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HRMS Users Group 1:30 – 3:00 pm 08/23/11 Clark Center Auditorium. Overall Agenda. SUNetID / RegAdmin Updates – Kevin Dale, Administrative Systems Benefits Refreshers – Ann Klug & Reggie Johnson, Benefits Payroll/ Axess Timecard Updates – Shawna Powell-Blunt, Payroll

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HRMS Users Group

1:30 – 3:00 pm 08/23/11Clark Center Auditorium

Overall agenda l.jpg
Overall Agenda

  • SUNetID/RegAdmin Updates

    – Kevin Dale, Administrative Systems

  • Benefits Refreshers

    – Ann Klug & Reggie Johnson, Benefits

  • Payroll/Axess Timecard Updates

    – Shawna Powell-Blunt, Payroll

  • PeopleSoft and Salary Planning Updates / Announcements

    – Vicky Tran, HR Information Systems

  • New HR Home Page

Search match changes to sunet id creation l.jpg
Search Match Changes to SUNet ID Creation

  • We enhanced the search match process between PeopleSoft and the Registry

    • Occurs when employees create a SUNet ID

      • Create by using UnivID/Emplld

      • Create by using Personal Data without UnivID/Emplld

  • Recommendation and best practice

    • When requesting a SUNet ID – USE the UnivID/Emplld

      • This is the most accurate and best way

      • Helps to ensure and prevents the creation of duplicate IDs

    • Why not have users setup SUNet ID using personal data

      • This is the least accurate way because it only performs weak search

      • It requires the user to enter all of the identity data

        • First Name, Last Name, DOB, Gender and SSN

        • All must match – Abby vs. Abigail

Short demo l.jpg
Short Demo

  • This should make the process less prone to creating multiple identities

  • Another step towards no longer needing - RegAdmin

Benefits refresher l.jpg

Benefits Refresher

Help us enhance the employee’s Benefits experience!

Benefits agenda l.jpg
Benefits Agenda

  • PeopleSoft Data Entry tips

    • Data

    • Timeliness

    • Permanent/Mailing Address

    • Benefits Salary

    • Benefits Eligibility Date

    • Resources

  • 2012 Open Enrollment

    • Oct 24 – Nov 15

Focus on data l.jpg
Focus on Data

  • Date of Hire

  • Date of Birth

  • FTE hours

  • Social Security Number

  • Gender

  • Correct address/zip code

  • Correct benefits salary

    NOTE: If missing/incorrect, the employee will not be able to elect benefits

Timeliness l.jpg

  • New Hires/Rehires

    • Up to two pay periods before Benefits Eligible Date

    • Benefits Salary information

    • Home and Mailing addresses

  • Terminations

    • Submit form to Payroll (as soon as you know)

    • SLAC transfers must be termed from Stanford

  • Leaves

    • Notify Disability and Leave Services (as soon as possible)

Permanent address l.jpg
Permanent Address

  • Drives eligibility for health plan

    • Need to live in zip code area for an HMO

  • Drives what the employee “sees” in the enrollment system

    • If address is out-of-state, the employee will only see the Blue Shield plans

  • J1 Visa Employees

    • Submit a “Ben Bin” for zip code assistance

Address update l.jpg
Address Update

  • Employees:

    • Update Permanent and Mailing address fields

    • “Permanent address” = Home Address

    • Medical/Life communications go to Mailing Address

    • Retirement plan communications go to Mailing Address

  • HR Administrator: PeopleSoft

    • Update both Home and Mailing address fields

    • If home address is missing, the employee will not be able to elect benefits

Benefits salary l.jpg
Benefits Salary

  • Benefits Salary drives:

    • Basic Life insurance

    • Supplemental Life insurance

    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

    • Long Term Disability

      NOTE: If missing, employee record will not update in benefits system

Benefits eligibility date l.jpg
Benefits Eligibility Date

  • Opens 31 day Benefits enrollment window

  • If the date needs to be changed/corrected

    • Do not attempt to change it

    • Submit a “Ben Bin” ticket requesting assistance

Resources l.jpg

HR Resources

  • PeopleSoft job aids

  • HelpSU

    • PeopleSoft data-entry questions


  • “Ben Bin” Request

    • Benefit Escalations

    • HR/FAO staff only

      Staff/Faculty Resource

    • Benefits Service Team

    • (877) 905-2985 (press option 9)

