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Robotics and Automation

Robotics and Automation.

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Robotics and Automation

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  1. Robotics and Automation

  2. The robotics is a science that studies the behaviour of the intelligent beings, it tries to develop some methodologies that allow to a car (robot), endowed with opportune fit devices, to perceive the surrounding environment and to interact with it and to perform some specific assignments. It is relatively a new discipline, that sinks his roots in the ancient desire of the man to build tools that can free it too much from fatiguing, boring or dangerous assignments. The word robotics originates from the Czech robota, where it has the meaning of "heavy job" or "forced job." Robotics and Automation

  3. Association of Robotics and Automation

  4. The robotics is a science that finds applications in manifold contexts and in various under-disciplines; the most important are: Military robotics; Spatial robotics; Industrial robotics; Biomedical robotics. Fields of use

  5. Even if science fiction is rich of robot references used in military circle in the practical they are used above all in recognition and vigilance, among which we can find the deprived airplanes of crew, called “drone”. This type of vehicles is yes checked to special personnel distance, but in case of emergency it can also complete different assignments in total autonomy. It allows the recognition of theaters of war heavily defended without jeopardizing grapevine of human beings. Other example of military robotics they are the artificers robots that are able, thanks to the numerous set of tools of which are provided, to complete analysis on an explosive device and eventually to neutralize it to distance drastically reducing the risks for the artificers. Military robotics

  6. Robot-Army

  7. Spy-Drone

  8. Spy-insect

  9. Even if it develops technologies and methodic destineted to the employment of robot out of the terrestrial atmosphere, this sector of the robotics has also reached some useful results in fields that are escluded from the spatial search. Examples of these robots are the probes exploratory probes employed in different missions on the planets of the solar system, but also more traditional robots like the famous manipulating arm of the Space Shuttle or that of human semblances destined to the ISS that will be used in substitution of the astronauts in the extraveicolar activities. Spatial robotics

  10. Spirit-Droid

  11. Eyes of Spirit

  12. Opportunity-Droid

  13. Eyes of Opportunity

  14. Space Shuttle-Arm

  15. Industrial robotics The industrial field is surely that in which the robots have found great diffusion: their employment in the chains of assemblage has allowed the firms to demolish notably the costs accelerating and improving the production. Among the robots more used by the industry there is the arm robotic or manipulating robot, built to imitation of the human arm but often endowed with more degrees of liberty: it is a very versatile car that is lent to varied duties among which painting, welding or assemblage. Interesting to notice is that this typology of car is often used for producing other similar robots making the speculations served as the science fiction acts on the cars autoreplicant like a discourse next to our everydays life.

  16. Series production

  17. Robot-Arm

  18. Robot-Arm 2

  19. Biomedical robotics Very vast branch of the robotics includes different types of robots; he goes in fact from the robots able to assist the physician during the surgical operations to those that allow the physician to operate to distance through technologies of telepresent. They also reenter in the category the sophisticated equipments for biological analysis used in the laboratories.

  20. For disable people

  21. waiting for the future...

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