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Intro to Water

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Intro to Water - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intro to Water
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  1. Intro to Water Understanding and Comprehending why water has unique and special properties

  2. What is an atom? • Atoms- are the smallest building blocks of matter • All matter is composed of atoms • When two or more atoms join its called a molecule

  3. Understanding Parts of the Atom • To understand why atoms join you have to understand the parts of the atom • Nucleus- center of atom that has protons and Neutrons in it • Neutrons- have no charge, found in Nucleus • Protons- have positive electric charge found in Nucleus • Electron- small negatively charged particles that have almost no mass, “orbit” around nucleus

  4. Why do different atoms combine? • Atoms join because they are unstable • All atoms wish to be stable • To achieve this they need to obtain a full outer shell of electrons • This happens when atoms share, lose or gain electrons • Full outer shell usually contains 8 electrons: called Octet Rule

  5. Construction of Water • Water is made up of two elements; Hydrogen and Oxygen • Neither has a full outer shell of electrons so they join • However electrons are not shared equally and this gives water unique traits

  6. Water a Polar Molecule • Because electrons are not shared evenly, water has a slightly electrical charge • You call this type of molecule a Polar molecule- a molecule that has slight electrical charges • This gives water 4 unique traits

  7. 4 Unique Properties of Water • 1. Universal Solvent- it can dissolve most anything placed in it • 2. Expands when Frozen- Water can only freeze in a specific way; as a result it expands when frozen causing it to become less dense • 3. Capillary Action- water can actually “defy” gravity and pull itself upwards (Water ADHESION) • 4. Surface Tension- water molecules “sticking” together creating the force of COHESION between them

  8. Other Unique Traits • High Specific Heat -water is 23 times “better” at retaining heat then air: it is also the only known substance to be found in all 3 states of matter on Earth • HEAVY- 33ft of water depth = the same weight as 17 miles of air (ground uppermost atmosphere)