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College Readiness Benchmarks PowerPoint Presentation
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College Readiness Benchmarks

College Readiness Benchmarks

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College Readiness Benchmarks

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  1. Battelle for Kids and ACT, Inc.: Using Value-Added Analyses and QualityCore in Ohio to Better Prepare All Student for College and Career Jim Morris, ACT, Inc. Mark Hartman, Battelle for Kids Mark Black, Principal, GlenOak High School

  2. College Readiness Benchmarks *The ACT Benchmark Score indicates a 50% chance of obtaining a “B” or a 75% chance of obtaining a “C” in corresponding credit-bearing college courses.

  3. Common Course PatternsValue Added for English and Mathematics

  4. Common Course PatternsValue Added for Social Science and Natural Science

  5. Every student should be prepared to a standard of readiness for postsecondary education and work

  6. ResearchThe Foundation of ACT 2005College Readiness Standards October 2004Crisis at the Core March 2006Reading Between the Lines April 2007National Curriculum Survey 2008The Forgotten Middle February 2005On Course for Success May 2006Ready for College and Ready for Work: Same or Different? May 2007Rigor at Risk

  7. HistoryCollege Readiness System 2005 Optional Writing test added to The ACT November 7, 1959 First administration of the ACT Assessment to 75,406 students 1989 Enhanced ACT introduced: English, Math, Reading & Science 2007 QualityCore is introduced 1986 First administration of PLAN 1992 First administration of EXPLORE

  8. College Readiness SystemThe Solution

  9. Development College Readiness Standards Benchmarks High Achieving Schools Courses, Practices, Materials National Curriculum Survey Postsecondary expectations Secondary instruction QualityCore Course-specific knowledge and skills Best Practices

  10. Features of QualityCore • Is a uniquely research-based curriculum program designed to raise the quality and intensity of high school core courses for all students • Focuses on fewer, clearer, and higher standards that are essential for college and career readiness in each course • Uses formative and summative assessments to guide effective, targeted instruction

  11. Features of QualityCore • Measures student progress in each course toward college and career readiness • Provides professional development resources, tools and opportunities to teachers and leaders • Customizes instruction to the needs of specific classrooms, schools, and districts

  12. QualityCore Course Objectives and College Readiness Standards Alignment document between QualityCore course objectives and College Readiness Standards Available on SharePoint.

  13. Internationally Benchmarked Benchmarked against the frameworks and standards of high performing countries. Like the Common Core, QualityCore aligns well to international standards and frameworks.

  14. Available Courses • Biology • Chemistry • Physics • U.S. History • English 9, 10, 11, 12 • Algebra I • Geometry • Algebra II • Pre-Calculus

  15. QualityCore consists of… • Course-specific college readiness skills • End-of-Course assessments • A live formative item pool for benchmark assessments • Instructional resources • Implementation support • Professional Development option

  16. 24/7 Online Access for Educators

  17. End-of-Course Assessments • Two 45-minute multiple-choice components (35 score items each) OR • One multiple-choice component plus a 45-minute constructed-response component. (1-3 items) NOTE: Available in paper and pencil and computer based formats

  18. Student OverviewReport Includes estimated College Readiness Indicator based on ACT’s College Readiness Benchmark

  19. Long term vs. Short term preparation There is a difference! • Quality Core is the answer to long term foundational improvement

  20. Ohio Value-Added High Schools Project Mark Hartman, Battelle for Kids

  21. Understand the goals and outcomes of OVAHS including value-added/T-CAP Understand the possibility of future reports Discover what we have learned from highly effective teachers Learning Targets

  22. The right people! The right metrics! The right practices! About us –

  23. Why Use Value-Added in Lieu of Pure Achievement? Student A Proficient Student B

  24. School Achievement and Poverty Level

  25. School Value-Added Gains and Poverty Level

  26. Teacher Effects

  27. What Has Happened So Far? High schools ordered more than 62,000 end-of-course exams (over 80,000 in year 2) High schools completed and scored 53,312 end-of-course exams 25,422 students participated in the testing in nine subject areas (projecting 31,000) 36 (44) Ohio urban, rural and suburban high schools administered the tests. In addition, STEM, digital, career technical and early college high schools were represented in the mix.

  28. Hope! • Jobs • $1 million for ever student • $10,000 - $50,000 for every family • A talented and qualified workforce • All students!

  29. Ohio Job Outlook

  30. The Key to Opportunity is Education Unemployment Rate Average Annual Earnings Professional degree Graduatedegree Master’sdegree Bachelor’s degree Associate’s degree Some college, no degree High school graduate Less than high school 3.50% 7.00% 0.00% $0K $40K $80K $120K Source: Bureau of the Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics; published by Postsecondary Education OPPORTUNITY; 2006 Unemployment rate, 2005 Earnings

  31. Not Just Another Test! • Cultural Changes • For teachers • For students • For parents • For communities

  32. 15% 59% 55%

  33. What Will the August Reports Say?

  34. ACT College Entrance – OVAHS Trends OVAHS English 4% Math 5.11% Science 3% Reading 3% CCNY “Deep Dive” English 7.61% Math 9.15% Science .83% Reading 6.87% Note: 3 of 7 ACT administration - 2009

  35. Introduction Professional Learning Teams Overview Learning Targets Assessment Design Actionable Strategies AFL Works!

  36. Teacher Value-Added Summary District Alert Summary Annual School Value-Added and Diagnostic Summary What Creative Reporting is Occurring?

  37. Teacher Value-Added Summary Jane Doe John Doe James Doe

  38. Teacher Value-Added Summary Jane Doe John Doe James Doe Jason Doe Janet Doe Jane Doe John Doe James Doe

  39. Sample T-CAP Report

  40. BFK•LINK™

  41. BFK•LINK™


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