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Clinical Internship PowerPoint Presentation
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Clinical Internship

Clinical Internship

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Clinical Internship

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  1. Transition Of New Nurses From Education to Practice: A Regulatory Perspective A Regulatory Initiative to Bridge Education & Practice Kentucky Board of Nursing: Patricia Spurr, Ed.D., MSN, RN Education Consultant Clinical Internship Feb. 2007

  2. Mission Statement Protect public health and welfare by development and enforcement of state lawgoverning the safe practice of nursing

  3. Safety: Growing National Attention • Each year a million or more people are injured and as many as 100,000 die as a result of errors in their care. • This makes medical care one of the leading causes of death, accounting for more lost lives than automobile accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS.

  4. POST GRADUATION: Clinical Internship • “A supervised nursing practice experience, which involves any component of direct patient care". • Shall last a minimum of 120 hours and shall be completed within six (6) months of the issuance of the provisional license. • The clinical internship is required for any new graduate that makes application for licensure to Kentucky beginning January 1, 2006

  5. Critical Components • Minimum of 120 hours • Components of direct patient care • Supervised by a licensed nurse Setting?Wherever the components can be achieved.

  6. What is Meant By “Direct Patient Care” Any component of “direct patient care” includes: Nursing practice experiences that influence and/or impact direct patient care. Example: Supervisory Capacity

  7. Process

  8. Provisional License To Avoid Interruption in Practice…… Candidates should not apply for licensure until they are comfortable that they will be able to complete the internship and the NCLEX within a six month period of time

  9. Until Full Licensure is Achieved: • New Graduates sign their documentation entries as either RNA or LPNA. • Must be under the supervision of a licensed nurse

  10. How are we Evaluating the Implementation?

  11. Initial Question to Explore Is there a difference in the NCLEX pass rates for first-time 2005-2006 KY candidates in the following categories: • Filed Application for Licensure prior to 1.1.06 to avoid the Internship • Graduation Date Did not Require the Completion of the Internship • Those that completed the internship • Those that tested out of state

  12. Clinical Internship Research • Aim 1: To describe what constitutes the 120 hour required internship, as described by selected sites. • Aim 2: To evaluate the impact of the clinical internship on new graduate’ perceptions of their clinical competence. • Aim 3: To compare NCLEX pass rates of graduates from programs preparing RN’s by two categories: those required to complete the internship requirement prior to taking the licensure examination and those not required to complete an internship.

  13. Kentucky Calculation of Pass Rate • First time testers that graduate between July 1 and June 30 And • Test by September 30 (extended to Dec. 31 for 2006)

  14. Breakdown of RN Graduates Included those candidates that tested out of state, those that graduated prior to January 1, 2006, and those that “pre-filed” their application for licensure.

  15. Breakdown of PN Graduates No statistical significance between the two groups.

  16. Pending Issues • Examine the amount of time between graduation and testing • Impact of Job Market on Graduates Across the State • Introduction of the Nurse Licensure Compact to KY • Kentucky Residents • Other Compact State Graduates

  17. Contact Information Patricia Spurr 502-429-3333 Kentucky Board of Nursing 312 Whittington Parkway Louisville, KY 40222