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State of Connecticut Core-CT HRMS Users Group Meeting March 23 & 24, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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State of Connecticut Core-CT HRMS Users Group Meeting March 23 & 24, 2010

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State of Connecticut Core-CT HRMS Users Group Meeting March 23 & 24, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State of Connecticut Core-CT HRMS Users Group Meeting March 23 & 24, 2010
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  1. State of ConnecticutCore-CT HRMS Users Group Meeting March 23 & 24, 2010 1

  2. Agenda 2

  3. Core-CT HRMS News and Initiatives • UPK Training Materials • Retiree Benefits in Core-CT HRMS • Support for the 3% Deduction Implementation • Expansion of TL Self Service • Refinement of the TL Rules • Open Enrollment – tentatively scheduled for Friday, 5/14

  4. Agenda 4

  5. Benefits Update 3% Deduction for Retiree Health Care SEBAC 2009 Agreement - requires new employees and existing employees with fewer than 5 years of service to contribute 3% of compensation until they complete 10 years of actual state service. 5

  6. Benefits Update Employees Affected • Only applies to employees eligible for State-paid health insurance. • New employees hired on or after July 1, 2009. • Employees rehired on or after July 1, 2009 with fewer than 10 years of service. • Existing employees with fewer than 5 years actual service as of July 1, 2010.

  7. Benefits Update Exempt Employees • Employees not eligible for State-paid health benefits (part-time, seasonal or temporary workers) • Adjunct faculty (part-time) • Employees with alternative retiree health benefits from another source (excluding COBRA, Medicare or spouse)

  8. Benefits Update Waiver of State Health Care Coverage • Does not affect obligation to contribute 3% for retiree health care. • Only exception: Employee already has qualified for retiree coverage from independent source (not Medicare, COBRA or spouse’s).

  9. Benefits Update Length of 3% Contribution • New Hires – 10 years • Rehired Employees – 10 years minus pre-July 1, 2009 healthcare-eligible service • Existing employees with less than 5 years of service as of July 1, 2010 • 10 years (minus pre-July 1, 2010 healthcare-eligible service) or • Until date of retirement at 62 or older with 5 years of service (limited to active employees as of April 21, 2009)

  10. Benefits Update What Service Counts? • Only actual service during which employee is eligible for active employee coverage • Vesting service does not count • Purchased service does not count • Exceptions: Purchased time for military service in time of war or time purchased under Section 5-188(e) of Pension Agreement. • Rehired Employees will get credit for prior healthcare-eligible service even if they obtained refund of contributions to SERS when they left State service.

  11. Benefits Update What Is 3% Based On ? • All salary and earnings under 5-154(h) of Pension Agreement • Longevity • Vacation • Maintenance • Fees • Earnings from every job

  12. Benefits Update Special Cases • Employee with multiple part-time positions that make him or her eligible for health coverage must pay based on all positions. • Employee with full time position that provides health benefits and part-time job pays 3% only on full time compensation.

  13. Benefits Update Effect of Leave • Paid Leave: Employee is liable for 3% contribution on salary/vacation/sick payments received and leave will count towards service requirement. • Paid Military Leave: Contribution based on pay differential, if applicable, but military service classified as “paid” service counts even if no check from the State. • Unpaid Leave: No contribution taken, will not count. This extends the duration of obligation to pay.

  14. Benefits Update Effect of Leave, Continued • Workers Compensation Leave: Time out of work counts towards fulfillment of obligation; 3% deducted only from any sick or vacation pay received. • Disability Retirement: Employees with disability retirement are deemed to have fulfilled obligation.

  15. Benefits Update Unpaid Leave • Defined as any calendar month in which an employee does not receive a paycheck from the State. • Ignore leaves of under one month. • One month of unpaid leave will extend duration of obligation to make payment by one month. • If employee has one or more months of unpaid leave, must complete new CO-1300 when returning from unpaid leave. • HR should adjust end date of contribution by number of months of “unpaid” leave.

  16. Benefits Update Enrolling New Employees For Deduction • FIRST WAVE: New employees since July 1, 2009 • Fill out CO-1300, set start and stop date for deduction on Core-CT General Deduction page – OPEB. • Identify exempt employees and send copy of CO-1300 to HPBSD. • End date is approximate: month and year only – Core-CT dates not set 10 years in advance.

  17. Benefits Update Enrolling Rehired Employees • Have them fill out CO-1300. • List all prior service (verify prior service dates and confirm health insurance eligibility). • Set start and estimated stop date (month/year only) 10 years less all pre-2009 health care-eligible service. • If exemption applies, circle reason and forward copy to HPBSD (Healthcare Policy & Benefits Services Division).

  18. Benefits Update First Round of Enrollments • Contact all new (post-July 1, 2009) hires to fill out CO-1300; enter start and stop dates for deduction in Core-CT. • Contact all employees rehired post July 1, 2009 to fill out CO-1300. • OSC will send agencies list of employees enrolled in error and who should have had deductions started at date of hire.

