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Banner Human Resources/Payroll Project Kick-Off PowerPoint Presentation
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Banner Human Resources/Payroll Project Kick-Off

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Banner Human Resources/Payroll Project Kick-Off - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Banner Human Resources/Payroll Project Kick-Off. “Taking Flight” November 27, 2007. Agenda. Welcome Introductions Icebreaker Meeting Purpose. Project Communications Delivery methods Feedback and input. Executive Overview “Banner”: What and Why Project Roles

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Banner Human Resources/Payroll Project Kick-Off

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Banner Human Resources/Payroll Project Kick-Off “Taking Flight” November 27, 2007

    2. Agenda • Welcome • Introductions • Icebreaker • Meeting Purpose • Project Communications • Delivery methods • Feedback and input • Executive Overview • “Banner”: What and Why • Project Roles • Key Success Factors • Training Approach • Project Team • End-Users • Project Management • Project Scope • Project Charter • Implementation Overview

    3. Agenda • Project Teams and Workgroups • Introductions: Leads and members • Team charter • Deliverables • Technical IT Update • Closing • Door Prize activity • Next Steps • Contact Information • Question and Answer

    4. Introductions

    5. Presenters • Paula Hall – Project Manager • Toni Habegger – Project Sponsor, AVP- Business & Finance • Jodie Knox – End-User Training • Project Team and Work Group Leads • Erick Keating – Technical IT

    6. SunGard Higher Education (SGHE) • Linda Wooden – SGHE Project Manager • Kathy Ray – SGHE Training Consultant • THANK YOU! For your support and providing Breakfast!!

    7. Today’s Session will: • Officially kick-off the start of the Banner HR/Payroll Replacement project • Provide an understanding of the project’s Purpose and Goals • Review the: • Project charter and Scope • Project Deliverables • Implementation Timeline

    8. Most importantly, today’s session will: • Introduce the key to the success of the project implementation…. YOU! • Your role and responsibilities

    9. Participants’ Icebreaker


    11. Executive Overview – Toni Habegger

    12. BannerHuman Resources & Payroll System “The Next Step in our ERP” So…..What is an “ERP”?

    13. QUIZ??? Does “ERP” stand for… Earth Revolutionary Process Enraging Random People Enterprise Resource Planning Expecting Ridiculous Progress All of the Above

    14. Answer • Enterprise Resource Planning • Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) integrate (or attempt to integrate) all data and processes of an organization into a unified system. [Wikipedia definition] ERP stands for…. It is not just about the technology…it is about better communication and sharing of information across the institution. The system gives us the tools…People make it happen!

    15. What is Banner? • An integrated suite of administrative software applications built specifically for higher educational institutions. • The market leading solution in use at more than 800 institutions around the world.

    16. Mission and Strategic Fit • Meets EWU’s requirements for a robust, integrated administrative system that • Supports data-driven planning and decision-making • Improves business efficiency and effectiveness • Supports user autonomy through web-based, self-service software. • Alignment with other projects • Luminus – Web Portal • AppWorx – System Scheduler/Sequencer • IntelleCheck – Custome ACH/Check Production • WorkFlow – Document/Communication Routing

    17. Benefits • Flexible analysis and reporting capabilities • Improved accuracy, speed, and consistency. • Provides enterprise-wide perspective for managing University processes. • Leverages application of higher-education best practices.

    18. EWU’s Banner Implementation Schedule Nov ‘04 Jan ‘09

    19. Roles and Responsibilities Executive Sponsor – Mary Voves, V.P. Business and Finance • Responsible for: • Executive-level project oversight. • “Championing” the project and providing project awareness at the senior level. • Approval of major scope and/or significant changes to project plan.

    20. Roles and Responsibilities Project Sponsor – Toni Habegger • Responsible for: • Leading the Project Management Team (PMT) • “Champion” of the project • Executive authority for decisions and overcoming obstacles and barriers. • Budget and resource accountability • Ultimate authority and responsibility for project success.

