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Confusing Verbs PowerPoint Presentation
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Confusing Verbs

Confusing Verbs

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Confusing Verbs

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  1. Confusing Verbs

  2. Sit means “to be seated” or “to rest” past tense = sat there is not a direct object Set means “to put something down” past tense = set there is a direct object Sit and Set DO Example: I need to sit and rest. Example: Please set the plates on the table.

  3. Sit Set

  4. Sit and Set - Practice • My dog will _____ down for a treat. • I _____ my pencil on the desk, but it is missing! • She is _______ the table for dinner. • Tom _____ on my phone and broke it. sit set DO setting DO sat

  5. Rise means “to go up” or “to get up” past tense = rose there is not a direct object Raise means “to lift up” or “to cause something to rise” past tense = raised there is a direct object Rise and Raise DO Example: He watched his balloon rise into the air. Example: Sam raised his hand to ask a question.

  6. Rise and Raise The man used the button to raise the chair so that he could rise out of the recliner. ( DO ) No DO, only a prep phrase

  7. Rise and Raise - Practice • If you know the answer, _______ your hand. • Simon says, “_______ out of your seat.” • Katie _______ out of her seat without permission yesterday. • The students were _________ the flag. raise DO Rise rose DO raising

  8. Lie means “to recline” , “to be in a place” or “to remain lying down” past tense = lay there is not a direct object Lay means “to put something down” or “to place something” past tense = laid there is a direct object Lie and Lay Example: If I want to sleep, I need to lie down. Example: When you finish your work, lay it on my desk. DO

  9. Lie and Lay… a cartoon Why shouldn’t he say “lay down” to the dog?

  10. Lie and Lay - Practice • You have to _______ down on that water slide. • Birds can _______ eggs. • My dad said that he _______ the remote on the table, but I can’t find it. • My dog was _________ under the bed. lie DO lay DO laid laying

  11. Directions First, you will write a sentence that includes each of the verbs. Then, you will draw a picture that represents the sentence (try to write sentences of something you can draw). Stick figures are ok! Be careful to not use “raise” or “lie” as a noun. Example Sit The dog sits and howls at the moon. Activity I want a raise from my boss. He told lies to the teacher!