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Internship Office

Internship Office

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Internship Office

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  1. Internship Office

  2. The aim of the School of Economics Internship Office is promote the entrance of its students (and graduates) in the working world. One of the main task of the office is to manage curricular internship which offer, students the opportunity of getting to know the working world and to develop and put into practice what they have learned during their academic studies acquiring the related credits. WHAT ELSE WE PROVIDE YOU: Assistance in the drafting of cv and cover letter; Organization of companies’ presentations and meetings with job market experts in collaboration with the Unibo Job Placement Office ; Information and careers guidance service. INTERNSHIP OFFICE

  3. WHERE DO YOU FIND US?The Internship Office is located in Piazza Scaravilli 2, - Ground floor E-mail: Opening Hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9,00 to 11,00 (Wednesday afternoon only by appointment from 14.00 to 15.00)Tuesday & Thursday from 14,o0 to 15,30 Infolineto ask information about internships:The service is available at the phone number (+39) 051.20.98138 from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 11.00 AM. INTERNSHIP OFFICE

  4. WHAT IS A CURRICULAR INTERNSHIP? It is the internship that allows you to have a first experience within the working world through fulfilling the university credits requested by your study plan. It is possible to carry out the internship within private/public companies, public institutions, professional studios etc. both in Italy and abroad. The duration of the internship and the number of university credits are listed within your study course. The curricular internship should be inserted in your study plan because is an integral part of your study program. CURRICULAR INTERNSHIP

  5. QF CURRICULAR INTERNSHIP QF Students can choose to include the Internship in their study plans and carry it out from the II second semester of their first year and during their second year. • QF internship (for II year students): 480 hours (3 months if it’s a full time internship) – 8 credits • QF internship (for Students enrolled 2014/2015): 480 hours (3 months if it’s a full time internship) - 6 credits Moreover, students have the chance to include in the study plan another curricular internship (in case they want to carry out a second internship experience) related to: • the preparation of the final dissertation - Internship for final dissertation or 2) a specific course subject (the aim of the internship will be to examine in depth a course study subject) - Study and Work Internship OR THEY CAN ALSO INCLUDE: 3) ERASMUS + Internship Mobility (ex ERASMUS PLACEMENT)

  6. You can use the University Internship online service, which enables you to check both the list of all the companies/organizations with which the University has an agreement and the offers available. Through this service it’s possible to apply directly for an intern position in the following ways: 1) You can check the offers and, once found the more suitable ones, upload cv + cover letter (1 file) and select the button “PRESENTA RICHIESTA”. 2) You can search for a company/organization already registered with Unibo on the on line service and send your cv + cover letter to check the possibility to be host as an intern “ PRESENTA AUTOCANDIDATURA”. In this case you need to specify what you would like to do and when you would like to start. HOW TO APPLY:

  7. It is also possible to search for new companies and internships autonomously, in this case, you need to give us the name (+ e-mail address) of the company’s referent in order to send him/her all the information needed to subscribe the agreement. Please, check the Internship section on your study course web site!!!! HOW TO APPLY:

  8. Before the start of the internship: You need to collect the Internship Diary + 2 assessment forms at our office. If the internship is abroad, the hosting company will need to fill in also a Project of Formation form. Once finished the internship: You must hand in the documents at the end of the internship at the internship office in order to register the internship within around a couple of weeks. CURRICULAR INTERNSHIP

  9. You have also the possibility to apply for the Erasmus + Internship Mobility (ex Erasmus Placement Program) an European 3 month Internship program  financed by the European Commission. You receive a grant per month from the EU and internships should start in a period of time between the end of January and end June. The EP experience can be: recognized as your curricular internship in order to get the credits expected for the 3 months curricular Internship (the curricular internship should be inserted in your study plan) add to your study plan as a specific activity (Erasmus Placement) in order to get its credits (8 Credits) If you want to carry out both the experiences, it’s also possible to include both the Curricular Internship and the EP in your study plan, getting both the related credits. (you need to have them both in your study plan) ERASMUS + Internship Mobility

  10. PLEASE NOTE: 1) At the end of your Internship you need to bring to the internship office a copy of the transcript of work in order to have the credits registered. 2) In order to get the full payment of the grant, you will need to hand in the original TRANSCRIPTS OF DATES + TRANSCRIPT OF WORK to the DIRI office. For information regarding the call requirements, please contact the International Department Office (DIRI) For information regarding your CV, contacts with companies and credits registration, please contact the internship office: ERASMUS + Internship Mobility