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Slide 1 – . Z: Hi my name is Klaus Hahn I was a German soldier during the battle of Stalingrad. P: This is me in my Nazi uniform. Slide 2 – . Z: I am from Berlin and I live in a small apartment with my girlfriend. Slide 3 –.

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Slide 1 –

Z: Hi my name is Klaus Hahn I was a German soldier during the battle of Stalingrad.

P: This is me in my Nazi uniform.

Slide 2 –

Z: I am from Berlin and I live in a small apartment with my girlfriend.


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P: But it’s not going to well because she didn’t think I was manly enough because I was only a watchmakers apprentice, so I joined the army.

Z: Soon after I joined Hitler announced our attack on Russia. I was assigned to be a private in the German 6th army.


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P: This is the aftermath of one of the major battles on the way to Stalingrad in the battle of Leningrad.

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Z: After we had conquered Leningrad we began to head for Stalingrad. While going, we marched in formation.


Slide 6 –

P: One night I turned on my radio. This is what I heard.

Slide 7-

Z: Even though this information was true it was also very much skewed. And it made the war sound better than it was.


P: In Stalingrad we were mostly fighting in the streets, but it was usually hand to hand combat.

Z: We would usually capture important buildings and streets during the day, but the Russians would take them back in the night

P: Later on, the Russians took two more armies and they surrounded us. Unfortunately for us, the Russian Winter was setting in and it was blisteringly cold. The next problem for us was that our weapons were not winterized because Hitler thought we would win quickly. So our guns didn’t work.

Z: Then, when they tried bringing supplies, the Russians would shoot down the plane.

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P: One day, I was assigned to be on patrol duty to look out for Russians, but while we were getting to a different location, we were ambushed by partisans


Slide 10

Z: Partisans were Russian freedom fighters. Our truck was blown up and I was the only one who survived. After lying on the Ground for an hour, a Russian soldier found me and brought me to a truck. Inside the Truck were others from the 6th army.

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P: I realized then that I was being taken to a P.O.W camp. In Russia they call these gulags and they force the prisoners to work long hours. I was assigned to be a miner. I worked 14 hour day everyday of the week.

Z: In total 95000 Germans were taken prisoner in Russia. I was one of the lucky 5000 who lived to be released. Many people died of the cold that set in every winter. And the rest died of starvation because we were barely fed.


Slide 12

P: When I was released, I had lost 19 of my fingers and toes to frostbite. Back in Berlin, my apartment had been reduced to Ashes when the Russians attacked Germany. My Girlfriend had been killed by a Russian soldier.

Z: I had nothing left, so I was forced to move in with my parents. And now I can’t find anywhere to work because no one will hire a man with one pinky.

Slide 13

P: Reflection Slide: I realize now that what we were doing to the Jews was wrong. When I was captured by the Russians, I found out what it felt like to be trapped . Looking at my friend David Johnson who lives in Farmville, Virginia, who was on D-day, he had many struggles in his battle.

Z: But he did not lose nearly as much as me. I lost my house, my girlfriend, and 19 of my toes. He at least had a place to go back home to.