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SDAA II. March 23, 2007. This training does not take the place of reading the appropriate manuals. All test security and confidentiality measures covered in the training on test security and confidentiality apply to SDAA II test administrations. Test administrator training deadline:

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sdaa ii


March 23, 2007

This training does not take the place

of reading the appropriate manuals

All test security and confidentiality measures covered in the training on test security and confidentiality apply to SDAA II test administrations.
sdaa ii test dates
SDAA II Test Dates
  • Chart outlines testing dates
  • SDAA II Math
    • Grades. 3-10
      • April 17th
  • SDAA II Reading
    • Grades. 3-8*
      • April 18th
      • Make-up through April 21
      • * Enrolled grades 9 and 10 students testing at instructional levels K-8 will also test on April 18th with SDAA II Reading

DCCM p. 188

sdaa ii general information
SDAA II General Information
  • Testing Appropriate Students
  • SDAA II 2007 Test Administrations

DCCM p. 187

allowable accommodations sdaa ii
Allowable Accommodations SDAA II
  • With the exception of nonallowable accommodations, accommodations listed in the IEP that are necessary to address the student’s instructional needs based on his or her disability but do not invalidate the assessment may be used
  • The ARD committee should consider
    • The needs of the student
    • Whether the student routinely receives the accommodation in instruction and testing

DCCM p. 189

nonallowable accommodations sdaa ii
Nonallowable Accommodations SDAA II
  • The TA may not provide any direct or indirect assistance or reinforcement that identifies or aids in the identification of the correct response
  • Test questions, answer choices, and the writing prompt may not be translated (except into sign language), rephrased, or clarified
  • The student may not have the number of answer choices for an item reduced

DCCM p. 189

nonallowable accommodations sdaa ii9
Nonallowable Accommodations SDAA II
  • The SDAA II reading, writing, ELA tests (with the exception of the writing prompt) may not be read aloud to students at I.L. 2-10
  • Test booklets may not be photocopied onto colored paper without advance written permission from TEA
  • Other accommodations that would invalidate the test are prohibited

DCCM p. 189

faq for sdaa ii accommodations
FAQ for SDAA II Accommodations
  • Oral Administration question
  • Manipulatives question
    • Notice calculator rules
  • Scratch Paper

DCCM pp. 191-195

sdaa ii administration groupings
SDAA II Administration Groupings
  • Chart on p. 195 outlines the instructional levels that can be grouped together for SDAA II
    • Reading I.L. 4-8 may be grouped together
    • Math: I.L. 4-5, I.L. 6-8, I.L. 9-10 may be grouped together respectively

DCCM p. 195

sdaa ii12
  • Scratch Paper
    • Math
      • The use of scratch paper on a math test by an SDAA II student is determined by the student’s ARD committee and documented in the student’s IEP. After testing, all scratch paper must be destroyed

DCCM p. 195

oral administration
Oral Administration
  • Routinely used in the classroom and documented in the student’s IEP, oral administration in SDAA II math is an allowable accommodation
  • Specify the levels of oral administration
  • See oral administration instructions

DCCM p. 196

sdaa ii test booklets and ta manuals
SDAA II Test Booklets and TA Manuals
  • Chart with I.L. form numbers
  • SDAA II TA Manuals
    • Secure TA manuals
      • K/1 Reading Forms 01 and 11
      • K-2 Math Forms 01, 11, and 21

DCCM p. 206

sdaa ii make up testing
SDAA II Make-Up Testing
  • Chart on p. 214
    • Math April 18-21
  • Eligibility: student must be absent on the regular day of testing for that subject area
  • Code make-up in the Agency Use Field
  • If a student begins testing and cannot continue, he/she cannot take a makeup test rather the score code marked should be “O” for other

DCCM p. 214 and p. 286-287

sdaa ii make up procedures
SDAA II Make-Up Procedures
  • Student must be absent on the regular day of testing
  • If a student is unable to continue testing after starting code “O” for other
  • If a student is absent on the regular day and make-up sessions code “A” for absent
  • Students will use test forms provided for the regular day of testing
  • Make-up test materials should not be returned separately