2012 open enrollment l.jpg
2012 Open Enrollment

  • (First) Open Enrollment Newsletter drops: Aug 23

  • Open Enrollment Town Hall meetingskick-off: Aug 24

  • Open Enrollment site opens: October 24

  • Open Enrollment Service Team: October 24

  • Open Enrollment Period: October 24 – November 15

  • Open Enrollment and Web Ex workshops:

  • Open Enrollment material:

Payroll axess timecard agenda l.jpg
Payroll/Axess Timecard Agenda

  • Payroll

    • New Earnings Code for Cell Phone Supplement

    • Fiscal Year End

    • Winter Closure Planning

    • Other Reminders

  • Axess Timecard

    • Timecard Approval Delegation

    • Seasonal Layoff Accruals

    • LD Default Option – Coming Soon

New earnings code cel l.jpg
New Earnings Code - CEL

  • The IT Efficiency Task Force recommended a change to University policy which will become effective on 9/1

  • All cell phone reimbursements cease as of 12/16

  • The following two options are available to departments to provide employees with University provided cell service:

    • Provide cell phone services through the IT Services Cell Phone Program

    • Request a non-taxable payroll supplement of $25/month (maximum)

  • Schools/Departments will determine local policies for approving and paying for business cell phones.

  • This policy does not apply to tablet devices (iPads) and related services plans, wireless cards and internet service plans.

    • Payment practices currently in place for these devices and/or plans may continue.

  • New earnings code cel17 l.jpg
    New Earnings Code - CEL

    • A new Earnings Code – CEL – is now available in the Supplemental Pay Webform for payment of the supplement

    • Departments may begin using the code now

    • A maximum of $12.50/pay period may be entered

    • CEL may be entered to extend for any duration of time

      • The business need for cell phone services must be reviewed periodically by each employee’s manager, or financial staff in the business unit, and adjusted as necessary. A yearly review is recommended.

    • Retroactive payments should also be made with the CEL code

      • The $25/month limit applies to retroactive payments

    New earnings code cel18 l.jpg
    New Earnings Code - CEL

    • Employees will receive the supplement as part of their regular semi-monthly paycheck

    • The supplement is non-taxable and not eligible for benefit deductions

    • Employees will see a separate line item on their pay statement labeled as ‘Cellular Phone Stipend’

    Fiscal year end l.jpg
    Fiscal Year End

    • The 8/31 pay period is the last for FY11

    • Payments included as part of the regular payroll will be included in FY11

    • Payroll does not have a correction period

      • Corrections (overpayments, missing pay, etc.) occurring after the close of the 8/31 pay period will post in FY12

    • Work to resolve identified overpayments prior to fiscal year end

      • Repayment checks should be submitted to Payroll no later than Noon on Tuesday, August 30

    Winter closure planning l.jpg
    Winter Closure Planning

    • Winter Closure is Monday, 12/19 - Monday, 1/2

    • Refer to the Payroll Schedule at:

    • Due to timing, Payroll cannot run until Friday, 12/16, the last day prior to Winter Closure

    • Gross Pay will not be available until Saturday, 12/17

    • Payroll will be open for limited hours on 12/19 & 12/20

      • Pay corrections for the 12/15 pay period will be processed on these days

      • Transactions will require appropriate HR approval, including a fully approved Off-Cycle Check Webform

        • Payments will be distributed by US Mail

      • No other transactions (discretionary payments, etc.) will be processed

    • Please plan for handling pay corrections for your employees during this two day period

    Other payroll updates l.jpg
    Other Payroll Updates

    • Form W-11, HIRE Act Employee Affidavit, is no longer valid

    • Remove this form from New Hire packages

    • During 2010, Stanford received a FICA tax credit of $385,000 due to your efforts in collecting the W-11 Form

    Timecard approval delegation l.jpg
    Timecard Approval Delegation

    • Approval delegation for both Time & Leave Administrators and Supervisors was rolled out in July 2010

