How to take care of your family s dental health
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Enjoy a lifetime of healthy smile
Enjoy a Lifetime of Healthy Smile

  • The key to helping your family enjoy a lifetime of healthy smile is to teach them good oral hygiene habits early on.

  • Once they start committing to good dental practices, they’ll be able to avoid the need for complex dental treatments in the future.

  • Chances are they’ll carry with them lessons you’ve taught. So how do you get started taking care of your family’s dental health? Here are tips to help you get started.

Help kids clean their m outh
Help Kids Clean their Mouth

  • While kids are still not able to clean their mouth on their own, you need to do this for them.

  • Tooth decay knows no age. Don’t wait for the little ones to have their teeth grown before you start regular brushing and flossing.

  • . Make sure to be gentle when cleaning your little one’s teeth. Until they learn how to spit properly, you may need to help them brush their teeth.

Show them h ow to brush and f loss
Show them How to Brush and Floss

  • Always make brushing and flossing a fun activity for everyone. Teach the kids how to brush their teeth properly.

  • It’s important to cover all tooth surfaces especially areas behind, between, and top surfaces of the teeth.

  • It’s not only about cleaning areas of the teeth visible to the eyes as bacteria can also thrive where eyes can’t readily see. Show them that you, too, commit to good dental hygiene habits.

Introduce them to the family d entist
Introduce them to the Family Dentist

  • Kids can start having dental fears if they see that you, too, are anxious about seeing the dentist. It’s crucial that you work out on your dental concerns step by step.

  • Choose a general dentist that you feel at ease with. This will make dealing with any of your dental anxieties a lot easier.

  • Always be positive as you introduce your kids to the dentist. You may want to take them with you too to one of your dental visits so they can meet everyone around.

Go for teeth friendly snacks
Go for Teeth-Friendly Snacks

  • While early, get the kids used to going for teeth friendly snacks such as carrots and apples. You may also want to limit their snacking within the day.

  • Plan family meals to include green leafy vegetables. Cut back on coloured drinks and instead opt for more water.

  • If you get fruit juice for snacks, train the little ones to drink water afterwards. This will help rinse off sugary residue.

Check these out
Check these Out!

  • Taking care of your family’s oral health should be practiced with consistency. Always be patient and positive. And don’t hesitate to consult your family dentist should you need further advice. They’re your partners in keeping each of your loved one’s smile healthy for life.

  • Check Out These Tips on How to Take Care of Your Family’s Dental Health. Brought to you by Beacon Smiles Family Dental.

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