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  2. Nowruz means new day and also new year. 21st of March is celebrated as new year in many countries especially in Turkish governments.(Azerbeijan, Afghanistan,Turkmenistan,Albania,Iran,Tajikistan, Kırgızistan and in Turkey) This new day is the beginning of spring and spring also is the beginning of the new year. In spring time nature wakes up and everything in the nature begins to grow again after the winter.

  3. As wewellknowthat on 21st of March is equinoxthatmeansdayandnight is in samelength. After 21 st of Marchthedaygoeslongerthanthenight. At the time of the equinox, the sun is observed to be directly over the equator, and the north and south poles of the Earth lie along the solar terminator; sunlight is evenly divided between the north and hemispheres.

  4. New beginning in nature is acceptedthebeginning of thenewyear in Turkishgovernments in ancienttimes.As it has seen in manydifferenthistoricalsources it is certainthat it is a veryoldTurkish (around 5000 years) traditionandthisday is beingcelebratedeveryyear at 21st of Marchwith a greatjoyandhappiness. It has alsodifferentmeanings in othercountries.

  5. Therearemanydifferenttraditions in Anatolia in differentregions. Everybodymakesomepreparationsforthisspecialday.People start preparing for the Nowruz with a major spring-cleaning of their houses, the purchase of new clothes to wear for the new year and the purchase of flowers.

  6. During the Nowruz holidays, people are expected to visit one another in the form of short house visits, which are usually reciprocated. Typically, on the first day of Nowruz, family members gather around the table.Traditionaldishesarecookedforguests on thisday. Peoplevisiteachothertocelebratethisday.People would get up early and boil eggs giving each child two. They also would cook special dishes known as eksi

  7. Peoplegenerallycometogethertohavedinner, toplaygames, tocheereachother, tosingcheerfullsongs. Fire is thethesymbol of thisholiday. Itrepresentsthe sun on theEarth. It has also a specialmeaning “ Fire is a device of cleaningandpurification” A big fire is madeandpeopleplaydifferentgamesaround it. At lastpeoplejumpoverthe fire with a wishonebyeoneandtheybelieve it willcometrue.

  8. Preparedby: Melisa YAZAR A.Yasin ŞENTÜRK Emİrhan İNCEBAY