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Protecting the Crops with Nature’s Cure PowerPoint Presentation
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Protecting the Crops with Nature’s Cure

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Protecting the Crops with Nature’s Cure
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Protecting the Crops with Nature’s Cure

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  1. Protecting the Crops with Nature’s Cure Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  2. Introduction • Nature’s Cure Background. • Who uses Nature’s Cure? • Crops and Nature’s Cure. • Benefits of Nature’s Cure. • Mechanisms of Action. • Application and Procedure. • Experiments: • -Papaya: Delay of Ripening. • -Grapes: Preventing and Curing Frost Damage. • Physical and Chemical Properties. • Stability and Reactivity. • Toxicological Information. • Ecological Information. • Disposal Considerations. • First Aid Measures. • Conclusions. • Contacts. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  3. Nature’s Cure Background • Made from the most abundant nitrogen- bearing • organic compound found in nature. • Enhance plant growth while boosting natural defenses. • Processed from marine byproducts (Shellfish waste from food processing ). • Chitosan • Known for been the second most prevalent naturally occurring • long chain polymer. • Triggers plant defenses due to its similarity to cell walls of fungi. • Produces an ability to aggregate soil particles while reducing • water inputs. • Increases soil water retention capability during drought conditions. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  4. Nature’s Cure • This is a unique product that enhance growth, increases plant vigor, stimulates • nutrient uptake, increases shelf-life and protects plant from frost damage. • Active Ingredients • Chitosan & Yucca Plant Extract………………………....8% • Inert Ingredients………………………………………..92% • It is a tan to brown viscous liquid with a slight odor. • Edible coating to maintain quality and extend shelf-life of • fresh fruits and vegetables. • Prevent microbial storage (extremely important to perishable horticultural commodities). • It is a concentrated foliar application material to be used to • enhance plant defenses and improve soil moisture retention. • Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  5. This product is Appropriate for: • Organic Farmerswanting to enhance plant growth while boosting natural defenses. • Biological Farmerswanting a reliable edible coating for fruits and vegetable that • can prevent color changes, decay and ripening of climacteric fruits. • Conventional Farmerswanting to extend shelf-life, marketability and • prevent lost of crops due to climate changes or normal morphology cycle. • Crops and Nature’s Cure • This product is essentially used with climacteric fruits and vegetables. • Note: See attachments for MSDS information and experiments with results from this product. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  6. Benefits of Nature’s Cure • Prevent and cure frost damage. • Enhance growth and stimulates nutrient intake • -Greatly increased root hair density. • -Enhances the ability to capture all nutrients. • Delay ripening of the climacteric fruits. • Delay color changes. • Edible natural defense coating. • Reduce weight lost of plants pre and post harvest period. • Extend shelf-life and marketability. • Maintain texture of fruits and vegetable under hard climatic conditions • Reduce decay of plants. • It is an Organic product: • - Environmentally friendly. • - Simple and reliable treatment to use. • Extension: storage can be up to 5 weeks facilitating the export of fruits and vegetables. • Longer shelf-lifemake fruits and vegetables more competitive in the world’s market. • Chitosanincreases photosynthesis. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  7. Benefits of Nature’s Cure • Nature’s Cure increases germination, sprouting and overall vigor of the plant. • Improves profitability : • -Increase yields by enhancing the growth and boosting self of the plant. • Prevents fruits and vegetables from decaying. • Provide a protective shield during climates changes that can cause the death • and shrinkage of the crop by the deficiency of nutrients . • Provides a back-up plan for growers that face climate emergency situations. • Manage fruits and vegetables growth thru the season. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  8. Mechanism • Preparing chitin and chitosan process (shellfish waste from food processing shrimp, lobster, crab, and squid). Decalcification in dil. Aqueous HCL solution (3%- 5% HCl w/v at room temperature. Deproteination on dil. aqueous NaOH solution (3%- 5% w/v NaOH 80o C to 900O C for a few hrs or room temperature over night. