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Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five PowerPoint Presentation
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Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five

Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five

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Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five

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  1. Max Takes The Train • Day One • Day Two • Day Three • Day Four • Day Five • Daily Practice • Leveled Readers • Phonics Lesson • Websites Mrs.Whitinger Miller Perry Elementary

  2. How many formsof transportationcan you name?

  3. Daily Fix-It is it monday

  4. Daily Fix-It Is it Monday?

  5. Realism and Fantasy • Some stories tell about things that could happen in real life.Some stories are make-believe. • Stories about real life are called realistic stories. • Stories about make-believe are called fantasies

  6. Realism and Fantasy • Tell me about the bunnies' day. Do bunnies really have clocks? • Do bunnies do artwork or play hide-and-seek? • Could this story really happen or is it make-believe?

  7. /j/ jot jam job jet

  8. Word Practice j a m

  9. Word Practice j o b

  10. Word Practice j e t

  11. Word Practice j o t

  12. Word Practice J i ll

  13. Word Practice J o n

  14. Word Practice J a ck

  15. High Frequency Words yellow blue green

  16. Word Practice

  17. Handwriting

  18. Questions • A sentence that asks something is a question. • We always end a question with a question mark. How did you get to school today?

  19. Practicing Questions What did you do today? When did you eat lunch? I ran to school. What time is it? I must leave. Which sentences ask a question? What type of punctuation mark do you need at the end of a question?

  20. Word Practice yellow green blue

  21. Let’s Read

  22. Let’s Write Questions Revise and edit I am going to check my work. Did I write the correct punctuation mark? Did my sentence ask a question? Did I begin with an uppercase letter? Did I use my best handwriting?

  23. What forms of transportation can be yellow, blue, or green?

  24. Daily Fix-It is It. wet

  25. Daily Fix-It Is it wet?

  26. Shared Reading Pages 2–3 What was it that Max wanted from Zeke's Palace of Ice Cream? Max really wanted a chocolate ice cream Whamburger. Why did Ruby say "no"? What is your favorite food?

  27. Shared Reading Pages 4–5 What did Max put on to get ready for the trip? Max put his Junior Citizen Transport Pass around his neck so that he could take different types of transportation. What form of transportation did he and Uncle Bunny take first? Pages 6–7 Where did Max and Uncle Bunny get off the bus? The bus went into the city center. Did it take Max and Uncle Bunny to Zeke's Palace of Ice Cream?

  28. Shared Reading Pages 8–9 What is the Blue Comet? Max and Uncle Bunny boarded a train called the Blue Comet. Have you ever ridden on a train? Tell us about it. Pages 10–11 What did Max and Uncle Bunny ride after they got off the train Next, Max and Uncle Bunny rode a ferryboat. Where did the ferryboat take them?

  29. Shared Reading Pages 12–13 What form of transportation did Max and Uncle Bunny take next? When Max and Uncle Bunny were on the plane, what did they do so they would be safe? Pages 14–15 What was Max thinking about when he was on the plane? Max was thinking about Whamburgers. Did the plane land at Zeke's?

  30. Shared Reading Pages 16–17 Where does the subway travel? The subway is like a train that travels underground. What picture did Max and Uncle Bunny see in the subway station? Pages 18–19 What was at the top of the steps? Max and Uncle Bunny finally arrived at Zeke's. What did they order?

  31. Shared Reading Pages 20–21 Where did Max find his telephone number? Max knew his phone number was on the back of his Junior Citizen Transport Pass. Do you know your own phone number? Pages 22–23 How did Ruby get to Zeke's? Ruby rode a bicycle that can fit more than one person. How many people can fit on Ruby's bicycle? Page 24 What do you call the type of bicycle that Max, Ruby, and Uncle Bunny are riding? Max, Ruby, and Uncle Bunny rode home on the bicycle built for two and the sidecar. Have you ever seen a bicycle built for two?

  32. Realism and Fantasy This story was about Max and Uncle Bunny's trip to get ice cream. Is Max's family real or make-believe? How can you tell? How is the trip to Zeke's Palace of Ice Cream different from the trip back home? What other parts of the story show you it is make-believe?

  33. Find w on a keyboard

  34. Jill Jones Was a Juggler Jill Jones was a juggler. We’ll say she was the best. She jumped on a jet. She wanted to go west. Will Jones went with her. He juggled jelly jars. So the jolly jugglers journeyed Way west under the stars! To the tune of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”

  35. Word Practice w i ll

  36. Word Practice b w e

  37. Word Practice g w i

  38. Word Practice n w i

  39. Word Practice n J e

  40. Word Practice a n d

  41. Word Practice j e t

  42. Word Practice g b i