DCCM p. 214-215 and p. 286-287

prepare for sdaa ii administrations
Prepare for SDAA II Administrations
  • Receive and Verify Combined Shipment of Test Materials
    • Secure SDAA II booklets are combined with nonsecure materials in one shipment
    • Verify that the quantity of booklets in each package matches the quantity indicated on the white form by counting the booklets through the plastic. Do not break the plastic when you receive materials
    • Verify the nine-digit security number range stated on each white form counting the booklets through the plastic
    • When you do open the package verify all seals are intact
  • Order Additional Materials
prepare for training
Prepare for Training
  • Security Oath
  • Distribute TA manuals
  • Secure TA manuals must be managed carefully
    • Secure manuals must be returned to locked storage after training

DCCM p. 241-242

designate test administrators
Designate Test Administrators
  • 1:30 maximum ratio
  • TAs should be professionals or under the supervision of professionals who hold valid education credentials such as Texas educator certificates and permits which may include
    • Teachers
    • Counselors
    • Librarians
    • Substitute teachers
    • Other professional educators

DCCM p. 241

arrange testing rooms and organize materials
Arrange Testing Rooms and Organize Materials
  • Rooms should be well lighted, well ventilated, quiet, and comfortable
  • Students should have enough space and be sufficiently separated
  • “Testing-Do Not Disturb” sign should be on the door

DCCM p. 243

arrange testing rooms and organize materials21
Arrange Testing Rooms and Organize Materials
  • Bulletin boards and instructional displays that might aid students during testing must be covered or removed
  • Any allowable accommodation items such as calculators and reference materials should be gathered for the appropriate test administration
  • SDAA II tests are not timed
  • Plan to move students who need extra time to another testing room if necessary
  • No school activities that would interfere with testing conditions or timing should be scheduled

DCCM p. 243

precoded labels
Precoded Labels
  • Only precoded labels are provided for SDAA II
  • There are no precoded answer documents or precoded scorable test booklets for SDAA II
  • Verify the information on the precoded labels
Correct inaccurate information on precoded labels
    • Inaccurate student name or PEIMS ID
    • Any other inaccurate precoded information

DCCM p. 245

Correct placement of a precoded label
  • Handgridded information will override precoded information except for student name and PEIMS number
  • Changes made to precoded labels must be made for all scorable test booklets or answer documents for that student
  • Information from the answer documents will be used by TEA for results

DCCM p. 246-247

    • Pattern gridding
guidelines for submitting answer documents
Guidelines for Submitting Answer Documents
  • SDAA II April Administration

DCCM p. 250-251

Precoded labels for individuals who are no longer enrolled in your district must be voided and returned with the nonscorable materials
  • Answer documents for students who are exempt or absent should be submitted with scorable documents for scoring or scanning. Do not place these answer documents with the voided answer documents.
  • Precoded SDAA II labels for students who are taking TAKS instead of SDAA II should be voided and returned in the nonscorable shipment.
  • TEKS Based LDAA

DCCM p. 252

student data elements
Student Data Elements
  • Appendix A
  • Same procedure as TAKS
sdaa ii score code fields
SDAA II Score Code Fields
  • Failure to mark the appropriate score code may result in a score of zero for the student
  • Score codes:
    • A
    • X
    • L
    • O
    • S

DCCM p. 254-264

If a student is absent but exempt on the basis of ARD exemption, code the exemption not the absence
  • Score code examples p. 255-261
  • ARD Decision Achievement Levels
    • Achievement Level I….minimum skills
    • Achievement Level II….adequate skills
    • Achievement Level III….strong skills
    • Ensure that both an ARD Decision Achievement Level and an enrolled grade are accurately indicated on each student’s scorable test booklet or answer document. If the ARD Decision field is left blank, the ARD Decision will default to Achievement Level III

DCCM p. 262-263

ldaa data
  • Code a score code of “X”
  • Code TEKS-Based LDAA Data
  • Code “Y” or “N” for met criteria

DCCM p. 264

Agency Use Field
    • Column D “9” for math make-up
    • Column E “9” for reading make-up
    • Column B “2” for DAEP
  • Braille
  • Large Print

DCCM p. 265

materials control form
Materials Control Form
  • All materials must be checked out and in using this form
materials for testing sessions
Materials for Testing Sessions
  • I.L. K, 1, 2 and 3 SDAA II math and reading
    • Two no. 2 pencils with erasers per student
    • One scorable test booklet per student
    • One math chart per student for use with I.L. 3 SDAA II math test

