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  1. 6/8/2019 Search Training / Internship ( Request Seminar( FAQ((  ( (  ( ComputerLanguages The core of the software is the codes and algorithms written in various languages. As we are progressing towards a mobile-first era, these languages are here to play an important role in building the future of mobile apps, websites and applications. The programming languages can be classified into Website developing languages and Application developing languages. Where the website developing languages are PHP and HTML and the application developing languages includes C, C++, Java, Dot Net C# etc. These languages are helpful in creating the application for mobile phones and other electronic devices, designing web page and programs etc. Within the software industry, mobile applications development has witnessed a massive growth in the past few years and it is likely to continue for at least a decade or more. Today, enterprises are opting for Apps to expand their business and gain more customer insights. This increased demand for personal and enterprise based mobile apps has presented a great opportunity and scope for developers. The job profile which aspirants can have with the knowledge of programming are, Java Developer, PHP Professional, Python Programmer, Mobile Application Developer, Android Application Developer, iPhone/iOS Application Developer Software Engineer, Java Application Developer, Objective-C Developer. With the changing landscape of the IT industry, one must keep up the pace with technological advancement and advance their skills in at least one of the new age programming languages. Companies prefer specific skills and proficiency and this has heated up the demand for coders with specialization in one or more languages. Developers are also looking towards the tech industry giants for their specific language professional requirements. Also, programmingis

  2. 6/8/2019 considered as more of a pSaesasrciohnTrraatinhienrgt/hIanntearnjsohbipo(rhiettnptse:/d/wswkwill..mSyoc,htahteri.caosmpi/rsaenatrschs-hinosutlitduthioanvse) to beimaginative, curious creative and have logical thinking among other skills. Request Seminar( Read Less() FAQ(( E(httxps:p//twlitoter.rcoimn/mgychatPri)o (shttsps:i//bwwwil.liintkeidein.csom/iconmp.a.ny/mychatri/) Core / Diversified  Trends andTechnologies ( Select Stream : IT/CS/Comp. App. ( Skills in Core ( /Computer Languages Java PHP Among the programming languages, Java is one of the widely used languages with infinite scope in future. It helps to build system tool as well as a web tool. One of the most popular operating system, Android is based on Java. Java.. Learn More PHP is one of the most sought after languages when it comes to developing web platform and applications. It is considered one of the most dynamic languages and provides expandability options at very low cost. Being a web-based ser.. Learn More ( to-it-job-5) (

  3. 6/8/2019 Android ProgramminSgearch Training / Internship (https://www.mCy#chPartorig.croamm/mseinagrch-institutions) Request Seminar( In this digital woFrAldQ, (hmttopbs:i/le/wwpwh.monycehsatrai.creom/faqs)C(#httipss:/a/wwpwri.mfaacreybotowke.cnotmy-/fmirsytc-hcaetnrit/u) rygeneral becoming an important(hptatprts:o//ftwoiuttrerd.caoilmy/lmifey.cNhaottri) unication but it is us other tasksto developed by Microsoft in its .NET drive which  ( https:p//uwrwpows.leinkoebdjeinc.ct-oomrie/cnotmedpapnryo/gmryacmhamtrini/)glanguage only as a medium ofcomm now capable of doingvario hasbeenauthorizedbyISOandEcmaasan make our lives easy. In this Smartphoneera ideal language. It is a multi-paradigm ( wherep.. computingla.. LearnMore LearnMore ( programming-1) ( C++ Developed in the year 1979, Bjarne Stroustrup borrowed features from other languages like CLU, ALGOL 68, ML, and others to build this language. Until 1983, the programming language was called as C, but in 1998 ANSI- ISO committeer.. Learn More ( Python

  4. 6/8/2019 Python is a genSeeraarlc-phuTrrpaoinsieng /iInntteerrpnrsehtiepd(, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level Request Seminar( programming language. It was createdby FAQ( ( Guido van RosLsuemardnurMingor1e985- 1990.Like  ( ( is also available c/python) Perl, Python sourcecode  ( ( QuickLinks About Us ( Media Release ( Blog ( Contact Us ( Privacy Policy ( Disclaimer ( FAQ( General Terms ofUse Students( Internship Organisation ( organization) Training Organisation ( organization) Freelancer ( sitemap ( ContactUs c/o Letz Dream4U Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 705, Vishal Bhawan, 95 NehruPlace, New Delhi-110019 +91 (11) -49098955 +91 (11) -49098527    

  5. 6/8/2019 Search Training / Internship ( Request Seminar(  2018mychatri.cFoAmQ.(hAttlplsr:i/g/whwtswr.meyscehravteri.dcom/faqs) (https(:h/t/twpsw://  ( (  Certificate( (