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New Year, New Kitchen

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New Year, New Kitchen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When the time comes to say goodbye to the current year and welcome the next, the mood is always one of change.

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When the time comes to say goodbye to the current year and welcome the next, the mood is always one of change.

New year, new you. New resolutions, new diet, and new hopes for the future. New kitchen? While the busy holiday season may have left you too exhausted to consider a whole new kitchen, the new year sales are the perfect time to invest in certain new elements that can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your current kitchen.


From new kitchen cabinet doors to a simple overhaul of the color scheme, and taking advantage of the discounted prices of appliances and furniture, there are many ways to bring the feeling of a new kitchen to the new year without actually expending too much effort.

Implementing even one or two of the following ideas can leave your kitchen looking fresher than the January snow.


New year, new kitchen cabinet doors

To bring a big new year's change to your kitchen without turning it into a construction site for the whole month of January, installing new kitchen cabinet doors is a relatively quick and easy undertaking.

The numerous ways new kitchen cabinet doors can alter the look of your kitchen are all in the aesthetics.

The type of wood used will bring its own character. Dark oak can project a feeling of class, wealth and sturdiness while a lighter wood such as beech can bring a more airy atmosphere to a kitchen. The choice of hardware used on your kitchen cabinet doors will also have an effect, with brass or copper handles giving a more rustic or aged feel than sleek, modern stainless steel.

Whichever material is chosen for the doors and their hardware, their installation is sure to bring the feeling of a new kitchen for the new year.


New year, new kitchen colors

If the thought of installing new kitchen cabinet doors in January is a little too much, a simple makeover of what you already have can also work wonders.

Of course, the color of your kitchen is perhaps the first thing any visitors to it will notice. That includes you and your family, who will probably see it every day.

Painting or staining your kitchen cabinet doors, replacing tiles, or even something as simple as replacing towels or crockery are all relatively easy ways to change the overall feeling of your kitchen for the new year.

Homeware is often included in the new year sales, meaning January could actually be one of the most cost-effective times to change the color scheme of your kitchen.


New year, new appliances and furniture

Once upon a time, most of our kitchen appliances were white. Now this is no longer the case, investing in a new set is another way to alter the color scheme of our kitchen for the new year.

Matching or contrasting new appliances with our kitchen cabinet doors is a fine way to add some character to our kitchen, and investing in new furniture can have a similar effect.

A custom made wooden dining table or breakfast bar with matching chairs or stools can complement our wooden kitchen cabinet doors, while furniture made from the same metal as the hardware used in the kitchen can bring a more subtle yet equally as pleasing aesthetic.


The new year is a time for new beginnings. New dreams, new goals, and maybe a new kitchen. If the thought of a complete renovation right after the holiday season is too much, there are a number of smaller changes that can be made.

From installing new kitchen cabinet doors to altering the color scheme, and adding new appliances or furniture, nobody can say they are short of options for making the most of the January sales to bring the feeling of a new kitchen.

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