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English III PowerPoint Presentation
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English III

English III

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English III

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  1. English III September 4th-7th

  2. September 4th • Bell ringer • Vocabulary • Check portfolios for students who did not bring them on Friday • Play werewolf to help students visualize what it would have been like to have lived through the Salem Witch trials • Read and discuss “Are Americans still Puritan?” • Continue “The Crucible” if time permits

  3. Bell ringer • Imagine you live during the time period of the Salem witch trials. Someone has accused you of being a witch. What will you do?

  4. Vocabulary • Catharsis • The release of pent-up emotions, for example through drama • Caustic • Able to burn or corrode organic tissue by chemical action; scathing; biting • Cavalier • Showing a lack of proper concern • Censure • To express strong disapproval of • Circumscribe • Restrict; limit; define logically, draw a line around

  5. Vocabulary • Cacophony • A harsh discordant mixture of sounds • Cajole • Persuade someone to do something by sustained coaxing or flattery • Callous • Insensitive and cruel • Callow • Inexperienced and immature • Capricious • Given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood

  6. September 5th • Bell ringer • Continue reviewing thesis statements by completing the thesis statement review activity • Continue reading “The Crucible” and create a flow map of the major events so far in the play

  7. Thesis statement review • You have part of a strip of paper in front of you. • Create three thesis statements about three of the words on the strip. • Trade with a partner and give suggestions about how to improve the thesis statement. • Trade back and make corrections

  8. Bell ringer • Why are thesis statements important?

  9. September 6th • Bell ringer • Review vocabulary • Learn about paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting • Continue reading The Crucible and find themes in the play (use paraphrases, summaries, and quotes to back up your answer) you will turn this in • Provide one theme, one summary, one paraphrase, and one quote

  10. Bell ringer • Fear can be a great motivator. Do you think it is better to use fear as a motivator or kindness? Why?

  11. How to Quote Quotations are the exact words of the source. Quotations should be surrounded by quotation marks. Example: Quote: "I really wish I could go to North Brother Island, but it is closed to the public" (Killy).

  12. How to Paraphrase Paraphrasing is where you write in your own words what the writer wrote in amount the same amount of words. You would not condense here as you would with doing summaries. Use quotation marks around any words that are not your own. Example: Paraphrase: Ms. Killy wants to visit North Brother Island in New York, but cannot as access is restricted.

  13. Summarizing Summarize by condensing a large amount of information into a small amount of information.Should be written in your own words. Basically, you should start out with something longer and make it into something shorter. You write about what something mainly talks about.

  14. Bibliography • If citing a source you need to include a bibliography that shows where you got your information from. • Should be in alphabetical order by author’s name. • If there is no author for one work then put it after all of the other works. • If there is no author for multiple works put them after the other works and then those works goes in order by their titles. • Everything after the second line should have a hanging indent. To do a hanging indent you can just tab over one time, like so.

  15. In Text Citations You should provide information in parentheses after the quote, paraphrase, or summary as to where the information came from. This information should include the page number if there is one and the author’s name.

  16. In Text Citations Example of in text citation: It has been found that narwhals die from being enclosed in ice (Killy). If there is a name and a page number the name comes first and then the page number. Example of in text citation: It has been found that narwhals die from being enclosed in ice (Killy 12).

  17. September 7 • Bell ringer • Vocabulary quiz • Continue reading The Crucible • Discuss whether or not the punishments during the Salem witch trails were humane • Discuss whether or not some of the superstitions that existed during that time still exist today • Continue working on summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting with The Crucible

  18. Bell ringer • What is due today?

  19. Create each of the following • A quote about the setting • A paraphrase about one character • A summary of the play thus far • A quote about what is wrong with Betty