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New Year – New You!

New Year – New You!. Presented by RockWell. Overview. Healthy New Years Resolutions Strategies to keeping them Seeking help Summary. Healthy New Years Resolutions. Diet, exercise and weight loss Dieting: A void fad diets, focus on fruits vegetables,

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New Year – New You!

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  1. New Year – New You! Presented by RockWell

  2. Overview • Healthy New Years Resolutions • Strategies to keeping them • Seeking help • Summary

  3. Healthy New Years Resolutions • Diet, exercise and weight loss • Dieting: Avoid fad diets, focus on fruits vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean meats • Exercise: Make a plan and stick to it. At least 150 minutes per week • Weight loss: Healthy weight loss in 0.5-2 pounds per week. 3,500 calories = 1 pound.

  4. Healthy New Years Resolutions • Lower stress • Reasons for increased stress • Find what works for you personally • Exercise, yoga • Organization • Journal • Improve Sleep • Why are you not sleeping well? • Create a relaxation ritual • Wake up and go to bed at the same time • Tap naps if necessary

  5. Healthy New Years Resolutions • Financial, saving money • Create a budget • Find areas to cut spending; grocery bill, eating out, activities, or gas

  6. Healthy New Years Resolutions • Quite smoking/limit alcohol • Find an effective tobacco Cessation program • Find a certain time/place/ emotion that promoted drinking or smoking and avoid it. • Social Support!

  7. Tips and Strategies • Be sure to make out a specific goal that you would like to achieve, SMART Goals • Write out what you want to do and make it visible, constant reminder • Make changes slowly, one change at a time

  8. SMART Goals • Specific • Measureable • Attainable/Alterable • Realistic • Time-based

  9. Tips/Seeking Help • Track your progress • Reward yourself • Gain Support – make your goal known • Family or friends • Join a chat room/social site • Seek help from a professional (doctor, dietician, fitness professional, financial advisor)

  10. Resources • www.Choosemyplate.gov • www.Myfitnesspal.com • www.eatright.org • www.skinnytaste.com • www.doyogawithme.com • http://Dashdiet.org • http://oldwayspt.org • www.acefitness.org • http://smokefree.gov

  11. Summary • Write out what specific goals you have and when you want to complete them • Make is visible and gain support • Find strategies that work for you and don’t forget to reward yourself!

  12. Activity • Write out 2 SMART Goals that you would like to complete by the end of the year. These can be related to any topic (not necessarily health related)

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