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Life on the Homefront WWII PowerPoint Presentation
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Life on the Homefront WWII

Life on the Homefront WWII

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Life on the Homefront WWII

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  1. Life on the HomefrontWWII Life on the Home Front WWII Katherine Cenci Peary November 2005

  2. Introduction • World War II was a time of anxiety, fear, and sacrifice for soldiers but also for the family members that they left behind. • During today’s reading you will learn about what life was like for those living on the home front. • Click here to learn about one sacrifice that families had to make during this time.

  3. Copy of Rosie the Riveter by Penny Coleman Pen Reading Response Journal Access to the Internet Materials

  4. Before Reading The Home Front“The exit of life as usual” • Notice and read the pictures and captions in this chapter. • Use the pictures and captions to think about what the title, “The exit of life as usual” could mean to a typical American family living at home during WWII. Click on the pen below to guide your thinking.

  5. While You Are Reading • As you are reading, jot down in your RRJ several of the changes families had to make as they adjusted to life on the home front. • Draw a picture or a symbol in your RRJ that will remind you of the changes that you believe to be most difficult?

  6. Write three questions in your RRJ about life on the home front that you believe are answered in this text. Have your partner answer them. After Reading

  7. Beyond Reading • Click on the house below to take a virtual tour of a typical American home during World War II. • Imagine that you are directing a movie set during this time, what props would you be sure to include in order to make the setting authentic? Explain your thinking in your RRJ.

  8. Rubric