to do.

In technical terms, it implies undertaking Hajj & ‘Umrah. Thus IhraM BECOMES THE FIRST PILLAR OF Hajj & ‘Umrah.

Ihram becomes compulsory at the miquat.

hajj al tamattu

Hajj al-Tamattu’

To e after performing ‘Umrahanter into Ihram for the ‘Umrah during the months of Hajj (Shawwal, Zul-Qi’da & the 1st 10 days of Zul-Hijja), take off the Ihram and enter Ihram again from the Hajj from Mecca on the 8th of Zul-Hijja in the same year the ‘Umrah was performed.

Hajj al-Tamattu’ requires an animal to be slaughtered for sacrifice on the feast in Mina during the days of Tashreeq (11-13 Zul-Hijja)

hajj al qiraan

Hajj al-Qiraan

To enter the state of Ihram for both the ‘Umrah and the Hajj at the same time not taking off the Ihram until the ceremonies and rites of both duties Hajj & ‘Umrah are both completed.

Hajj al-Qiraanrequires an animal to be slaughtered for sacrifice on the feast in Mina during the days of Tashreeq(11-13 Zul-Hijja)

hajj al ifraad

Hajj al-Ifraad

People intending to perform Hajj alone enter the state of Ihram from the miquat for Hajj only. They must maintain their stat of Ihram until they complete all its rites. When they finish the Hajj they may perform a separate ‘umrah.

what if

What if?

If A Muhrim (someone in a state of Ihram) misses any of the wajibaat or breaches any of the prohibitions of Ihram he has to compensate it by doing some prescribed alternative rites during hajj or later.