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Take the test! #socitmbc dodigital.theinformationdaily/dodigital/ PowerPoint Presentation
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Take the test! #socitmbc dodigital.theinformationdaily/dodigital/

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Take the test! #socitmbc dodigital.theinformationdaily/dodigital/ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Take the test! #socitmbc dodigital.theinformationdaily.com/dodigital/. Learning from Better connected 2014 May 14. Martin Greenwood. First our latest publication about digital services. Launched 9 April at Socitm Spring Conference 2014. Do you do digital?.

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take the test socitmbc dodigital theinformationdaily com dodigital
Take the test! #socitmbcdodigital.theinformationdaily.com/dodigital/
first our latest publication about digital services
First our latest publication about digital services


9 April

at Socitm Spring

Conference 2014

do you do digital
Do you do digital?
  • Highly visual summary for top management
  • Available to any who register at www.socitm.net
  • Now with free interactive test
do you do digital1
Do you do digital?
  • Contents
  • Usage of internet
  • Internet cultures
  • Digital gathering pace
  • Website experience
  • Digital engagement
  • Service redesign
  • Demand management
  • Ways of working
  • Take our test
  • Better connected 2014
service re design at east riding
Service re-design at East Riding

The old way The digital way

corporate commitment to digital future
Corporate commitment to digital future
  • Is there clear vision shared by senior managers?
  • Do effective leadership and governance arrangements exist?
  • Has clear set of priorities been agreed corporately and for each service?
  • Have goals been set for these priorities, based on usage data?
  • Has organisation implemented policy of redesigning services before putting them online?
  • Does it give usability of online services the highest priority?
  • Is there strong commitment to use digital tools (eg social media) by employees at all levels for purposes of citizen engagement?
  • Has it committed to a policy of transparency ?
  • Is there strong digital capability at heart of programme?
strong digital capability
Strong digital capability
  • Very good website to support digital delivery for both desktop and mobile
  • In-house team with digital skills, expertise and ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Procurement rules to prevent software being obtained that is not fit-for-purpose
  • System for managing digital content on web and other digital platforms giving full editorial control to central web team
  • Pruning of web content (and content authors) in past 18 months
  • Tools and infrastructure in place to enable digital working
  • Corporate process for gathering and analysing data about demand for services
  • Well-researched plan for how online take-up will be increased
  • Supporting evidence-based plan for assisted digital services
this year s headline
This year’s headline

Rapid growth in use of mobiles a major challenge for local government websites …

suggests latest Socitm survey

how successful is each task
How successful is each task?

Apply for copy of birth certificate 87%

Apply for primary school place 75%

Book an evening class 70%

Find out what's on for 'Under 5s' at libraries 67%

Register food business 64%

Find out about my councillor 62%

Report missed bin 57%

Find out about a planning decision 51%

Apply for Council Tax Reduction 49%

Renew library book 48% Mob

Find out about roadworks in my area 37% Mob

Find out about care homes for elderly relative 33%

Report fly-tipping 28% Mob

Find out about football pitch 24% Mob

this year s four star sites
This year’s four star sites
  • 32 (8%) 4 stars
  • 159 (39%) 3 stars
  • 132 (32%) 2 stars
  • 87 (21%) 1 star
this year s four star sites1
This year’s four star sites

Adur & Worthing Kent CC

Allerdale BC King's Lynn & West Norfolk BC

Blaby DC (New) Leeds City (New)

Bristol City Leicester City (New)

Carlisle City Lichfield DC (New)

Cumbria CC (New) Midlothian

Dorset CC North Ayrshire (New)

East Dunbartonshire Oxfordshire CC

East Renfrewshire (New) Perth & Kinross

East Riding of Yorkshire Preston City (New)

Eden DC Sandwell MBC (New)

The City of Edinburgh Scottish Borders (New)

Guildford BC (New) South Oxfordshire DC

Harborough DC (New) Surrey CC

Haringey West Dorset DC (New)

Hinckley & Bosworth BC Wigan MBC (New)

mobile trends for council websites
Mobile trends for council websites


Visitor satisfaction

the mobile experience
The mobile experience
  • Only 31% passed our mobile assessment
  • One in three of last year’s four star sites failed
  • Performance on four mobile tasks half as good as the ten desktop tasks
  • Accessibility standard dropped from 45% to 26%, the most important factor being major drop in one mobile task
  • Website visitor satisfaction 36% lower on mobile device
need for mobile improvement
Need for mobile improvement
  • First things first – think mobile
  • Don't assume mobile users are that different
  • Keep forms simple
  • Think carefully before building native apps

Later this morning

  • Achieving a four star site and an excellent

mobile experience at Sandwell with Matt Johnson

  • The reviewer’s perspective on the mobile

experience with James Coltham

need for mobile improvement1
Need for mobile improvement

This afternoon

  • Achieving a four star site and an excellent

accessibility performance at Preston with

Stephen Parkinson and Melanie Moville

  • The mobile experience from an accessibility

perspective with Gavin Evans (DAC)

need for digital engagement
Need for digital engagement

Our survey looked for evidence on websites:

  • Use of online customer accounts
  • Use of email alerts
  • Use of social media

This afternoon

  • Digital engagement at Braintree with

Mischa Brown and Aurelia Moreaux

need for general improvement
Need for general improvement

Get the basics right! Don’t bother with apps. Make sure you have a responsive website that works well on tablets and mobiles. Rationalise your content. Be aggressively focused on the user. Get a continuous improvement plan in place and test, test and test again with real people. Work with other councils to force suppliers to improve their products.

Another BC reviewer

where do we go from here
Where do we go from here?

Trend in four star sites

where do we go from here1
Where do we go from here?

Trend in four star sites

is a single local gov uk the answer
Is a single local.gov.uk the answer?
  • Some good but limited examples of shared sites

eg Dorset, Adur & Worthing, Allerdale & Carlisle

South Oxfordshire & Vale of White Horse

  • But this option a non-starter for several reasons,

eg local needs, different priorities, major logistical

problems etc

  • Scope for much more sharing

This afternoon

  • Intelligent sharing of third party services with John Fox
and now
And now………

Customer needs in the age of the mobile

Helen Milner

CEO of the Tinder Foundation