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CONCEPT OF MBC/MBU. Presentation 4.1.2. CONCEPT. MBC is an innovative business office of India Post for its corporate customers and bulk mailers It were conceptualized in 2006 Envisioned as frontline business wings, of India Post offering one stop solution

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concept of mbc mbu


Presentation 4.1.2



MBC is an innovative business office of India Post for its corporate customers and bulk mailers

It were conceptualized in 2006

Envisioned as frontline business wings, of India Post offering one stop solution

To be designed as an integrated mail business hub undertaking the task of collection, processing and delivery of Bulk mail.

Expected to gradually become profit centre

  • The MBC is a Business Centre run at the premises of that RMS Office which has direct access to various modes of mail conveyance through Rail, Airlines and Road.
  • It is better to locate in a prime location where the customers can access easily
looks appearance
  • Professional and neat working environment builds organization morale and increases the proficiency of staff members.
  • To instil confidence in the visitors
  • Provide sufficient files, furniture and equipment so that papers, catalogs, equipment, etc., can be stored safely and neatly.
  • Establish procedures for the office to be cleaned on a regular basis
  • Avoid to eat on desk.


Marketing Executives

Sorting Assistants




Mail Van Driver

features of mbc

MBC will be;

  • both the operational and marketing wing for mail business
  • control all stages of mail from collection, processing, transmission to delivery
  • while the individual delivery segment will remain with POs, the bulk recipients and senders will be the area of focus for MBC

MBUs to function as strategic business units

Must be converted from a cost centre to a profit centre

To be equipped with all modern electronic systems for processing and MIS and other mechanical aids required for speedy processing and value addition

objectives of mbc


  • Enhance the skills and knowledge level of the RMS officials to enable them to undertake the challenges of market forces and customer demands
  • Delivery details to be provided to sender within the quickest possible time
  • To decrease response time
  • To help in grievance redressal
  • Implement track and trace facility
  • Provide any time solutions for the key customers
long term
Long term
  • To achieve safe, reliable, guaranteed and speedy delivery for customer satisfaction
  • To ensure cost reduction in mail handling through supervision and control,
  • Optimal utilization of human resources
  • To improve quality of mail handling through automation, mechanization
  • Speedy mail delivery to bulk addressee
  • Reduction of congestion at delivery PO and to use existing manpower for making retail delivery effectively.
  • To transform higher customer satisfaction and reduced costs into higher business revenue
  • Ability to provide one-stop solutions to the entire mailing requirement for the customer including printing
  • Ability to provide customized mail solutions within the city/circle to key customers and price them as ‘business packages’
  • Undertake or participate in various market surveys and other initiatives to understand the market forces and customers demands
infrastructure technology used in mbc


One telephone with fax facility.

One personal computer with internet connection.

Mobile phone & visiting cards for Marketing executives.

Sitting arrangement for customers.

Pamphlets highlighting special features of MBC and features of premium postal products.

Franking Machines.

role of manager
  • To ensure smooth day to day operations
  • Constant review of the list of bulk mail recipients by being in constant touch with HSA
  • To frame the strategy for achieving the targets allotted to MBC
  • To report to SSRM of any development that is worth his notice.
  • Appointment of Marketing Executives
  • Training to Marketing Executives
  • Schedule of appoint of casual staff (old & news)
  • Advertisement, Sales and publicity
  • Tele Marketing (inquire on phone, feedback)
  • Standardisation of stationeries
  • Motivated staff to be placed in MBC.
  • Utilization & provision of Fund
  • Feedback received from customers
  • Manager should have experience in Mkt. and administration of mail operation.
  • Analyzed and take quick action to improve quality of service
  • Arrangement of Forms & stationeries
  • Appointment & Training of GDS / Outsider / Collection Agents
  • Training to the collection agent
marketing executive
  • Interact with customers.
  • Receive feedback on quality of services offered and improvements required.
  • Constant endeavour to turn potential customers into actual customers
  • Search for new customers
  • Constant feedback to seniors
  • One of the M.E. should be experienced
  • Other one can be young recruit having the flame to perform
sorting assistant
  • To sort the mail and to maintain data in computer about the volume of mail received and delivery
  • To book and frank articles
  • Reporting daily delivery performance to customers
  • Consolidation of feedback received from customers
  • POSTMAN (Temp) to educate and help the SA to learn delivery work
  • Group-D- Opening and closing of bags, misc. office work
  • Driver Mail Van: Delivery of bags to the addressee taking of receipt and collection of articles
collection posting
  • MBC receives bulk mail from corporate customers providing Pick up facility
  • Areas presently attached to the post offices but closer to the MBC can be attached to Mail Business Centre.
  • SSPOs of the division can supply list of addressees of recipients of bulk mail to the HRO/MBC
  • Letter Box clearance from the letter boxes of the post offices can be brought directly to MBC by the existing staff of the concerned post offices if Letter Boxes are well within the range of the MBC.

Sorting of Mails

  • Sorting Assistants attached to the MBC will sort the articles
  • They also can take the help of RMS officials whenever necessary.
  • Mails received by MBC will necessary be disposed off on the day of receipt
  • No mail will be remained to be accumulated or transferred unsorted in MBC.

Closing of bags

  • MBC closes one bag each for each bulk addressee consisting of unaccountable articles the MBC will prepare triplicate delivery list.
  • To ensure effective delivery of mail
  • Delivery to bulk mail recipients will be done directly by MBC
  • Any addressee is continuously receiving bulk parcels or EPP, direct delivery will be dedicated MMS or an identified means of transport
  • Identification of bulk addressee (10 to 15) where more than 50 articles are delivered per day.
  • The addressees for delivery from MBC should be assessed on a weekly basis.
  • The more an addressee receives accountable articles and parcels on continuous basis, more appropriate to deliver his mail directly from MBC.
  • MBC mail van can deliver articles directly to the addressee, by passing the post office.
mode of transport standby arrangement
Mode of transport & Standby arrangement
  • Departmental Mail Van can deliver articles directly to the addressee, by passing the post office
  • Standby arrangement through postmen, Gr.D etc. can be made in absence of Mail Van
  • Any convenient mode can be used.
the staff should be trained on
The staff should be trained on;
  • Awareness about the trends in mail market and the strategy of India post
  • Awareness of the strengths and challenges of various postal products and the strategy for effective sales
  • Strategy to handle sale objections
  • Use of technology esp. e-Mail and SMS to increase the level of customer satisfaction
  • Quickest response to the queries of customers
  • Documentation of lists of potential and existing customers in electronic form
accounts management
  • Proper account management lies at the heart of timely use of available information for proper decision making
  • Separate registers will be kept in respect of receipt and despatch of bulk mail that will be in addition to the present register of RNPs
  • MBC will function as an independent set and will maintain daily report as maintained by other sets as usual.
  • Any discrepancy noticed in the functioning of MBC will be reported in the Daily Report by the Manager MBC.
  • MBC consolidate the data and send it to the corporate customer. With this mechanism, with lesser additional cost, we can generate POD for unaccountable franked mail of corporate customers.
  • Mail booked in MBC and delivered by MBC will produce electronic proof of delivery to the Bulk mailer
maintenance of records
Maintenance of Records
  • Register for receipt and despatch of bulk mail in addition to the RNP postings.
  • Register for collection of cheque

Over a period of time manager MBC will ensure that;

  • All accounts be kept in electronic form such as expenditure incurred and revenue generates through each bulk mailer
  • All bulk mailers be given a copy of their accounts in electronic form