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Industrial Robotics and Automation

Creogen Technologies Private Limited introduces a number of products and services for the everyday tasks of home and office. The products and services include Customized Robotics Solution, Product Prototyping and Development along with Industrial Material Handling. To know more please visit us from the given links.<br><br>www.creogentech.com

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Industrial Robotics and Automation

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  1. We are an energetic and dynamic young company having specialization in the fields of Electronics and Communication, Mechanical Systems and Robotics. We develop and deliver leading edge technological products for industries, business and homes.

  2. ABOUT US Product Prototyping – We design, develop and test electronic product prototypes for inventors and clients. We take an idea to materialize the inventors’ and clients dream and vision into reality. Automated Industrial Material Handling – We provide customized solution for Automated Material Handling for industries and small businesses. We design, develop and test systems to be applied in day to day use in working environments Product Development– We design, develop and test final products from their prototype or prototype report. We take the functionalities of the product to design and develop the finalized product for clients and customers. Customized Robotics Solutions– We provide customized Robotic Solutions to Industries and small businesses for solving complex needs. Our Robotic Solutions are made for the purpose of Surveillance, Communication, Interaction and Assistance.

  3. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Our products and services are • SRISHTI – First of its kind Autonomous Cleaning, Interaction and Surveillance Robot. • Library Sorting System – Library Sorting System to automatically sort, access, store and maintain books in a library. • Industrial Goods Sorting System – Industrial Goods Sorting System to sort different goods and materials in an industry. • Industrial Goods Guidance System Prototype – Industrial Goods Guided System to guide materials and goods in an Industrial environment. • Auto Car Parking System Prototype – An automated car parking system which parks the car in a desired location autonomously.

  4. SRISHTI – The first Autonomous Cleaning and Surveillance Robot in India • SRISHTI being the first Autonomous Humanoid Robot in India, can perform a variety of tasks for home and office • The robot offers advanced surveillance with its inbuilt HD camera with a resolution of 1080p. The camera can record videos in all lighting conditions be it low light or even complete darkness. The recording can be accessed by the user with his / her laptop /desktop or mobile. It also has cutting edge motion detection algorithm which informs the user via e-mail if any unusual activity is detected in the absence of the user. With the help of the camera’s inbuilt speaker and microphone, the user can also converse with other people. • The robot has a customizable KIOSK which provides variety of features such as keeping attendance of employees in home or office, a browser platform to surf the web and support for large array of applications according to the user’s requirements. • The robot is able to clean the floors efficiently with powerful nozzles fitted inside it. The cleaning program can be activated by just the push of a button and can be time scheduled

  5. Library Sorting System The customizable system easily sorts out he amount of books / papers / magazines / journals and other documents according to their titles, name of the authors, publishing date, subject category and in any or every way possible as required by the user. This system is also capable of sorting, accessing, storing and maintaining of books in the proper order as defined by the user.

  6. Industrial Goods Sorting System Maintenance and keeping track of goods is a complex industrial task. The Goods Sorting System is developed to handle this very task thereby making the operation of overall handling of goods an easy task. The system is fully customizable and can sort different goods according to their slots / container numbers / product types as defined by the user.

  7. Industrial Goods guidance System Prototype Moving goods from one place to another is a common task in an industrial environment. The process requires careful handling and space management. This prototype diminishes the complexities in moving and placing the goods and allotting them in the assigned spaces. This system is completely customizable and gives the user the ability to define rules for its scheduled activities.

  8. Auto Car Parking System Prototype Parking a car manually can cause a lot of hassle. It requires properly placing the car in a certain amount of space in a busy day when there are lots of other cars already parked at the parking lot. The car parking system with its state of the art ‘motion detection and respond’ technology makes the car park to the spot where the user has directed it to.

  9. Other Products Our other products include • User Security Authentication System for verification purposes in home or office using embedded biometric fingerprint sensor. • Digital Pulse Meter for measuring pressure and pulse accurately. The device being small provides maximum portability. • User Attendance System capable to manage complex attendance in home or office. The system can be customized as per shifts of the employees or sections or even the duration of the works. • Door Lock for enhanced security providing Fingerprint scanning, Double Authentication Mode, Advanced IR Detection and many more. • Mini UPS which is able to supply power seamlessly to all devices for 20 minutes. The UPS has in-built shock absorbers which ensure proper functionality even after a fall. The UPS has two USB ports for connectivity with LED lights to indicate power reserve.

  10. CONTACT US Head Office: D/7A, Baghajatin Colony Kolkata – 700032 Branch Office: 1st Floor, J.S Complex G.S. Road, Ulubari Guwahati – 781007 Email – info@creogentech.com Website: http://www.creogentech.com

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