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8/19 Daily Catalyst PowerPoint Presentation
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8/19 Daily Catalyst

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8/19 Daily Catalyst

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  1. 8/19 Daily Catalyst • In a study, 4 canisters that were 700 L each where heated to 4 different temperatures. As the temperatures increased, the amount of ammonia produced in the canisters decreased. • 1. What was the constant variable? • 2. Is this an example of a positive or negative relationship? • 3. Sketch a graph of the data. • 4. What is a possible hypothesis?

  2. 8/19 Class Business • $5.00 Class Fee due ASAP • AP Biology Binders due ASAP • Unit 1 exam is next MONDAY • http://irelandbhsbio.weebly.com/ • Parent Night is TOMORROW night from 6-7:30pm. Extra credit will be handed out and class with the highest attendance will earn a reward.

  3. Do you qualify for free and reduced lunch?! Free and reduced lunch form on jpsschools.org ACT wavier= awesome!

  4. 8/19 Agenda • Daily Catalyst • Class Business • Discuss graphing w.s. • Review conclusions • Conversions in science • Lab • Lab scenarios

  5. Graphing Packet • Are we prepared to read and construct graphs for the Unit 1 exam? • If not, you need to schedule a time to meet with Mrs. Taylor-Ireland!

  6. Observation • Question • Hypothesis • Experiment • Analyze • Conclusion

  7. Axe Murder Hollow Susan and Ned were driving through a wooded empty section of highway. Lightning flashed, thunder roared, the sky went dark in the torrential downpour. “We’d better stop,” said Susan. Ned nodded his head in agreement. He stepped on the brake, and suddenly the car started to slide on the slick pavement. They plunged off the road and slid to a halt at the bottom of an incline.

  8. Pale and shaking, Ned quickly turned to check if Susan was all right. When she nodded, Ned relaxed and looked through the rain soaked windows. “I’m going to see how bad it is,” he told Susan, and when out into the storm. She saw his blurry figure in the headlight, walking around the front of the car. A moment later, he jumped in beside her, soaking wet. “The car’s not badly damaged, but we’re wheel-deep in mud,” he said. “I’m going to have to go for help.”

  9. Susan swallowed nervously. There would be no quick rescue here. He told her to turn off the headlights and lock the doors until he returned. Axe Murder Hollow. Although Ned hadn’t said the name aloud, they both knew what he had been thinking when he told her to lock the car. This was the place where a man had once taken an axe and hacked his wife to death in a jealous rage over an alleged affair. Supposedly, the axe-wielding spirit of the husband continued to haunt this section of the road.

  10. Outside the car, Susan heard a shriek, a loud thump, and a strange gurgling noise. But she couldn’t see anything in the darkness. Frightened, she shrank down into her seat. She sat in silence for a while, and then she noticed another sound. Bump. Bump. Bump. It was a soft sound, like something being blown by the wind.

  11. Suddenly, the car was illuminated by a bright light. An official sounding voice told her to get out of the car. Ned must have found a police officer. Susan unlocked the door and stepped out of the car. As her eyes adjusted to the bright light, she saw it. The END

  12. Hanging by his feet from the tree next to the car was the dead body of Ned. His bloody throat had been cut so deeply that he was nearly decapitated. The wind swung his corpse back and forth so that it thumped against the tree. Bump. Bump. Bump.

  13. Susan screamed and ran toward the voice and the light. As she drew close, she realized the light was not coming from a flashlight. Standing there was the glowing figure of a man with a smile on his face and a large, solid, and definitely real axe in his hands. She backed away from the glowing figure until she bumped into the car. “Playing around when my back was turned,” the ghost whispered, stroking the sharp blade of the axe with his fingers. “You’ve been very naughty.” The last thing she saw was the glint of the axe blade in the eerie, incandescent light.

  14. Why are conclusions important?

  15. What makes a good conclusion? • Was your hypothesis right or wrong? • What mistakes were possibly made? • What does your data mean? • If you were to repeat this experiment, what would you change? • Why is the data you found important? • Can you draw any relationships?

  16. Conversions in Biology • Scientists throughout the world use the metric system tomake measurements. The metric system is also used in everyday life virtually everywhere except the United States. • Can you think of an exception?

  17. Metric System • Metric units commonly used in biology include: • meter (m)—the basic unit of length • liter (L)—the basic unit of volume • kilogram (kg)—the basic unit of mass • degree Celsius ( • C)—the basic unit of temperature

  18. Metric System • Unlike the English system with which you are already familiar, the metric system is based on units of ten. • What else is based on the unit of ten system?

  19. We convert between units depending on what we are measuring.

  20. Ladder Method • How many mega grams (Mg) are in 10 grams? • How many grams are in 28 micrograms (цg)? • How many centimeters are in 9.23 x 10-4 grams?

  21. Measurement Lab • Directions: Mrs. Ireland will assign lab groups and stations. Move to that station and pick up the lab report. As a lab group, complete the lab equipment and measurement lab. At the end of the lab, be sure ALL of your materials are returned to their proper place and all trash has been picked up. Complete the lab report and turn this report into the basket. Do not forget names. • If it is not AP quality, then don’t turn it in! • Noise: 2 (group) • Time: 20 minutes

  22. Experimental design scenarios As a group, design an experiment that will answer the provided question. Do not forget the 6 steps of the scientific method. Be sure to include possible data, graphs and a conclusion. You will be presenting the experiment so make a visual aid to share with the class.

  23. If a sunflower is placed in the sun for 6 hours a day, then it will grow taller than sunflowers in the sun for less time.

  24. Exit Ticket #2 • 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the metric system of measurements? • 2. Why is it important for all scientists to use a standard system of measures rather than the system that may be most popular in their home country or region?