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Welcome to Nuts and Bolts of Multimedia Content PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Nuts and Bolts of Multimedia Content

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Welcome to Nuts and Bolts of Multimedia Content - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Nuts and Bolts of Multimedia Content. Multimedia examples. What have you used in the last week? Web pages with pictures Online encyclopedia with hyperlinks Video clips of news stories Animated tutorials. Online multimedia gone crazy?.

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Welcome to Nuts and Bolts of Multimedia Content

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multimedia examples
Multimedia examples

What have you used in the last week?

  • Web pages with pictures
  • Online encyclopedia with hyperlinks
  • Video clips of news stories
  • Animated tutorials
online multimedia gone crazy
Online multimedia gone crazy?
  • July 2006 – 5.1 million videos on YouTube August 2006 – grown to 6.1 million
  • Total views were 1.73 billion
    • Lee Gomes – Wall Street Journal Online


participating panelists
Participating Panelists
  • Mike Brumm – Creative Director Illinois Legal Aid Online - Illinoislegalaidonline.org
  • Mike Monahan - Pro Bono Director www.GeorgiaAdvocates.org
  • Eve Ricaurte – A2J Programer for Iowa Legal Aid online remote intake system
  • Is multimedia content useful?
  • Is it worth the resources to develop?
why use multimedia
Why use multimedia?
  • Making sense of complex issues
  • Reaching new audiences
  • Serving current audience better
    • Low literacy
    • LEP
    • People with disabilities
multimedia built for the web
Multimedia built for the web
  • Multimedia content (just like all content) should be designed for the web – not just “recycled” and posted.
  • Choose your format to best match the goal of the content (i.e. teach, practice, play, etc.)
  • When adding media avoid a cluttered site keep it clean
  • Information or news vs. training
  • Make sure your audience knows what to expect – length of video, time to download type of video, type of content and intended audience.
guidelines for creating online video content
Guidelines for creating online video content:
  • Avoid using video if the content doesn't take advantage of the medium's dynamic nature.
    • Better for things that work better on film than they would as a combination of photos and text.
    • Or supplement video with text or highlights.
guidelines for creating online video content1
Guidelines for creating online video content:
  • Recognize that Web users are easily distracted, and keep distracting elements out of the frame of your shots.

- Jacob Neilson


  • Illinois going to court video – Produced video (script, “actors”, video shoots (permissions, edited with video editing and sound software.)
  • www.glsp.org – Watch and learn web videos (Mike Monahan)
videos for the web
Videos for the Web:
  • Advice from Illinois Legal Aid Online:
    • Produced video: Things to consider
      • Cost
      • Time and process
      • Staffing (script writers, actors, videographer)
      • Production (video shoots, sound, lighting, editing)
video for the web
Video for the web:
  • Basic videos (not produced) using the web-casting software.
  • Things to consider:
    • Lower time/cost investment than producded video
    • Benefit vs. time investment (i.e. talking head with transcription text provides some benefit at less investment.)
video in depth
Video In-depth:

Why do we use Flash?

Flash plugin vs. other video plugins (Quicktime, Windows Media, Real, etc)

a. Higher Penetration levels

- 98.3% Flash Player 6 and above

- 83.2% MS Windows Media Player

- 66.9% Apple Quicktime

- 55.3% RealOne Player

b. Lighter download - don't have the number, but Flash plugin less than 1MB where as Quicktime is around 18MB

video in depth1
Video In-depth

Progressive Download Flash Videos vs Streaming Flash Videos (Flash Media

  • Server)
  • a. Streaming allows the user to jump to portions of the video w/o having to wait for the video to download
  • b. Streaming saves bandwidth. Download only what you view.

What is webcasting?

