colonel ted hodgson u s central command logistics directorate n.
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Colonel Ted Hodgson U.S. Central Command Logistics Directorate PowerPoint Presentation
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Colonel Ted Hodgson U.S. Central Command Logistics Directorate

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Colonel Ted Hodgson U.S. Central Command Logistics Directorate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UNCLASSIFIED. Colonel Ted Hodgson U.S. Central Command Logistics Directorate . New SILK ROAD for Afghanistan and the Region. UNCLASSIFIED. USCENTCOM’S INTENT. USCENTCOM SUPPORTS the New Silk Road (NSR) INITIATIVE BECAUSE:

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colonel ted hodgson u s central command logistics directorate


Colonel Ted Hodgson U.S. Central Command Logistics Directorate

New SILK ROAD for Afghanistan and the Region


uscentcom s intent


  • NSR development potentially makes Afghanistan and every country in the region economically stronger.
  • NSR development potentially makes Central & South Asia the trade and transportation link between Europe & Asia.
  • NSR development enables U.S. & NATO transition in Afghanistan and the region from military to economic. Helps to move Afghanistan from Aid to Trade



  • Regional transportation infrastructure
  • Trade & transit practices and processes (customs, tariffs, etc.)
the new silk road nsr a regional approach to afghanistan long term stability


The New Silk Road (NSR): A RegionalApproach

To Afghanistan Long-Term Stability

  • Improved trade & transit holds potential to revitalize Afghanistan and the region
    • Ideally situated geographically to connect Europe, Mideast & Asia
    • Trade & transportation services provide economic growth & stability
    • Afghanistan is the focal point; goal is improved transportation infrastructure & trade development which supports economic development
    • Concurrently assists regional development of transportation infrastructure, trade & transit processes (customs, tariffs, border procedures)
  • NSR concept in development for years; now gaining traction
    • Department of State leading the U.S. effort
    • United Nations and European Support
    • USCENTCOM Theater Strategy for a prosperous & stable region
    • Afghan policy: “The Asian Roundabout;” Trade, Public Works Ministers


why uscentcom involvement


Why USCENTCOM Involvement

  • Afghan transportation infrastructure & trade development is inadequate (or non-existent) to support economic development
    • 2014 International Security Assistance Force mission transition
    • Requires a coordinated and synchronized effort
    • Northern Distribution Network lesson: USCENTCOM can be the catalyst for transportation & trade development
  • USCENTCOM established a “Afghanistan Future” Interagency Working Group in March 2010
    • USCENTCOM and Department of Defense subject matter experts, other U.S. Government agencies, academicians, international organizations, and non-governmental organization participants
    • Intent: incubate and assist New Silk Road strategy development and implementation, linking the disparate development projects into one plan
    • Supports Department of State led engagement with Afghan government


the new silk road efforts


The New Silk Road Efforts

  • USCENTCOM’s Director of Logistics leads rail development, surface tender programs, local procurement, and other transportation initiatives
    • USCENTCOMsupports development by
      • Coordinated & sponsored Afghan Trucking Network
      • Developed & coordinated USCENTCOM Surface Tender Program
      • Afghanistan First Program and Central Asian States Local Procurement Activities
      • Coordinating and assisting Afghan government with Rail development
      • Assisting Afghan government with developing Strategic Rail Plan
    • Using the Northern Distribution Network (NDN) “one piece at a time” model
      • Hairatanto Mazar-e-Sharif rail extension was first piece
      • Others include regional infrastructure, trade & tariff policies, and market development
  • Key element is strategic value of financial potential of Afghan mineral development and development of Afghan international trucking


the strategic value of trade transit
The Strategic Value of Trade & Transit
  • Trade & transit development is an economic enabler, building free & stable countries
    • Improves employment rate
    • Raises quality of life through increased economic activity
    • Can potentially improve regional governments cooperation with each other
    • Enables export of Afghan goods
    • Reduces need for foreign aid
    • Can reduce insurgent problems
  • Truck transportation will have immediate impact on Afghan economy. Together rail and truck transportation will benefit long term economic development in Afghanistan and the region
  • Public Private Partnership is the key enabler to supporting this transportation network
take aways
  • USCENTCOM activities support NSR development:
    • Route and regional transportation network security
    • Afghanistan First Program
    • Central Asian States Local Procurement activities
    • Expanded transit along the Northern Distribution Network
    • Improving customs & border crossing processes with regional partners
    • Afghan Trucking Network
    • Surface Tender program
    • Anti-pilferage container and trucking technologies

Thank you for your time and support for the New Silk Road!