how the world and mankind were created l.
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How the World and Mankind Were Created PowerPoint Presentation
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How the World and Mankind Were Created

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How the World and Mankind Were Created - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How the World and Mankind Were Created. “First there was Chaos, the vast immeasurable abyss” Two children of Chaos: Erebus and Night Erebus: becomes the depthless world of death Night: what it says. Death’s and Erebus’ Child. Love: the light in the darkness

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How the World and Mankind Were Created

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“First there was Chaos, the vast immeasurable abyss”

Two children of Chaos: Erebus and Night

Erebus: becomes the depthless world of death

Night: what it says

death s and erebus child
Death’s and Erebus’ Child
  • Love: the light in the darkness
  • Love created Light, and the opposite of Night—Day
  • From the coming of Light and Love, earth was created
  • No description of how Earth was created given
gaea and ouranos uranus
Gaea and Ouranos (Uranus)
  • Mother Earth and Father Heaven
  • Monsters: not in the sense that they are bad.
  • First creatures to come to life
  • Gaea and Oranos were giants
  • These are creatures larger than what we think of as normal today
  • Includes cyclops
  • Creatures with a hundred hands and fifty heads
  • Titans
domestic dispute
Domestic Dispute
  • Oranos hated his children
  • Imprisoned the hundred-hand, fifty-head creatures within the earth (Gaea)
  • Gaea is enraged at the maltreatment of her children
  • A Titan who defeated Oranos
  • Drove the monsters from the world
  • Caused the creation of Erinyes (Furies) from the blood of Oranus
  • Ensured the continued life of the Furies as long as sin remained in the world
  • Cronus becomes ruler of the Universe
cronus children
Cronus’ Children
  • Cronus learned one of his children would rebel against him
  • He swallowed them as they were born
  • Zeus was born in secret
zeus rise to power
Zeus’ Rise To Power
  • Zeus enlists the aid of his five brothers and sisters to wage war with Cronus
  • Zeus released the hundred-headed, fifty-handed monsters from their prison to aid his cause
  • Zeus defeated Cronus and the Titans
zeus punishment
Zeus’ Punishment
  • The god was terrible in his punishment
  • The conquered were chained “as far beneath earth as heaven is above”
  • 9 days falling from earth
  • Atlas: Titan must hold the weight of Heaven and Earth on his shoulders for all eternity; he must stand in the nether regions, where it is neither night or day—separation; utter loneliness
the first challenge
The First Challenge
  • Zeus is challenged by the birth of his last brother: Typhon
  • Zeus owns thunder and lightning
  • Zeus ensures his position as supreme ruler by striking Typhon with “The bolt that never sleeps,/Thunder with breath of flame.”
  • Suggests that the power of heaven is unquenchable
another challenge
Another Challenge
  • The Giants, who helped Zeus initially, rebel against him
  • **Hercules finally arrives to help his father defeat the Giants
  • Zeus’ punishment is the same for the Giants as it is for the Titans and Cronus: banishment to the uttermost nether regions
the creation of man
The Creation of Man
  • Prometheus (forethought)
  • Epimetheus (afterthought)
  • Both are Titans who sided with Zeus in his war against the Titans
  • Epimetheus began man; Prometheus finished him
    • Initially, the animals had the superior qualities of speed, endurance, etc.
    • Prometheus gave man the “nobler shape” of being upright like the gods—thus they look like gods
the creation of man ii
The Creation of Man II
  • The gods themselves created man
  • The “Golden Race” – created from gold
  • The “Silver Race” – created from silver
  • This continues through all the precious metals
  • These races departed the world in pure spirit form
the iron race
The Iron Race
  • The fifth race created
  • They must toil tremendously to make a living on earth
  • They do not convert to pure spirits when they die
  • Eventually, Zeus will destroy them when “no man is angry and more at wrongdoing”
only men
Only Men
  • During the “Golden Age,” only men inhabited the earth
  • The precious metal races were entirely men
  • All new people had to be created from scratch by the gods
  • Women were created by Zeus, in anger at Prometheus’ love for mankind
prometheus deceit
Prometheus’ Deceit
  • Prometheus gave fire to the “Iron Race”
  • Prometheus nurtured mankind by reserving the best parts of the sacrifices for men
zeus revenge
Zeus’ Revenge
  • Zeus created Pandora—the gift of all
  • The first woman
  • Beautiful beyond all men’s dream
  • She is the wonder of the gods, and an evil to men, with the nature to DO evil
  • Pandora releases all the evil in the world—plague, sorrow, misfortune
  • This is tempered only with Hope
prometheus punishment
Prometheus’ Punishment
  • Zeus had Prometheus bound in the Causasus (mountains far away)
  • He was bound with unbreakable chains (he is a Titan, afterall)
  • He would be bound until he submitted to Zeus
  • Prometheus eventually had his liver eaten by an eagle, which would return every day to eat the newly re-grown liver