  19. Benefits Update Enrolling Existing Employees • Core-CT has run queries listing new employees hired/rehired after July 1, 2009 potentially liable for 3% deduction based on Core-CT records. OSC will forward lists to agencies. • Use Core-CT job aid to identify employees who may be subject to deduction on July 1, 2010. The job aid is located at: • Agency will have listed employees fill out CO-1300 and give them a chance to list pre-2004 State service. • HR must verify service and enter deduction start (July 1, 2010) and stop dates in Core-CT.

  20. Benefits Update Pre-July 1, 2009 Employees • SAFE HAVEN – employees hired before July 1, 2009 will have up to one year unpaid leave count towards 3% obligation. • Anyone returning to the payroll after June 30, 2009 with 11 or more years prior healthcare eligible service does not need to be audited. • Any employee on the payroll as of July 1, 2009 with 6 years of healthcare-eligible service does not need to be audited.

  21. Benefits Update Ongoing Activities • OSC will use quarterly queries to identify employees who should be enrolled and those who should not. • OSC will use quarterly queries to identify employees nearing end of 3% contributions. • Agencies will enter actual stop date in Core-CT when obligation is completed.

  22. Benefits Update Handling Exemptions • Agency should circle basis for exemption on CO-1300. • Adjunct (intermittently eligible) • Seasonal/temporary • Fulfilled service requirement • Alternative retiree health coverage needs • Affidavit from prior plan sponsor CO-1303 • Waiver of retiree coverage CO-1304

  23. Benefits Update Returns of 3% Deductions • Deduction in error (employee is exempt) • Deduction not stopped in time • Employee leaves before qualifying for retiree health care (payment may be delayed until July 2012 per 2009 SEBAC Agreement) • Fill out CO-1301

  24. Benefits Update Returns of 3% Deductions, Continued • HR/PY Run EPM query to find amount of return. • Enter in Core-CT Deduction Override spreadsheet – forward to HPBSD. • Repayment will be reported as income in year received.

  25. Benefits Update Rehired Employees Who Took Returns of 3% • Prior service won’t count for retiree health insurance eligibility. • To obtain credit, must “repurchase” service by repaying amount returned in lump sum or starting periodic payment within 60 days of rehire; use CO-1302 form. • If no repurchase, must sign Waiver acknowledging forfeiture of prior service; complete CO-1305 with 60 days.

  26. Benefits Update Pre-Retirement Make-Up • If someone has completed 10 years actual service but has not paid into Retiree Health Fund for 10 years, the individual can make up the missing payment before retiring or extend time until retirement. • Adjuncts who qualify for retiree health coverage must make up contributions for entire period (10 years minus any pre-July 1, 2010 healthcare-eligible service).

  27. Agenda 27

  28. Agenda 28

  29. Human Resources Update Fiscal Year End • Fiscal Year End Process • Updates the Budget year in the Combination Code from 2010 to 2011 by either: • Updating the existing combination code number OR • Creating a new combination code number with the new budget year • Inserts a Position Data row to reflect this change. 29

  30. Human Resources Update Fiscal Year End, Continued • OPM allows Agency Budget Officers to update selected funding values for positions through the Automated Budget System. • Only Positions in Approved Status will receive the new FYE row in Position Data dated 6/04/2010.

  31. Human Resources Update Fiscal Year End – Important Reminders • Cleanup of Recycled and Denied positions should be completed prior to June 2, 2010. • Use this Job Aid: How to Identify and Resolve Denied or Recycled Positions - • Update the row and send back through the approval process if approval is required or…

  32. Human Resources Update Fiscal Year End – Important Reminders, Continued • Request that Core-CT remove the row if the update is no longer required. • Inactivate the position, if appropriate. • Agencies can also review Position Approval History Report for day to day review.

  33. Human Resources Update Fiscal Year End – Important Reminders, Continued • Agency Position Specialists are encouraged to limit the number of position updates performed from mid-May through June 2, 2010. • Any positions in proposed status will not be updated for Fiscal Year End. • Positions that are in the workflow process during the Fiscal Year transition will require review for the correct budgeting upon approval. • Positions may need to be resubmitted for approval again after the Fiscal Year transition.

  34. Human Resources Update Fiscal Year End – Important Reminders, Continued • Agency Position Specialists should identify positions needing a change in FUND, SID or Distribution Percentage of FUND or SID effective 6/04/2010 and should submit those changes for approval in April or early May.

  35. Human Resources Update Fiscal Year End Sequence of Events • Position file will be transferred to OPM on June 2, 2010. • At this point any approved changes made to Position Data by Agency Specialist will be overlaid. • OPM makes file available to Agency Budget Officers in the ABS Roster process on June 4, 2010. • After agencies make allowed updates, OPM will return file to Core-CT on June 11, 2010 with the new budgeting information for all positions.