  • Webcasting allows statewide website administrators to capture and stream live or archived audiovisual content over the internet.
  • Using a Flash-based tool created by Illinois Legal Aid Online, a user can webcast content using only a webcam and a laptop with a broadband internet connection.
  • Potential uses of this tool include producing online trainings for legal services advocates and pro bono attorneys, as well as developing pro se content for clients.
webcasting vs video
Webcasting vs. Video
  • Think of as two different types of media –
    • Webcasting captures a live meeting/training audience should expect that.
    • Video produced for the web should follow web guidelines.
  • For both provide information for your audience on what to expect (i.e. length of time, this is a lecture, etc.)
legal aid webcasting
Legal Aid Webcasting



background of webcasting
Background of Webcasting
  • Why Illinois began the webcasting project
    • Provide a way for legal aid programs to archive and distribute trainings.
  • How has the use of the webcasting system grown?
    • Ability for people to watch live trainings.
    • Use for posting non-training videos to the web.
webcasting resources
Webcasting Resources
  • The basic how-to of webcasting and other important info:


webcasting staff and planning
Webcasting: Staff and Planning
  • Webcasting in Georgia:
    • Starting a webcasting project
      • Resources and staffing needed for the project
      • Decisions on content and trainings to webcast
      • Feedback and interest so far.
  • Flash – most common for use on websites
  • Why?
    • Explain complex issues
    • Dynamic
    • Attracts attention
legal aid animation
Legal Aid Animation
  • www.washingtonlawhelp.org – “How to Use this Site” – Flash Animation
faqs on how to use this site
FAQs on “How to Use this Site”
  • What does something like this cost?
    • They've been running between $1,000 - $1,500 depending on the following
    • factors:
    • 1. Number of script revisions
    • 2. Length of the presentation
    • 3. VO talent recording/editing vs provided VO in mp3 format.
faqs on how to use this site1
FAQs on “How to Use this Site”

What level of expertise is needed to program this type of presentation?

  • It's a rather simple process to build one of these tutorials, it just takes time as the animation is timeline based and has to be synced with the audio.
  • Someone with intermediate Flash skills could build this out for you rather easily.
faqs on how to use this site2
FAQs on How to Use this Site

Where can we find a Flash programmer?




  • http://www.ifreelance.com/?adid=61&k=g%2bzKE1k29StJEhp85IbDRUwh86xGDR8JpjpktfeXUAc%3d
  • Another option would be to snag a student in college and have them build it out. Probably pay a lot less.
  • Do you all have other examples of animation in use on your websites?
interactive animation
Interactive Animation
  • Allows a person to respond and interact.

What is A2J?

  • Developed by the Center for Access to Justice and Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Software to develop custom user-friendly interfaces for document assembly
  • Leads users through an interview with visual and audio cues
  • Compatible with Hotdocs and coming soon – case management software
a2j in use some examples
A2J in use: some examples
  • Iowa Remote Intake – Eve Ricaurte
a2j and hotdocs
A2J and HotDocs

Idaho Answer to Eviction Interview:

  • https://npado.org/login_form?template_id=template.2005-10-26.7026579827
want to learn more
Want to learn more?
  • Visit the Center for Access to Justice and Technology:


  • January 2006 LSTechie Article on A2J


thoughts on the topic
Thoughts on the topic…
  • Is legal services technology being left behind the online media “revolution”?
    • www.lsntap.org/wheresthevideo
resources general
Resources – General
  • New multimedia folder in the Pro Bono Net SWEB Library.http://www.probono.net/statewebsites/index.cfm
  • Adding Audio to PowerPointhttp://www.lawhelp.org/documents/clusters/AK/105/English/frame.htm
resources existing content
Resources – Existing content

Not ready to develop your own content yet?

Consider free sources:

  • MSN Videos http://video.msn.com/v/us/v.htm?f=msn-l
  • Public domain photo sources
    • FirstGov: http://www.firstgov.gov/Topics/Graphics.shtml
    • FlickR


usability resources
Usability Resources
  • http://usability.gov/pdfs/guidelines.html
  • http://usability.gov/pdfs/chapter14.pdf - page 5 – multimedia 2006 edition