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  2. POINT OF VIEW An automobile accident occurs. Two drivers are involved. Witnesses include four sidewalk spectators, a policeman, a man with a video camera who happened to be shooting the scene, and the pilot of a helicopter that was flying overhead. Here we have nine different points of view and, most likely, nine different descriptions of the accident.

  3. First person • Tells the story in the words of one of the characters • narrator==character • Personal pronouns that used by writers : I Me We Us

  4. Third person – limited • Narrator knows and conveys the thoughts of ONE of the characters, but IS NOT a character • narrator =/= character • Personal pronouns that used by writers : He/Him She/Her They/Them It

  5. Third person - omniscient • “all knowing” • Author gives the reader knowledge of what ALLof the characters are thinking WITHOUT BEING ONE of the characters. • Narrator=/=character • Personal pronouns that used by writers : He/Him She/Her They/Them It

  6. Do you remember Mary had a little lamb? Mary had a little lamb its fleece was white as snow;And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.It followed her to school one day, which was against the rule;It made the children laugh and play, to see a lamb at school.And so the teacher turned it out, but still it lingered near,And waited patiently about till Mary did appear."Why does the lamb love Mary so?" the eager children cry;"Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know" the teacher did reply.

  7. Your turn Pretend like you are one of the following characters: Mary The Lamb The Teacher Mary’s friend School Principal Mary’s Mother • Now write a letter to a person of your choice telling what happened that fateful day…

  8. PARTS OF SPEECH How do words function in a sentence?

  9. Nouns and pronouns • NOUNS • PERSON: Dr. Pepper, dentist, President of the United States, Sam • PLACE: school, Bentonville High School, park, Benton County • THING/OBJECT: car, pencil, Toms, iPad • IDEA/CONCEPT/EMOTION: love, understanding, friendship • PRONOUNS: can substitute for ANY noun I, me, you, she/her, he/him, it, they/them

  10. adjectives DESCRIBE NOUNS AND PRONOUNS ONLY! Answer the following questions about Nouns and Pronouns: What kind? large house Which one? Red car How many? Several monkeys How much? Great wealth

  11. Verbs: Action, linking, helping • ACTION: MENTAL OR PHYSICAL ACTION; SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DONE Run, jump, think, love, eat, perform, consider, identify • LINKING: DEMONSTRATES A STATE OF BEING Is, am/are, was/were, has, had, smells, looks, appear • HELPING: A SECOND OR THIRD VERB (USUALLY BEFORE THE MAIN VERB) TO HELP THE MAIN VERB BE MORE PRECISE Has gone, will be presenting, is thinking,

  12. adverbs • DESCRIBE VERBS, ADJECTIVES, OR OTHER ADVERBS • USUALLY END IN –LY Answers the following questions about VERBS, ADJECTIVES, AND ADVERBS: • HOW? • WHEN? • WHERE? • IN WHAT WAY? • TO WHAT EXTENT? Examples: • ran quickly • Spoke softly • He is too smart (predicate adjective/linking verb)

  13. Prepositions: Show relationships •about •above •across •after •against •along •amid •among •around •as •at •before •behind •below •beneath •beside •besides •between •beyond •by •despite •down •during •for •from •in •inside •into •like •near •of •off •on •onto •outside •over •past •since •than •through •to •toward •towards •under •underneath •unlike •until •up •upon •with •within •without • Prepositional phrase consists of a preposition and a NOUN!! • Across the sky • To the store • Near the bookcase • Toward the park • Underneath the stars • With my mom • Up the tree • Beside the river

  14. conjunctions • CONNECTORS: connect main clauses to form compound sentences, and items in a series (list) For And Nor But Or Yet So I went to the store, but I forgot to buy milk. I went to the store to buy bread, eggs, and milk.

  15. interjections • The word "interjection" means "thrown in between“ • An interjection is a word used to express some sudden emotion of the mind • Nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs become interjections when they are uttered as exclamations • Has no grammatical connection to any other word in the sentence. Examples: Aha alas, good grief! no! oh well, what? Oops! Ouch! yes gee come on! Hey, Oh, no!

  16. Identification game For each sentence, identify as many parts of speech as possible: • It certainly is hard work to stretch this canvas tight. Phew! • To get to the museum, they took a train. • Bicyclists, walkers, and joggers crowded the streets and sidewalks of the park. • He thought Claude Monet’s paintings were awesome. • Sometimes the clay dries too quickly.