is the green school right for you your kids n.
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Is the Green School right for you & your kids? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is the Green School right for you & your kids?

Is the Green School right for you & your kids?

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Is the Green School right for you & your kids?

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  1. Is the Green School right for you & your kids?

  2. Green School mission Delivering a generation of global citizens who are knowledgeable about and inspired to take responsibility for the sustainability of the world. How do we do that? Take a look…

  3. Our people

  4. Our leadership Ronald Stones OBE is the Director of Green School 22 years of educating kids in Asia and possibly the most experienced international educator in all of Asia

  5. Green School Teachers Recent studies revealed that the most important component in student performance was the quality of teachers. With this in mind Green School will start 2009/10 with twenty-one teachers, including certified Waldorf and Steiner teachers and two PHD’s – one of which is in Holistic Education. We have seven holders of Masters Degrees, one MBA, four holders of postgraduate teaching qualifications and 17 Bachelor Degrees. All 21 are qualified educators who are also engineers, psychologists, environmentalists, scientists, film, arts and media people, who are choosing to teach at Green School because they are passionate about equipping children with the skills they will need to face the challenges of future.

  6. Green School Curriculum 3 main drivers • The essential elements of English, Mathematics and Science – recognising the importance of continuity and progression. • Green Studies – a hands-on study which evolves from Nature Study to Study of Ecology to Environment Studies to Studies of Sustainability. • Creative Arts – embracing Art, Crafts, Music, Drama, Story-telling, and so much more. greenschool Curriculum Pack • Nursery to Kindergarten • Grades 1-to 6 • Grades 7-& 8 • Grades 9 & 10 • Grades 11 & 12

  7. Curriculum: Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten A hands-on experiential, early years program incorporates basic skills in pre-reading, pre-mathematics, and pre-science – with a heavy emphasis on the creative arts.  The approach to learning is Steiner influenced.

  8. Primary Curriculum: Grades 1 thru 6 An international curriculum which blends the essential skills of English, Mathematics and Science with a hands-on experiential Green Studies. Includes nature & ecological study, and a creative arts program which emphasizes Balinese cultural and artistic influences. The approach to learning is Steiner influenced.

  9. Secondary Curriculum: Grades 7 & 8 An international curriculum which blends the essential skills of English, Mathematics and Science with a hands-on experiential Green Studies Curriculum which evolves from ecological study to environment study. The Creative Arts program combines the marvel of global music, art and drama, with an emphasis on Balinese cultural and artistic influences.

  10. Secondary Curriculum: Grades 9 & 10 Courses under the umbrella of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) designed by University of Cambridge International Examinations. We teach 2-year courses in English, Mathematics, 21st Century Science and Business Studies, Environment Management, Global Perspectives, and Drama – with optional examinations at the end of the courses.  In addition, all students will study Creative Arts, Physical Education and Life Skills.

  11. Secondary Curriculum: Grades 11 & 12 The intention is to offer courses under the umbrella of International Baccalaureate (IB). Although no application needs to be made to IBO until mid 2010, the regional office is very supportive and consequently has offered to mentor Green School in the interim.

  12. the Green Curriculum

  13. Green food • Kids will be learn on site  how  to plan, plant and care for their own gardens • They eat  organic food  from the garden • They compost all waste

  14. Green water • The kids drink purified water pulled from a  well 60 meters deep • They drink from green school water bottles, reused daily. . . • They use compost toilets

  15. Green classrooms • The children work in open air classrooms, • They work on bamboo desks, sit in bamboo chairs • If they need air con in the middle of the day they inflate a bubble in the class room & use a small portable air conditioner • Their blackboards are made from bamboo • Their main lesson books are made from  recycled paper.

  16. Green campus • The paths around campus are Balinese rock • The Bamboo used to build the school is locally grown • We are aiming to generate all our electricity on campus thru water and solar power

  17. theCreative Arts

  18. Experiential Learning Designing & building a clubhouse, rope climbing, Balinese martial arts

  19. Experiential Learning Kite Making & Flying, Puppet Making & Showing

  20. Experiential Learning with expertsMaking Chocolate, Paper Planes, Pizza, Ice Cream & Movies

  21. Sowing seeds for tomorrow Green School is a seed, the beginning of preparing children for 21st century dilemmas…. Teaching them to think on their feet, able to solve problems that the planet will encounter in 2,025 We like to consider it a living, growing curriculum.

  22. How we teach it

  23. We love getting kids to think for themselves…

  24. ..use high teacher to child ratios (1:6) …

  25. …open their eyes to new ideas...

  26. …to be curious about nature…

  27. …to use their bodies as well as their minds…

  28. ..and we believe being hands on is an engaging way to learn

  29. Learning in a multi-cultural environment helps kids have a wider understanding of our world

  30. Paper Airplane Man Aeronautics was never as much fun as when the paper plane man came to town

  31. Ben Cohen teaches kids how to make natural Ice Cream Learn Ice Cream making from the worlds most famous ice cream expert How cool is that !!!!

  32. Kids learn how to make Chocolate Students learnt how to choose ripe cacao pods for harvesting; to separating & dry roasting beans; how to separate creamy white cocoa butter from cocoa grounds, to blending palm sugar to make Green School’s delicious organic chocolate.

  33. Kids learn about Movie Making Grades 5/6/7/8 get a teaching visit by Film-maker Steven Starr, and are now involved in making a mini-documentary. Bali Water Film will be made by the combined forces of the Creative Services Department, Teaching Staff and Student Volunteers.

  34. We see Art as a tactile experience

  35. All types of art

  36. Sometimes we even use the classrooms - though not always the desks…..

  37. So no hiding at the back of the class for these kids…

  38. All kids are responsible for planting Organic Veggies (even if some need a little help)

  39. Means they can grow their own lunch

  40. and harvest them for the kitchen… Green School Lunches are 50%+ grown on campus with planting, caring and harvesting all assisted by students

  41. ..making Cookery Lessons really fun Pizza making with head chef Signor Maurizio from the Lotus Garden in Ubud and hailing from Naples, Italy.

  42. Recycling is a central plank of the Green School Platform

  43. Geology lessons are in 3D…

  44. …on & off campus… Class 5/6 & 7/8 go volcano climbing Metamorphic, Sedimentary & Igneous rocks and Plate Tectonics come alive when you are halfway up Mt. Batur

  45. Physics challenge: How to support 200 kg using just bamboo and rubber bands

  46. Building a clubhouse: kids develop a range of skills…

  47. Including a head for heights

  48. Learning about optimising new and old technologies

  49. … an understanding of Physics…

  50. Utilizing one on one coaching