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  9. Decolarization in 0.5% KMnO4 aqueous and oxalic acid aqueous or sunshine. Deacetylation in hot concentrated NaOH solution 40%-50% w/v NaOH at 90o C to 120o C for 4-5 hrs. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  10. After all these processes the formation of Chitosan takes place. • Once You have created Chitosan, Yucca plant extract are addedand • Nature’s Cure is formed. Chitosan & Yucca Plant Extract ………8% Inert Ingredients ……………………...92% Nature’s Cure Yucca plant extract. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  11. Application and Procedure DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Always shake, stir, or agitate before use: Always add product last to spray tank containing require amount of water. Mix: • Pre harvest flower: 32 oz per acre. • Post-harvest dipping solution: 1 oz in 1 gal of water. • Apply: • Agricultural application: 32 oz per acre • T&O application: 32 oz per acre • Application: • Via overhead irrigation in enough water to take the product into the foliar area. • Via any irrigation system (micro-sprinkles, drip irrigation, trickle tape). • Via liquid injection from a tine that cuts into the root zone. • Via boom spray (Use very coarse or streaming nozzles). Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  12. Experiments and Trials Most prevalent problems that growers face: Papaya Insects -Stevens leafhopper, -Empoascastevensi-Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitiscapitata-Melon fly, Bactroceracucurbitae-Oriental fruit fly, B. dorsalis External Factors -Soil -Temperature Changes -Lack of nutrients -Water retention Post-Harvest Diseases • - Anthracnose and chocolate spot, • -Colletotrichumgloeosporioides (fruits, petioles) • -Phytophthora, Phytophthora palmivora (fruit, stem, roots)-Powdery mildew, Oidiumcaricae (leaves)-Black spot, Cercosporapapayae (fruit)-Damping off, Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia (seedlings)-Wet rot, Phomopsis sp. (fruit)-Dry rot, Mycosphaerella sp. (fruit)-Watery fruit rot, Rhizopusstolonifer-Stem-end rot, • -Botryodiplodiatheobromae, Mycosphaerella sp. • -Rhizopusstolonifer, Phomopsis sp. (mature fruit)-Papaya ring spot virus (formerly referred to as papaya mosaic) -Reniform nematodes, Rotylenchulusreniformis-Root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne spp. Problems within the Product -Water loss -Earlydecay / ripening -Accelerated softening -Shrinkage/decline in texture -Investment lost -Low Production Current Solutions Chemical Treatments Hot water immersion Storage at Low Temperatures Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  13. Common Surface Rots of Papaya Fruit: Diseases that affect papaya: (A) Sunken anthracnose lesion caused by Colletotrichumgloeosporioides. (B) Cross section of anthracnose lesion showing grayish white discoloration of papaya flesh. Firm callose tissue forms at the border of the soft, semicircular lesion. (C) Chocolate spot lesions ranging from minute superficial spots (left) to large sunken lesions with water-soaked margins (center). (D) Cross section of chocolate spot lesions showing limited penetration into fruit parenchyma. (E) Mycosphaerella lesion with light brown, translucent margin. (F) Cross section of Mycosphaerella lesion showing a layer of firm, black tissue below the infection site. (G) Soft, translucent Phomopsis lesion with black pycnidia at center. (H) Cross section ofrapidly expanding Phomopsis lesion showing progress of decay into the seed cavity. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  14. Papaya Background- 2012 • Sunken anthracnose lesion caused by • Colletotrichumgloeosporioides is one of the • major problems that growers face within the papaya • production. • Once the fruit is showing percentages of • C. gloeosporioides colonizing ( >45%) the product has • to be disposed. • In 2012- millions were lost within the papaya • production due to this situation. • Recovery by Farmers: • Growers recovered some of the investment; • however, heavy chemical treatments were • added to papaya which increased farmers costs sustainably. • Results/ Problems with papaya: • Even though growers recuperated SOME of the production the Papaya was affected. • -Weight lost. -Los of exportation contracts. - Product remained local. • -Dramatic color change. -Expensive product . -Shrinkage structure. • -Changes in flavor, texture and firmness. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  15. We applied 5 different concentration of Nature’s Cure to see • how the process of ripening will be delayed- the results • were outstanding. • Procedure: • We selected the papayas for testing. • A papaya control was prepared • (no Nature’s cure solution on it). • We chose 5 concentration of • nature’s cure. • ↑[0.5%,1.0%, 1.5%,2.o%] • Storage: root temperature and • 120 C temperature. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  16. Results Under the Microscope • After completing the experiment we took some samples from papaya. • We observed Anthracnose lesion caused by Colletotrichumgloeosporioides and how it was evolving under the different concentrations. • The results were very direct as we increased the concentration of Nature’s Cure in papaya. The Colletotrichumgloeosporioides did shrink and decreased in radius compared to the papaya that was not treated with Nature’s cure. • We clearly can observe that Colletotrichumgloeosporioides was presentand abundant in the papaya that was not treated with Nature’s Cure. • A healthy C. gloeosporioides in papaya shows a softness in structure, a color change, a ripening and modified the taste. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  17. Results : Disease Incidence/ Storage Duration 100% Contamination No Nature’s Cure T1 0% No Nature’s Cure Contamination with Nature’s Cure T4 T2 T3 T1 1.5% of Nature’s Cure Concentration T4 T5 Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  18. Results: Firmness / Storage Duration • Our control (No treatment with Nature’s Cure) showed a firm texture within the first two weeks. • After the second week a considerable decline in texture, color and firmness was observed. • While we observed this decline in firmness the storage time also decreased. • Using the same procedure at room temperature: • We saw the same pattern where the papaya • that was not treated with Nature’s Cure • showed an immediate change within 10 days • after it was harvested. • However all the papaya that was treated with • nature’s cure showed a healthier look, longer • storage duration and greater firmness in texture. Room Temperature Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  19. Second Experiment: Frost Damage on Grapes • For a farmer it is very devastating to • see results as the ones show in this image. • In here, the vines from Gallo vineyards were affected by frost damage. • When a particular situation like this happen the results are very predictable. No Back-up Plan for Emergency Situations • Problems: • Lost of production. • Poor yield. • Shrinkage in the product. • Poor quality of the product. • Higher investment in chemical treatments or costly equipments. No Nature’s Cure application total lost of vineyards Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  20. After these results we decided to make two different experiments: • Grapes Treated with Half Rate of Nature’s Cure. • Grapes Treated with Full Rate of Nature’s Cure. • This imagine shows the vines that were • treated with Half Rate of Nature’s Cure we can see • in the leaf that there is an immediate recovery • and there is only a minor level of frost damage in • comparison to the vines that were not treated. • Only HALF RATE of Nature’s Cure was used • on vines that were exposed to 320 F (0 0 C). • Under other conditions the fate of these • vines would have been lost. Making the growers • lost all the investment made on those vines. • The growers would have lost their entire investment, • time, man power, and profit. Recovery: Healthy Vines Minor level of Frost Damage Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  21. Full Rate Nature’s Cure • After applying our product, it is very • evident how these vines showed no • frost damage. • Vines are growing healthy • since Nature’s Cure helped to • boost their defense mechanism, so they • will be able to survive under irregular • conditions like: • -Changes in climate temperatures • -Deficiency of Nutrients • Nature’s Cure give growers a back-up plan • that will secure the protection • of crops during emergency situations • like the one Gallo vineyards faced. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  22. Physical and Chemical Properties • VAPOR DENSITY: No Data EVAPORATION RATE (n-BuAc=1): No Data • SPECIFIC GRAVITY @ 20°C: No Data SOLUBILITY IN WATER: Soluble • VAPOR PRESSURE, mm Hg @ 20°C (68°F): No Data pH: 4.0 – 6.0 • APPEARANCE, ODOR and COLOR: This product is a tan to brown viscous liquid with a slight odor. Reactivity and Stability • STABILITY: Stable. • DECOMPOSITION PRODUCTS:Thermal degradation produces carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxides of phosphorous. • MATERIALS WITH WHICH SUBSTANCE IS INCOMPATIBLE:Strong oxidizing agents and strong • reducing agents • POSSIBILITY OF HAZARDOUS REACTIONS: Will not occur. • CONDITIONS TO AVOID:Incompatible materials. