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Cultural Scrapbook

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Cultural Scrapbook. Ireland - Sema Rivas. Population/ Ethnic Makeup Facts. This chart shows the different densities in different parts of Ireland. This chart shows the change in population in Ireland from 1970-1996+. The different ethnicities in Ireland.

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cultural scrapbook

Cultural Scrapbook


-Sema Rivas

population ethnic makeup facts
Population/ Ethnic Makeup Facts

This chart shows the different

densities in different parts of


This chart shows the change in population in Ireland from


The different ethnicities in Ireland

population ethnic makeup facts cont
Population/ Ethnic Makeup Facts (Cont)
  • Ireland’s has a population of 4.5 million
  • Each year it grows 1.1%
  • Over 61 percent live in urban areas
  • The majority of people in Ireland are Celtic

These signs show different words of the Irish language,

and then the translation in English

language cont
Language (Cont)
  • The main language is Irish Gaelic, which is also known as Irish
  • Irish is spoken on a daily basis in Celtic families
  • English is Ireland’s second language
  • English is the instructed language in school, however Irish is a mandatory course

These are just 3 of the

different types of religions

Practiced in Ireland. Two are

Roman Catholic and Christian.

religion cont
Religion (Cont)
  • Approximately 87% of people in Ireland are Roman catholic
  • About 3 percent belongs to the Anglican Church of Ireland
  • The other 10% are different beliefs such as Christian and non-Christian
interpersonal relations gestures greetings
Interpersonal Relations/ Gestures/ Greetings

The most typical way of greeting someone

Is by shaking their hand.

This is a common thing said in Ireland.

it means God to you and is a

way to greet someone. In response,

a person would say Dia is Muireduit,

which means God and Mary to you.

interpersonal relations gestures greetings cont
Interpersonal Relations/ Gestures/ Greetings (Cont)
  • People typically greet each other with the shaking of hands
  • Many English phrases are used such as How are you and Good morning/ Good evening
  • Friends are called by first names while people of higher status the titles Mr., Mrs., Miss., and Dr. are used.

These three holidays are celebrated in Ireland.

New Years


St. Patrick’s Day

holidays cont
Holidays (Cont)
  • The main public holidays are New years and St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter is also celebrated but is celebrated from Friday to Monday
  • Christmas is also a holiday celebrated
dating marriage
Dating/ Marriage

Young people attend Proms and other Dances

Most couples get married in a church

dating marriage cont
Dating/ Marriage (Cont)
  • More than 70% choose Catholic weddings
  • Divorce was banned until 1995
  • Dating and marriage is basically the same as the U.S.
  • Ceremonies held in a church consist of two parts: a religious ceremony and the civil component of signing the civil register.

The Irish have simple meals at home, but also eat at fast food places. They

eat in the lat evening.

food cont
Food (Cont)
  • Irish people eat three meals a day
  • Supper is served much later in the evening
  • Irish dishes are simple
  • European dishes are popular to the Irish culture as well
  • Fast food restaurants can be found in Ireland too
c l o t h i n g

Clothes that keep the people of Ireland warm are warm

clothing cont
Clothing (Cont)
  • Wear earth tones
  • Warm colors are popular
  • Woolen items are typical because of the cooler weather
  • People dress conservatively in public
  • Shorts are not normally worn
sports recreation


Sports/ Recreation

Gaelic Football



sports recreation cont
Sports/ Recreation (Cont)
  • Popular sports are hurling and Gaelic football
  • Gaelic football is a cross between football and soccer
  • The woman’s version of hurling is called camogie
  • Soccer and rugby are popular as well
arts cont
Arts (Cont)
  • Literature is a major part of the Irish culture
  • Irish artists and writers are inspired by the country’s history and mythology
  • Ireland’s music is thousands of years old
  • Irish music is mixed with contemporary forms of music
  • Instruments that are use are flutes, bagpipes, fiddles, harps, button accordions and more