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Creating a Positive Work Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating a Positive Work Environment

Creating a Positive Work Environment

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Creating a Positive Work Environment

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  2. Brought to You By:CorpCare Employee Assistance Program

  3. Harassment Poisons Increases turnover Reduces employee morale and productivity Hurts the company’s reputation Reduces profitability

  4. Harassment Sexual Discrimination Intimidation Put-downs Coercion Interference

  5. Sexual Harassment:Definition Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.

  6. What Is Sexual Harassment? Unwelcome and Unwanted Harmful Illegal

  7. Types of Sexual Harassment Quid Pro Quo Hostile Environment

  8. Sexual Harassment or Good, Clean Fun? Extremely serious Prevalent in the workplace today Less than 13% of harassment is actually reported, which means 87% of harassment is never addressed. Some companies do not regard sexual harassment as a legitimate offense and treat it lightly. 

  9. Harassment Comes in Many Forms Gender, sexual, race, ethnicity, religion, disabilities. From supervisors, co-workers, suppliers, customers, business partners, strangers, etc. Happens in the office, at field worksites, on the workplace premises, on the way to and from worksites, etc. Employers and managers/supervisors have a legal duty to prevent employees from being harassed. In some instances, "not knowing" is not a legal defense.

  10. Hostile Environment May Exist Hostile environment may exist when an employee is harassed  under any of the circumstances before discussed

  11. What Constitutes a Hostile Environment? Anything that creates: Fear Intimidates Ostracizes Psychologically or physically threatens Embarrasses, ridicules Or in some other way unreasonably over burdens or precludes an employee from reasonably performing his/her work.

  12. Frequently Asked Questions What About Teasing, Flirting and Bantering Between Co-Workers? What are Examples of Sexual Harassing Conduct? What if an Employee Complies? Can One Incident Constitute Sexual Harassment?

  13. More Questions What About Same Sex Harassment? What are the Time Limits for Filing a Charge? Can my Employer Retaliate Against Me for Filing with the EEOC?

  14. The effect is the issue, not the intent

  15. Responding to Harassment Make your feelings known to harasser Record specifics Report Call the EAP for assistance & direction

  16. Witnessing Harassment Approach the victim, offering support Encourage victim to express feelings to harasser Record what you see or hear Offer support in reporting to company Follow company policy on reporting

  17. Why It’s Not Reported Fear of not being taken seriously Fear of stirring up trouble Fear of retaliation Fear of losing financial future Fear of losing self-respect Fear that they are the one to blame

  18. Manager/Supervisor Responsibility Be proactive; pay attention; monitor the worksite; look and listen for potential problems. Reach out and inquire if you sense a problem. Take each and all complaints and reports seriously.

  19. Manager/Supervisor Responsibility Look into complaints, rumors, etc., immediately. Know your policies and procedures. Involve others with a need to know, such as your supervisor and your HR representative.

  20. Manager/Supervisor Responsibility Don’t overreact; be sensitive to individuals; be tactful, and don’t jump to conclusions or accusations. Determine the scope and scale and consult with your supervisor and HR representative on possible investigative and documentation steps. Communicate with involved parties, your supervisor and HR representative, but protect privacy and confidentiality rights. Stay connected, watch extra closely and follow through as needed until the issue is closed.

  21. Each incident must be evaluated on its own particulars and must be handled accordingly. Each incident will be unique. The key is don’t avoid and don’t overreact. COMMUNICATE!!

  22. Newton County Policy

  23. Sexual Harassment Quiz 1. Sexual harassment is an expression of sexual desire. 2. It’s considered sexual harassment if your supervisor continuously leers at your body and makes unwelcome graphic comments about your body that embarrass you. 3. There are local, state, and federal laws designed to protect employees from sexual harassment.

  24. Sexual Harassment Quiz (Con’t) 4. There is a particular personality type that characterizes most harassers. 5. Sexual harassment does not have an effect on those who are not directly involved. 6. Sexual harassment is often a misuse of power that makes someone feel uncomfortable and can be done to influence a person’s actions.

  25. Sexual Harassment Quiz (Con’t) 7. Responding quickly to unwelcome sexual conduct is the best way to prevent sexual harassment from escalating. 8. A person can be terminated because he or she signs a statement saying he or she witnessed the accused sexually harassing another co-worker. 9. Pay records, job assignments, promotions, transfers, and performance appraisals can be used for the investigation of a sexual harassment case.

  26. In addition to the costs associated with legal liability, harassment has a profound negative effect on individuals, inflicting emotional stress. Effects

  27. Striking the balance between a fun and compliant workplace is a challenge, but with effective policies and procedures it can be achieved. Balance

  28. Personal Responsibility


  30. “CorpCare believes that a healthy employee creates a successful company.” 800.728.9444