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Creating a Creative Environment

Creating a Creative Environment. By: Hayden McDuffee, Alex Miller, William Mark Strnad , and Lisa Stump. STUDENT SURVEY. “How do you feel when you enter an academic building?”. SCARED!. BORED. Depressed. Oppressed. indifferent. STUDENT SURVEY.

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Creating a Creative Environment

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  1. Creating a Creative Environment By: Hayden McDuffee, Alex Miller, William Mark Strnad, and Lisa Stump

  2. STUDENT SURVEY “How do you feel when you enter an academic building?” SCARED! BORED Depressed Oppressed indifferent

  3. STUDENT SURVEY “What can be done to improve this?” • “Better aesthetics. Hire a designer.” • “more color” • “Creativity, giving the buildings more personality than just the square brick, steel, and glass prisons.” • “COLOR!” • “more vibrant atmosphere”

  4. One of the BEST schools in the Midwest #16 Least Beautiful Campus #15 Least Happy Campus

  5. 5 Environmental Characteristics that Produce Greater Creativity • Complexity of Visual Detail • View of Natural Environment • Use of Natural Materials • Fewer Soft/Faded Colors • Less use of Manufactured Materials • “The Potential Role of the Physical Environment in Fostering Creativity” By Janetta McCoy and Gary W. Evans published in Creativity Research Journal, Vol 14 Issue 3&4. October 2002

  6. Colors • Blue: Cool and Calm • Yellow: Sunny and Cheerful • Red: Exciting and Stimulating • WHITE: Clarity and Freshness DULLS EMOTIONS. • University of British Columbia study (2009) and Global Healing Center Stress Management Techniques

  7. Our idea…

  8. Are you ready for this?

  9. Stimulate the SensesStimulate the Mind

  10. Three Part Plan: Three Part Plan: Change the gray strip in buildings to red. (School Spirit, Enhances Creativity and Mood)

  11. 2. Host a mural design competition for students to design and paint a mural on biggest, most boring walls in academic buildings.

  12. 3. Paint an accent wall in each classroom to improve the learning environment


  14. This is a Starting Block

  15. Who should we talk to, if we want to make this happen? • Mike Gosz (VP Undergraduate Affairs) • • John Collins (VP Business & Administration, Head of Facilities) •

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