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Robotics and Automation Control

Robotics and Automation Control. Er.Rashmi Assistant Professor GNA University. ROBOTICS. It is ability to perform on its own, going to the extent of unmanning several operations. To relieve man from tedious and mindless, repetitive and hazardous jobs.

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Robotics and Automation Control

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  1. Robotics and Automation Control Er.Rashmi Assistant Professor GNA University

  2. ROBOTICS • It is ability to perform on its own, going to the extent of unmanning several operations. • To relieve man from tedious and mindless, repetitive and hazardous jobs. • Robotics in Inter dispilnary field of study

  3. Important areas of robotics • ?????

  4. Prothesis

  5. Exoskeltons

  6. cs

  7. Locomotive device • Locomotive Robot series

  8. Laws of Robotics

  9. Functions of ROBOT • SENSING • Decision Making • Performing

  10. Difference between ROBOT and Automated Machine • Automation: the machine produces a job following a set of operational jobs at different times. Different sequence can be addressed by programming.

  11. Automation

  12. Robot- is programmable, sensing and perception, function automatically • Carry out different tasks

  13. Study about Numerically controlled technology

  14. Advantages and disadvantage • ?????

  15. Types of Robots • General Purpose • Special purpose welding,spray painting Telerobot Mobile robot Autonomous robot Androids


  17. MANIPULATOR ARM • Revolute pair (R)-1 DOF • Prismatic pair (P)-1 DOF • Cylindrical Pair (C)- 2DOF

  18. Universal hook’s Joint

  19. End effector • Gripping methods • Mechanical clamping • Magnetic gripping • Vacuum gripping

  20. Actuators and Transmission • Pneumatic drives • Hydraulic drives • Electrical drives

  21. Pneumatic drives

  22. Hydraulic drives

  23. Piezoelectric Actuators http://www.robotplatform.com/knowledge/actuators/types_of_actuators.html

  24. Electrical Drives

  25. Transmission

  26. Controller

  27. Sensors • Tactile sensors- (contact sensor) must be brought in contact with the object to obtain signals to measure the necessary qualities. • Force sensor, Torque sensors, Touch sensors, Position sensor

  28. Torque sensors • Touch sensors Position sensors

  29. Position sensors

  30. Non tactile sensors • Contactless sensors • Proximity sensors • Electro-optical sensors • Range imaging sensors

  31. Basic Motions 6 motions • Vertical motion • Radial motion • Rotational motion • Pitch motion • Roll motion • yaw

  32. DOF • Horizontal travel • Rotary movement • Radial arm movement • Vertical arm movement • Rotary wrist movement • Wrist bend • Wrist sweep

  33. Basic components of Microprocessor based robotic system

  34. Six axes

  35. Robot Classification • Standard classification • Broad classification • General classification

  36. Standard Classification • Mechanical configuration based It considers various joints, links, physical structure of robot and relation to each other. • Cartesian coordinate configuration • Cylindrical configuration • Spherical configuration • Jointed-arm configuration (Revolute)

  37. Control method based it considers the type of techniques implement to control the robot. i.e; 1.Non Servo controlled , 2. Servo controlled

  38. Cartesian coordinate config. • Cartesian or rectilinear robot also called as gantry robot, has three mutually perpendicular axes which defines a rectangular work volume. • Links of manipulator are constrained to move in linear motion. (Prismatic) • Cartesian coordinates may be of two types. • Cantilevered Cartesian • Gantry-style Cartesian

  39. Cylindrical Config. • Arm move up and down • Arm move radially w.r.t The column.Θ=360 not permitted Due to h,e,p connections or lines.

  40. Spherical (polar)configuration • It has telescopic arm, which pivots about a horizontal axis and also rotates about a vertical axis. • Work envelope of such robot is a portion of sphere due to mechanical and actuators connections.

  41. Range of spherical coordinate robot

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