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Nationalism. Post Napoleon France Unification of Germany. The Rhine. Following the Congress of Vienna. Post Napoleon Rhine. Napoleon Bonaparte's Impact Annexed land Dissolved Holy Roman Empire Created The Rhine Confederation Germans Under Napoleon push for German Unification.

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Post Napoleon France

Unification of Germany

The rhine

The Rhine

Following the Congress of Vienna

Post napoleon rhine
Post Napoleon Rhine

  • Napoleon Bonaparte's Impact

    • Annexed land

    • Dissolved Holy Roman Empire

    • Created The Rhine Confederation

  • Germans Under Napoleon push for German Unification.

  • At Congress creating unified Germany becomes difficult

Congress of frankfurt
Congress of Frankfurt

  • Call for a Unified Germany

  • Offered Throne to Frederick William IV of Prussia

  • Wouldn’t take throne from “the people”

Otto van bismarck
Otto Van Bismarck

  • Prussian Junker

  • Appointed to be Prussian Chancellor

    • Prime Minister

  • Within 10 years Bismarck had United German States under Prussian Rule

Views on politics
Views On Politics

  • Realpolitik

    • Realistic politics based on the needs of the State

  • Not a German Nationalist

    • More focused on Ruling Class of Prussia

    • Unified Germany to give more power.

  • Built Military Power

    • Took Money not meant for army

    • Used Army to increase power

      • Leads to German Unity

Franco prussian war
Franco Prussian War

  • Napoleon III Worried after Prussia Defeats Austria

  • Bismarck Quick to remind Germans of previous Invasion

    • Nationalism increases

  • Prussians and More German state Troops Defeat France

The 2 nd riech
The 2ndRiech

  • William I of Prussia convinced to be Kaiser

  • German Nationalist Celebrate 2ndRiech

  • Bismarck Creates New Constitution

    • Two House Legislature

      • Bundesrat- upper house – appointed rulers of German States

      • Riechstag – Lower House – Voted by universal male sufferage

Strengthening germany
Strengthening Germany

  • Industrialism Takes hold

  • Economic Powerhouse

  • Science Furthers Industry

  • Government Creates Unified Currency

The old empire

The Old Empire

Nationalism Takes Power

Patchwork of people
Patchwork of People

  • Holy Roman Empire divided

  • Austria’s Power decreasing

  • Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Ukrainians, Romanians, Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes

  • Nationalists Revolt

Power split
Power Split

  • Hungary Increases Power

    • Creates Dual Monarchy

  • Two Independent Nations

    • Each has own Parliament

    • Shared Certain government positions

      • ministries of finance, defense, and foreign affairs,

  • Many people unhappy with Division


  • Many Different Nations under Ottoman Empire

  • Greeks, Serbians, Bulgarians, Romanians

  • Nationalists want own independent states

    • Revolts

  • Ottoman Empire is weakened

    • Becomes target for growing nations

  • All European countries try to take this area