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Creating a global learning environment PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating a global learning environment

Creating a global learning environment

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Creating a global learning environment

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  1. Creating a global learning environment

  2. Introduction Philosophy Practice Time and Taking It Global

  3. Introduction “This is our Time” is an annual, global telecommunications project for secondary schools initiated for the UNESCO Associated Schools Project (ASPnet). “This is our Time” strives to offer young people an integrated, interdisciplinary, electronic learning environment of activities on current world issues.

  4. Introduction Time is about... • Young people worldwide • Sustainable school links • Access to new technology • A virtual market place • Educational activities • Current world issues

  5. Philosophy Students gain knowledge, attitudes, values and skills towards the principals of international understanding, co-operation, sustainable development, peace and human rights.

  6. Time aims to: • Set up a network of schools, organisations and youth, working on global citizenship and cultural diversity • Create a flexible, electronic learning environment for intercultural learning activities • Provide a digital forum to share ideas and proposals on the role of youth in contributing to a better world

  7. Promote international solidarity by facilitating the participation of schools with few resources • Make a positive, hands-on and innovative contribution to global education

  8. Practice Time is an all-round and boundless project - Vast package of educational activities- Each school creates its own set - Depending on curriculum and technical capacities 1 - Short term and long term activities - Annual highlight on Time-day - 24 hours online communication - Videoconferencing, chat, Unite the Nations, etc... 2 - Local activities on world issues: global in the local- Such as: Suchitoto A Case Study, Cultural Market, Youth Violence 3

  9. Practice: participants • Primary & Secondary Schools • Community Groups • Educational organisations

  10. Hola Time We are very pleased to be participating in the Time Project this year and are looking forward to building links with more like minded youth from around the planet. Thank you Time for this opportunity.Peru This was a terrific project unlike anything I have ever experienced in my 10 years of teaching and something I am dying to do again....hopefully dont have to wait 50 more years to do it again.Canada My pupils have worked hard to get in contact not only with there twinning schools but also with more than 30 other schools, sending their opinion of Human Rights, asking question about others´opinions. Sweden

  11. Activities Classroom Twinning Local Activities Video conference Unite the Nations House Of Commons Model United Nations Suchitoto Youth Development Model My Neighbourhood ICT Project Time Gallery

  12. More information