  36. Human Resources Update Fiscal Year End Sequence of Events, Continued • Agency Position Specialists will have view only accessin Position Data from June 14th to close of business June 18th. • The new budgeting information will be loaded into Core-CT the week of June 14th and a new row dated June 4, 2010 will be inserted into each position.

  37. Human Resources Update Fiscal Year End Sequence of Events, Continued • Project Agencies ( DOT, DEP, ITD, DPW, DPH, CSC ) will have new project combination codes available on June 4, 2010, effective June 4th. • All other agencies will have new combination codes available on June 15th, effective dated June 4, 2010. These will be built after all existing combinations codes have been “rolled forward” to the new budget year andpayroll has completed the final pay cycle of FY10 (approx. 6/15/2010).

  38. Human Resources Update Fiscal Year End Assistance The HRMS Fiscal Year End Job Aid will be available at:

  39. Agenda 39

  40. Human Resources Update April 2010 Longevity Process • First Preliminary Reports were available on Friday, 03/05/2010 • Second Preliminary Reports were available on Friday, 03/19/2010 • Final Processing will occur on Friday, 04/02/2010 • Final Reports will be available on Saturday, 04/03/2010. 40

  41. Human Resources Update April 2010 Longevity Process, Continued • Exception #17 – Retroactive Job Changes • The flaw that occurred in the revision of Exception #17 has been fixed. • Longevity payments are now system-entered for employees who experience retroactive Job changes – NO MORE MANUAL ENTRY REQUIRED!! • Employees with retroactive Job changes are now written to the Longevity Processed Report, but continue to be written to the Exception Report for determination of whether a manual date-change is required. 41

  42. Human Resources Update First Start Date Field • The First Start Date field in Employment Data has been reconfigured to allow changes to be made centrally by Core HR team. • First Start Date represents the date the employee was first hired into a specific Job record, as opposed to Original Start Date, which represents the employee’s first start date with the State of CT. • Agencies must log a ticket with Core Support to request changes to the First Start Date field.

  43. Human Resources Update New Hires/Rehires - Use of Existing Job Records • Agencies are asked to refrain from establishing a New Employment Instance during the Hire Process whenever possible. • If employee already exists in Core, contact DAS to determine the status of the existing Job record • If the existing Job record at the other agency is in terminated status, a request is sent to DAS to transfer the record via the Rehire/Transfer process • Establish a New Employment Instance only if all existing Job records are currently active.

  44. Human Resources Update FICA Status Field – Employee Record Transfers • Important Reminder: Verify the FICA Status field is populated correctly during the DAS Transfer/Rehire Process • FICA Status at the losing agency may differ from that which should now appear at the gaining agency. • When a discrepancy exists, a new row needs to be added to correct the status effective with the Transfer/Rehire Date. • If the discrepancy is not identified until after paychecks have begun at the new agency, a correction is still required effective with the transfer Date  Lynne Nguyen at Central Payroll must be contacted (860-702-3450) in order to rectify the FICA balances. 44

  45. Human Resources Update Job Data – Expected Return Date • The Expected Return Date is now a required field when placing an employee on either a Paid Leave of Absence (PLA) or an Unpaid Leave of Absence (LOA) • Applies to Bargaining Units 01 through 16 within SetID AGNCY and UNIVS • Also applies to DOC Bargaining Unit 67 • Excludes Bargaining Unit 04 in SetID UNIVS ONLY • LOA Report: Workforce Administration >Job Information > Reports > Leave of Absence by Department

  46. Human Resources Update CT Seniority Report • The CT Seniority Report can be run separately for two different types of seniority: • Company Seniority reflects the date entered in the Layoff Seniority Date field on the Employment Data Page • Union Seniority reflects the date entered in the Union Seniority Date field on the Job Labor tab • Workforce Administration > Workforce Reports > CT Seniority Report

  47. Human Resources Update Inactivation of Combo Codes • When inactivating a Combination Code, be sure that all charges against that code are in place prior to the inactivation. • Any future use of an inactive Combo Code creates significant problems during the payroll combination process – even if entered as a correction on a date when the code was still active.

  48. Human Resources Update Inactivation of Combo Codes, Continued • Example – Combo Code XYZ1234 is inactivated effective 01-15-2010 • On cycle ending 01-28-2010, a Timesheet correction is entered on an effective date of 12-28-2009 to reflect the inactivated code. • Even though the code was active on 12-28-2009, it is currentlyinactive and needs to be manually re-activated centrally prior to check confirmation.

  49. Human Resources Update Core Support • Please remember to log tickets when Correct History actions are needed! • Users receive email confirmation of their request-status throughout the ticket process. • Ticket process provides Core with a tracking system for specific issues.

  50. Agenda 50