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  1. INTERNSHIP J2 communications

  2. Company Description Name: J2 communications Location: 466 Germantown Pike Type of business: Advertising and Public relations. J2 provides clients with customized service, original and innovative ideas and one-on-one attention. Through dynamic special events and public relations efforts, we will handle your event from beginning to end.

  3. Executive summary J2 communications helps.. assist organizations to achieve their marketing goals provide maximum exposure that will proactively help build their business.

  4. Fringe Benefits This company is great to work at because of the work environment. The work environment is friendly and casual. Since J2 deals with companies, the employers get benefits. For example, at krispykreme they get free donuts, for beat headphones they get free headphones, for their salon that they represent they get discounts. Every company gives them a benefit.

  5. Communications/ Atmosphere Everyone is very friendly and no one has a specific job to complete If one person has to many jobs that they need to complete, the other employer will take over Work is very casual. The employers are always welcome into each other's offices They help their clients and will work overtime if needed If a client needs to reschedule a meeting they are very flexible

  6. Equipment List iphones facebook, instagramtwitter and other social media websites Computers Camera’s

  7. Mission Statement There are many business's out there that are trying to promote the same thing. J2 communications professionally knows how to use social media that will make their clients rise over the others.

  8. Target’s J2 handles retainer clients as well as project based clients. J2 communications works with clients from all over. Clients can be doctors, a headphone company , a clothing store and even a food store.

  9. Competitors Vault communications- A communication company that helps advertise their clients either on social media or events, so they become more well known SharlaFeldscher Public relations- SFPR works with you to infuse energy into your messaging and helps spark enthusiasm into your organizations mission in the media and broader community Simon public relation group- Promote their clients by giving their information out to reporters, editors and producers.

  10. Work Force Summary Jamie Joffe- Creator/ Boss. Finds the clients and creates the ideas. Goes to the events to make sure they go smoothly Tara and Mary- The share the same position. Help Jamie create ideas. Make up the press releases for the client’s events. Handles their clients facebook, instagram and twitter pages.

  11. Letterhead