    • Authority may be delegated to any active Stanford employee

    • The delegate has full access to all of the functionality in Review and Approve Timecards for the delegated list of employees

  • Delegates, especially those who do not otherwise have access to Review and Approve Timecards, should be advised of the scope of their responsibilities in relation to timecard approval

  • The original Time & Leave Administrator/Supervisor may continue to Review and Approve Timecards even with the delegation in place

  • Timecard approval delegation23 l.jpg
    Timecard Approval Delegation

    • To delegate approval, navigate to Review and Approve Timecards

  • Click the Delegate Authority link at the bottom of the page

  • Timecard approval delegation24 l.jpg
    Timecard Approval Delegation

    • Type in the Emplid of the employee to whom you wish to delegate authority

    • Click the icon to search for the Emplid by name

    • Enter the start date of the delegation in the From Date field

    • Enter the end date of the delegation in the To Date field

    • Select a To Date several years in the future to delegate indefinitely

    • Click OK to save your delegation

    Timecard approval delegation25 l.jpg
    Timecard Approval Delegation

    • To see authority that has been delegated to you:

    • Navigate to Review and Approve Timecards

    • Click the icon for the Available Delegations field to see your delegations

    Timecard approval delegation26 l.jpg
    Timecard Approval Delegation

    • Click the Look Up button to see your delegations

    • Select the appropriate link from the list

    • Begin Reviewing and Approving Timecards

    Seasonal layoff accruals l.jpg
    Seasonal Layoff Accruals

    • Non-Exempt and Bargaining Unit employees continue to accrue Vacation and Sick leave when on Seasonal Layoff

    • Leave hours are credited upon their return from leave and are not available for use during the leave

    • Accruals are based upon the employee’s standard schedule when not on seasonal layoff status

  • ‘Time Reporting Codes’ have been added to Axess Timecard, which may be used to automatically calculate accruals

    • The codes do not generate pay, but do show as a line item on employee paychecks so they can see their accruable hours

  • Seasonal layoff accruals28 l.jpg
    Seasonal Layoff Accruals

    • Non-Exempt Employees

    • Use Adjust Paid Time to record Seasonal Layoff Accrual Hours (SNL) upon the employee’s return

    • Total hours can be placed on a single day

    • Bargaining Unit Employees on Unpaid Leave

    • Use Adjust Paid Time to record Seasonal Layoff Accrual Hours (SNL) upon the employee’s return

    • Total hours can be placed on a single day

    • Bargaining Unit Employees on Intermittent Leave

    • Enter Seasonal Layoff Accrual Hours (SNL) directly on the employee’s timecard for all layoff days

    Ld default option l.jpg
    LD Default Option

    • Earnings for hourly employees are distributed according to the PTA selected on each timecard row

    • The default PTA listed on the timecard is the PTA with the highest allocation percentage in the Oracle Labor Schedule

    • Some departments choose to allocate hours for hourly employees based upon percentages in the Labor Schedule

    • To do so today, ‘LD’ must be manually selected on each line of the timecard

  • New this fall: Departments will be able to select ‘LD’ as the default for all rows of the timecard for hourly employees

    • This selection will be made directly on the timecard and will remain in effect until removed

  • Hris agenda l.jpg
    HRIS Agenda

    • Update a Position Reminder

      • Standard Hours (Position Management vs. Job Data)

      • Bargaining Unit Employees

    • Salary Planning

    • Bargaining Unit Salary Increase

    • HR Transactions Center of Expertise

    • Patent Agreement (SU-18)

    • HR Reports (OBIEE)

    Update position reminder l.jpg
    Update Position Reminder

    • Standard Hours in Position Management vs. Job Data

      • Employee’s Job Data Standard Hours is different than Position Management

        • If a new Position Management row has been fed over to the employee’s Job Data record and Standard Hours should not have changed, you must process an Employment Update web form to correctthe employee’s Standard Hours

  • Bargaining Unit Employees (SEIU and Police)