DCCM p. 274

I.L. 4-10 SDAA II math, I.L. 4-9 SDAA II reading:
    • two no. 2 pencils with erasers per student
    • one test booklet per student
    • one answer document per student
    • one math chart per student for use with the I.L. 4-10 SDAA II math tests
    • one answer document for demonstration purposes
    • additional answer documents to replace unusable ones

The total number of test booklets distributed to each test administrator should not be more than the number of students he or she will be testing.

monitor sdaa ii administration
Monitor SDAA II Administration
  • You and your principal are responsible for test security on your campus
  • Ensure TAs are using active monitoring techniques
  • A TA who has been trained in testing procedures specific to the administration of the test must be present in the testing room at all times during testing

DCCM p. 277-280

monitor sdaa ii administrations
Monitor SDAA II Administrations
  • All answers must be marked on an answer document with a No. 2 pencil
  • TAs are not allowed to require students to first mark their answers in the test booklet and then transfer them to answer documents
  • Student may use highlighters and colored pencils and does not have to be documented at I.L. 4 and up

DCCM p. 277-280

Give appropriate math chart to students for I.L. 3-10
  • At I.L. K-3 highlighter must be documented in the student’s IEP
  • Use of scratch paper on a math test by an SDAA II student is determined by the student’s ARD committee and documented in the student’s IEP. After testing all scratch paper must be destroyed
Students must remain seated during testing
  • Students who need additional time to complete the test may be moved to a different testing room

DCCM p. 277-280

Reference materials
    • See chart on p. 279 regarding calculators

DCCM p. 277-280

Do not allow student to bring binders or backpacks into testing room
  • TAs must actively monitor
  • Students should be reminded periodically to bubble their responses on their answer documents. TA may not view or discuss individual test items or responses

DCCM p. 277-280

Before a student leaves the room, the TA must check the complete answer document to be sure the student has bubbled in answers as instructed. “You have not recorded all of your answers on the answer document. Please do so now.”

DCCM p. 277-280

Students may not go back to a section of a test from a previous day or work ahead in a future section of the test
  • SDAA II tests are untimed
  • Only students are allowed to erase their stray marks or darken answer-choice circles, and only during the scheduled test session

DCCM p. 277-280

Each test must be administered on the prescribed day
  • TAs must return test materials to the campus coordinator immediately after each test session

DCCM p. 277-280

  • Please review rules and procedures regarding transcriptions

DCCM p. 280-283

answering questions
Answering Questions
  • TAs may not answer questions regarding test content
  • “I can’t answer that for you; just do the best you can.”
  • TAs are not allowed to:
    • translate test questions into another language
    • rephrase or add information to questions or the prompt
    • discuss test questions with anyone before, during, or after testing; or
    • score test items or discuss with examinees how they performed

DCCM p. 283

Oral Administration
    • Ensure that TAs for oral adm. receive additional training in the procedures specific to an oral test administration
  • Breaks
  • Lunch
  • Cell Phone Use
  • Emergencies
  • Changing Testing Rooms

DCCM p. 284-285

return sdaa ii materials
Return SDAA II Materials
  • Ensure no answer documents are inside a test booklet
  • Verify that all test booklets and answer documents are accounted for
  • List of materials to be returned to you
  • You are responsible for locating any missing test booklets or secure test administrator manuals

DCCM p. 288-289

scorable materials
Scorable Materials
  • Used answer documents
  • Used scorable test booklets for I.L. K-3 SDAA II reading and math
  • Voided scorable test booklets for K-3 SDAA II reading and math
  • Procedure for arranging scorable documents are listed on p. 290-297
non scorable materials
Non-Scorable Materials
  • Test booklets grouped by I.L. for I.L. 4-9 reading, I.L. 4-10 math
  • Unused scorable test booklets (K-3 reading and math)
  • Secure test administrator manuals (K and 1 reading, K-2 math)
  • Large print materials
  • Unused or voided precoded labels
  • Unused or voided ID sheets
  • Unused answer documents
  • Typed or tape-recorded materials

DCCM p. 298

materials that do not need to be returned
Materials that do not need to be returned
  • Unused paper bands
  • Math charts
  • Coordinator manuals
  • Coordinator packets
  • Nonsecure test administrator manuals
  • Packing lists or packing cover sheets
  • Scratch paper (must be destroyed after testing)