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  23. Toxicological Information • TOXICITY DATA: No Data Available for the components of this products • SUSPECTED CANCER AGENT:The following components of this product are listed by agencies tracking the carcinogenic potential of chemical compounds as follows: None known • IRITANCY OF PRODUCT:Contact of this product can cause slight skin and eye irritation. • SENSITIZATION TO THE PRODUCT:These products are not known to cause human skin or respiratory sensitization. • REPRODUCTIVE TOXICITY INFORMATION:Listed below is information concerning the effects of this • product and its components on the human reproductive system. Mutagenicity: The components of this product are not reported to produce mutagenic effects in humans. Embryotoxicity: The components of this product are not reported to produce embryotoxic effects in humans. Teratogenicity: The components of this product are not reported to produce teratogenicity effects in humans. Reproductive Toxicity: The components of this product are not reported to produce reproductive effects in humans. Ecological Information ALL WORK PRACTICES MUST BE AIMED AT ELIMINATING ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION. ENVIRONMENTAL FATE:This material is not expected to be hazardous to the environment. ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICITY:This material is not expected to be toxic to aquatic life. Disposal Considerations PREPARING WASTES FOR DISPOSAL: Waste disposal must be in accordance with appropriate U.S. Federal, State, and local regulations, those of Canada, Australia, EU Member States and Japan. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  24. First-Aid Measures INHALATION FIRST AID:Not expected as a result of this product, however if breathing problems occur remove victim to fresh air. If persistent breathing difficulty occurs, get medical attention. SKIN CONTACT FIRST AID:Wash skin with plenty of soap and water after handling or contact. Get medical attention if irritation develops or persists. EYE CONTACT FIRST AID:If contact with eyes, flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes lifting upper and lower eyelids occasionally. Get medical attention if irritation persists. INGESTION:Routine use of this product is not expected to cause any situation which could lead to ingestion. If this product is swallowed, CALL PHYSICIAN OR POISON CONTROL CENTER FOR MOST CURRENT INFORMATION. If professional advice is not available, do not induce vomiting. Never induce vomiting or give diluents (milk or water) to someone who is unconscious, having convulsions, or unable to swallow. MEDICAL CONDITIONS AGGRAVATED BY EXPOSURE:None known RECOMMENDATIONS TO PHYSICIANS:Treat symptoms and eliminate overexposure. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  25. CONCLUSIONS Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  26. Conclusions • After observing all the outstanding results that Nature’s Cure can provide to crops we are proud to introduce an organic product whose concentrated foliar application material will enhance plant defenses and improves soil moisture retention. • Nature’s Cure will give the growers the opportunity to solve many problems that they face every season within their production: • Delay decay and ripening of the climacteric fruits. • Prevent and treat Frost damage in plant. • Delay color changes and increase shelf-life in fruits and vegetables. • Stimulates nutrients uptake and enhance plant growth. • Reduce weight lost and maintain plant texture. • Extension of storage time accomplished by using Nature’s Cure will facilitate the exports of fruits to long distance markets by sea and thereby the cost of exportation will be reduced. • Will make the production of fruits and vegetables more competitive in the world’s market. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  27. Conclusions • Products do not have to stay in local markets. By using Nature’s Cure the growers will be able to export new products to new markets. • Chemical treatments and advance equipments are costly and they do not guarantee that the production will be save or recovered. • Since Nature’s Cure improves the nutrients absorbance to the roots the crops grow up faster and healthier than by using any other similar treatment. • Grower no longer worry about frost damage and the loss of overall production due to climate changes. • Since it is an organic product no health hazard or special restriction has to be taken. • Overall, Nature’s Cure is a very simple and reliable technique that will bring great benefits to the agricultural field. Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA

  28. Contacts Raúl Muñoz Authorized Distributor Phone : 9933-7597 (Chile) (201) 942-0400 (EU) Address : Avenida Pocuro 2521 Providencia Santiago, Chile E-mail: Gladys Michelle Reyes Biochemist Phone: (201) 963-1028 Ext:104 (EU) E-mail Nature's Cure- Purely Organic SA