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Healthy Eating for Kids PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthy Eating for Kids

Healthy Eating for Kids

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Healthy Eating for Kids

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  1. Healthy Eating for Kids By Diane Zavacky

  2. With good nutrition as part of a balanced diet, children will grow up healthy. No matter their age, steps can be taken to encourage smart eating habits. However, the earlier it starts, the better. Healthy Kids

  3. 5 Great Ideas to Promote Healthy Habits • Have regular family meals. • Serve a variety of healthy foods and snacks. • Be a role model by eating healthy yourself. • Avoid battles over food. • Involve kids in the process Healthy Kids

  4. Healthy Kids Family schedules are busier than they’ve ever been. Convenient food, i.e. fast food, is readily available and rarely healthy or nutritious. Here are some suggestions about how to work the ideas into the daily routine …

  5. Family Meals – a time to catch up on everyone’s day and reconnect… Healthy Kids

  6. Strategies for bringing the family together: • Allow your child to invite a friend to dinner. • Involve everyone in meal planning and preparation. • Keep mealtime peaceful - no lectures or arguing. • Strive for nutritious food. • Aim for a time when everyone can be there. Healthy Kids

  7. Teach kids about good nutrition using the food guide pyramid. Healthy Kids Log onto, and each family member can calculate their daily individual needs.

  8. Some Basic Guidelines… Work 5 servings of fruit into the daily routine Make it easy for your child to choose healthy snacks Serve lean meats & other good sources of protein Choose fiber-rich whole-grain breads & cereals Limit fat intake, fast food, & sugary drinks Incorporate the 90/10 rule into each day: 90% healthy, 10% not-as-much Healthy Kids

  9. How to Be a Good Role Model… Eat well yourself. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Don’t overindulge in less nutritious foods. Limit portions & don’t overeat. Stay away from diet discussions. Keep a positive approach about food. Healthy Kids

  10. Final Tips… Avoid battles by giving kids some control over their food choices. Get them involved in the meal planning, the grocery shopping, & the cooking. Let them search for recipes they want to try. Healthy Kids