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Creating a calm office environment

A presentation guide on the best way to create a calm office environment from choosing the right colours to decorate with to ensuring job security.

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Creating a calm office environment

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  1. Creating a calm office environment

  2. Colour • Colour is a very important part of creating a calm atmosphere: • Green walls can make office workers feel more positive • Blue walls can have a calming effect • You need to consider which shade to use as stronger shades can have the opposite effect • You also need to consider the type of work you are in as some colours may be more appropriate than others

  3. Clutter • Clutter should be avoided in offices where possible • An untidy desk gives staff more things to distract themselves with and can reduce productivity • Documents and paper work should be filed away to ensure let time is spent searching for relevant documents • Encourage the use of desk tidies and filing systems to keep staff desks clutter-free

  4. Greenery • Plants are important to the atmosphere in an office • Research has found that having a plant in the office can increase productivity and can reduce mental strain • The colour of them is also important as it is a calming colour which can stimulate creativity

  5. Mood • Creating the right mood in the office is important so that staff are kept calm and productive. • Play calming, gentle music into the office to help staff feel calm and in control • Hang some simple, soothing art such as landscapes or inspirational messages • Celebrate good work by hanging up positive staff results to boost morale

  6. Positive Environment • There are a number of things you can do to create a positive working environment: • Have an “open-door” policy so that any concerns are dealt with immediately • Ensure job security and if the business is struggling, look for additional financial support such as RBS Invoice Financing • If someone appears stressed, take them aside and deal with the problem so the feeling doesn’t spread

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