    21. Roles and Responsibilities Project Manager – Paula Hall • Responsible for: • Manage project scope, schedule, cost, and quality. • Develop project plan and lead project teams in execution of the plan • Coordinate and integrate project activities. • Manage project issues, escalating to PMT as necessary • Provide project status reports to PMT and executive management.

    22. Roles and Responsibilities Project Management Team • Responsible for: • Actively “championing” project throughout their respective organizations • Provide resources from their organizations • Guiding project implementation by advising on and/or resolving project issues. • Driving and managing change through their respective organizations

    23. Roles and Responsibilities Project Team and Work Group Leads • Responsible for: • Lead respective team/work group in execution of team charter. • Ensure project tasks, assignments, and deliverables are completed on time. • Escalate unresolved project issues to Project Manager in timely manner.

    24. Roles and Responsibilities Project Stakeholders* • *People and/or groups which are impacted by, or who can impact, the outcomes of the project. • Responsible for: • Keeping abreast of project status and other project communications. • Disseminating project information to other members of respective organizations. • Championing and supporting the project with respective organizations. • Providing feedback to project teams.

    25. Roles and Responsibilities • Final Note: • Commitment from ALL project participants is critical to the success of the project • Fulfill your role • Be accountable for your responsibilities

    26. Key Success Factors • Meet all project objectives: • Streamline applicant hiring process. • Manage personnel, benefits, and positions effectively and efficiently. • Process payroll accurately and efficiently – • Error-free processing the first time.

    27. Remember….We are building the foundation.All will not be perfect on Day 1.The work continues after go-live!

    28. Project Management – Paula Hall

    29.  Project Scope

    30. Employment and Compensation Administration Faculty Tracking Employee Relations Management Health & Safety Administration Labor Relations Management Position Management Benefits/Deductions Administration Payroll/Time Entry Electronic Approvals In Scope

    31. Employee Self-Service People Admin (3rd Party software) In Scope (continued)

    32. Not in Scope • Personnel Services Budgeting • Deferred until 2011

    33. Under Consideration • Student Employment Module

    34.  Project Charter

    35. Project Deliverables • Project Plan • Task and Resource management • Communication Plan • End-User Training Plan • Business Process Analysis documentation • System Prototype development • Reports and Forms designs • Required interfaces

    36. Assumptions • Legacy systems remain in place and supported until implementation of replacement modules. • Necessary resources will be available. • Project activity will be the priority for members of the Project teams. • Processes and operational requirements will utilize SGHE baseline system functionality. • Oracle Discoverer will be the centrally supported, standard reporting tool.

    37.  Implementation Overview

    38. Implementation Timeline

    39. Project Controls • Project Status Reports • Change Management process • Issue tracking and resolution procedures • QA, i.e. Testing and User Acceptance Test • Project knowledge repository • TALONS website • Banner HR Implementation Blackboard course.

    40. Door Prize Raffle • Raffle Ticket in your box. • Answer the Question on your raffle ticket. • Print your name at the bottom. • Drop in the designated bag. • Drawing for 5 FABULOUS PRIZES at end of meeting!!

    41. BREAK 10 Minutes

    42.  Project Communications

    43. Communication Plan • Communications Work Group with cross-functional representation • Communication Strategy defined by February 2008. • Communication methods and vehicles identified. • Target audiences identified. • Information will be developed and disseminated per Communication strategy. • Communication is a “2-way street”. • Keep informed. • Provide feedback.

    44. Communications Work Group

    45. Contact Information • Key project contact list located on the TALONS website: • Complete project team and work group roster located on Banner HR Implementation Blackboard course:

    46.  Training Approach

    47. Training Approach • Functional Training provided by SunGard • End-User Training Work Group • Jodie Knox, Work Group Lead

    48. End-User Training Work Group

    49. End User Training • Development and Implementation of End User Training Strategy for Banner HR • Kick Off: May 2008

    50. Project Teams and Work Groups