    • Uncheck the Include Salary Plan/Grade box to avoid unwanted changes to Step and Hourly rate feeding over to the employee’s Job Data record when updating a position (i.e. Reports To, Org Change)

    • If reclassifying a BU position, be sure this box is checked

  • Salary planning l.jpg
    Salary Planning

    • Salary Planning Upload from August 22-26

      • A new job data record row with the effective date of 09/01/11 displaying Action of Pay Rate Change and Reason:

        • Staff/academic staff teaching/research associates/other teaching - Merit (MER) and/or Market/Equity/Retention (EQY)

        • Faculty - Academic Year Salary Change

      • Once the upload has taken place, you will not be able to make any updates or changes to employee job data records with an effective date prior to 09/01/11

  • Submit HelpSU for Job Record Corrections

    • Transactions that need to be entered into PeopleSoft (for example, change job assignment, job code change, etc.) with an effective date prior to 9/1/11 when a 9/1/11 salary row has already been entered.

    • Corrections to 9/1/11 increases that have been uploaded via the Axess Salary Planning module or entered by the local unit.

    • 9/1/11 increases that need to be deleted

  • Salary planning33 l.jpg
    Salary Planning

    • Employee on Leave of Absence (Disability: WC, VDI/STD, LTD; Family Care, or Bonding)

    • When the employee returns from leave, please DO NOT process a retroactive increase.  This will result in a possible overpayment/underpayment from the respective vendor and Stanford.

    • Process an Employment Update web form with Action/Reason:

      • Staff/academic staff teaching/research associates/other teaching

        • Pay Rate Change/ Merit (MER) and/or Market/Equity/Retention (EQY)

      • Faculty

        • Pay Rate Change/Academic Year Salary Change

    Bargaining unit salary increase l.jpg
    Bargaining Unit Salary Increase

    • The 9/1/11 range adjustment for SEIU bargaining unit employees, including employees on leave of absence, in ranges A08 to A80 will be loaded in PeopleSoft as of 8/29/11. 

      • Each employee will have a new job data record row with an effective date of 9/1/11 displaying Action/Reason of Pay Rate Change/Range Adjustment

    • Employees in ranges A08 to A80 who also require a step increase

      • Set the effective sequence to 1 (or the next numeric sequence) when using the same effective date of 09/01/2011 for the step increases

    • Employees in grades A00 and A99

      • You will need to process a Pay Rate Change > Range Adjustment manually, because there are no step amounts in the salary grade table in PeopleSoft HRMS

        NOTE: Actionsmust be completed between 9/2/2011 – 9/18/11

    Bargaining unit salary increase35 l.jpg
    Bargaining Unit Salary Increase

    • Verify step/grade in the Axess Timecard is correct

      • If the step increase is entered after the employee has already entered hours on the timecard for any of the days during the 9/1-9/15 pay period, the step/grade must also be adjusted on the timecard. 

      • If the adjustment is not made on the timecard, the employee will not be paid correctly. 

    Hr transactions center of expertise l.jpg
    HR Transactions Center of Expertise

    *Develop prototype with one School that can be expanded to other academic areas in Year 2

    *School of Medicine and School of Humanities & Sciences have their own ‘Satellite’ Service Centers

    Patent agreement su 18 l.jpg
    Patent Agreement (SU-18)

    • If employee receives the following error message, submit a HelpSU ticket for HRIS to create the profile

      • Error Message: No rows exist for the specified keys. (0,0) STF_AGR_FUNCLIB.FUNCLIP.FieldFormula Name: create_profile_item…

      • Request Category: Administrative Application, Request Type: PeopleSoft HRMS

    HR/Axess Timecard Reports (OBIEE)

    • HR/Axess Timecard Reports will convert to OBIEE next year

      • Similar to STARS reports

    Slide38 l.jpg

    • Current HR Website

    • Being revised using the Stanford web templates

    • Anticipated launch on September 16

    • User-centric approach being taken; goal is to enable various audiences to easily get to key information; e.g., employees, retirees, prospective employees, other higher education HR professionals, etc.

    Slide39 l.jpg

    New HR Website

    Site-specific search

    A to Z List of services

    Announcements, news articles

    Calendar of employment-related events