Automating Performance Reporting
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Automating Performance Reporting Human Resources Leadership and Management Conference October 25, 2011. Rebecca Jones NJDEP, Human Resources IT & Reporting. Automating Performance Reporting. Why are we doing this? Why automate Performance Reports? How do we accomplish this?

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Automating Performance ReportingHuman Resources Leadership and Management Conference October 25, 2011

Rebecca Jones

NJDEP, Human Resources IT & Reporting

Automating performance reporting
Automating Performance Reporting

  • Why are we doing this?

  • Why automate Performance Reports?

  • How do we accomplish this?

  • How can this investment can cut costs?

Part 1
Part 1

Why are we doing this?

2011 human resources industry trends
2011 Human Resources - Industry Trends

  • Employee Self-Service Strategies for:

    • Benefits Management

    • Online Training

    • Retirement Plan Administration

  • Outsourcing of:

    • Recruitment

    • Payroll and Timekeeping

    • IT systems

    • Employee Assistance Programs

  • Retention of Critical and Sensitive Functions:

    • Strategic Planning

    • Workforce Planning

    • Labor and Employee Relations

    • Performance Management

State government hr trends
State Government HR Trends

  • On-line Training implemented

  • Outsourcing of Deferred Compensation Plan management

  • New Jersey Privatization Task Force 2010 recommendation to privatize Payroll, Pensions, & Benefits Disbursements

Human resources challenges in state government
Human Resources Challenges in State Government

  • A focus on “Creating Strategic Value”

  • Transitioning staff from “Transactional” to more “Transformational” responsibilities

  • 1970’s Information Technology and Infrastructure

  • Shrinking Resources

  • Last in line for IT Solutions

  • Rapidly “Maturing” workforce of future retirees


Adapted from Greer, C.R. (2001) Strategic Human Resource Management: A General Manaterial Approach (2nd Ed.), Upper Saddle River, NJ Prentice Hall.

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Organizational Development Consulting

  • Employee Relations

  • Compensation (Unclassified Employees)

  • Employee Development

  • Management Development

  • Recruitment Interviewing


  • Workforce Development

  • Strategic Planning & Performance Measurement


  • Payroll

  • Benefits Administration

  • Employee Records

  • Recruitment & Promotion Information Processing

  • Performance Reviews

  • Recruitment and Promotion Information Processing

  • Leave Management

  • Employee Assistance Programs





Njdep hr management objectives strategy
NJDEP HR Management Objectives & Strategy

  • Support the NJDEP’s Transformation Efforts

  • Improve the NJDEP’s training needs analysis

  • Automate transactional activities to:

    • Reduce transaction processing times

    • Reduce data-entry tasks

    • Improve transaction tracking ability

    • Reduce paper filing and warehouse storage by leveraging imaging technology

  • Leverage low-cost, customizable-off-the-shelf (COTS) software (i.e. Microsoft SharePoint platforms and InfoPath & Adobe Livecycle forms solutions)

  • Advocate for statewide partnering and use of COTS solutions which have many cost-saving uses

Part 2
Part 2.

Why Automate Performance Reports?

Performance reports aka par and pes documents
Performance Reports(aka PAR and PES documents)

  • Well-crafted performance agreements link to an agency’s strategic goals and transformation efforts

  • “What Gets Measured Gets Done” (Accountability)

  • Employee Development Plans are key to workforce development

Shortcomings of the current process
Shortcomings of the Current Process

  • Required data-entry into the PMIS system is time-intensive.

  • The current process is resource-intensive (tracking accountability, imaging, data-entry, paper, warehousing space, staff time).

  • No way to gather information for:

    • determining strategic goal integration success

    • a training needs analyses

Part 3
Part 3.

How do we accomplish this?

Use smart forms technology
Use Smart Forms Technology

Forms that:

  • Pull employee information into the form

  • Write information to tracking databases

  • Travel through email

  • Contain digital signatures

  • Lock with “hashing” when signed

  • End their life as an image

  • Save PAPER!

But don t we need the employee s signature on a piece of paper
But don’t we need the Employee’s Signature on a piece of paper?


  • New Jersey Public Law 2001 Chapter 116: Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) allows electronic signatures

  • Smart Forms Technology (Adobe LiveCycle and Microsoft Infopath) can hash/encrypt forms so tampering can be detected

What if the par pes forms change
What if the PAR/PES forms change?

  • Make modifications to the form

  • Make modifications to the underlying database

  • Everything else remains the same.

What about confidentiality
What about Confidentiality?

  • Forms are routed and accessed using Microsoft’s SharePoint product which works with your network’s security features

  • Forms will be accessible to only the ratee, rater, reviewer, and a limited number of Human Resources professionals

Part 4
Part 4

How can this investment

cut costs Statewide?

Isn t building something like this expensive
Isn’t building something like this expensive?

It doesn’t have to be….

  • Software is licensed either through an agency Enterprise Agreement (Microsoft SharePoint and InfoPath) or statewide (Adobe Livecycle)

  • Can use trained in-house developers

  • Hardware costs for servers and storage space have become much less expensive.

  • Systems can “feed” mainframe systems by serving as a user-friendly front-end.

Cost savings
Cost Savings


  • Recruitment

  • New Hire and Promotion Processing

  • Benefits Management

  • Ethics Disclosure Forms

  • Employee Sign-offs on Policies and Procedures

  • Employee Records via a centralized e-Personnel file


  • Forms for business (i.e. permit applications, document submissions, etc.)

  • Procurement forms

  • Open Public Records Management

The future of automation
The Future of Automation

  • PAR/PES Documents are the first step

  • With technology such as the “Cloud”, Smart Form Technology could be adapted for inter-agency transactions

  • Smart Forms Technology could be a potential front-end when the State’s aging mainframe infrastructure is replaced

  • Make the State “GREENER”


Automating Performance Reporting

Rebecca Jones

NJDEP, Human Resources IT & Reporting (609) 984-4423