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US Water Partnership Data Integration Meeting: PowerPoint Presentation
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US Water Partnership Data Integration Meeting:

US Water Partnership Data Integration Meeting:

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US Water Partnership Data Integration Meeting:

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  1. USWP Data Integration Meeting Breakout 3: Integration Case Studies David K Arctur, Moderator University of Texas at Austin David L Toll, Moderator NASA Hydrological Sciences Sarah Hemmings, Rapporteur NASA US Water Partnership Data Integration Meeting: Harnessing emerging advances in data collection and knowledge management to serve the developing world Reston, VA | 19 June 2013

  2. Overall Meeting Goals • Provide critical input on meeting the data requirements of the USWP web portal, including how to manage and synthesize the water knowledge accessed through the portal. • Develop an understanding of the U.S. “data landscape”, including both U.S.-based water data and information delivery platforms, as well as global water-related datasets, information and knowledge products that USWP members and other water stakeholder organizations host and/or utilize. • Share initial survey results of potential developing world users regarding their data and information requirements and solicit feedback from partners. • Discuss how to translate data into information that is relevant to end-users. • Explore how to best organize and deliver relevant information to developing countries to help manage water resources within the current scope of the portal. • Discuss a possible path forward for future development of the web portal.

  3. Working Group Goals • What are the most successful integrative platforms? • How can they be leveraged? • What are the recommended actions for managing and sharing U.S. water information? - Also outline for developing countries • How can our group's activity assist the overall meeting goals?

  4. Successful Integrative Case Study Examples • GEOSS Water Data Online (David Arctur/U Texas) • NASA Land Data Assimilation System (LDAS), Data Distribution & Data Rods, David Arctur/U. Texas • NASA SERVIR Geoportal and Data Integration (SERVIR), Sarah Hemmings/NASA • Water Innovation Collaboratory, Dave White/ASU • Land and Water Data Assimilation and Integration Systems (Paul Houser/GMU) • USDOI Water Smart, Kendra Russell/DOI • USGS Climate Geo Data Portal, Nate Booth/USGS • WRI Aqueduct Data Integration for Water Risk Mapping, Betsy Otto/WRI • ? Global Energy Solutions Center, Victoria Healey/Global Energy Solutions Center • ? NASA Global Change Master Directory, Lola Olsen/NASA • ? World Bank Geo Portal Developments, TBD • ? World Wildlife Fund HydroSHEDS & Water Risk Filter, TBD • NOAA Climate Data Program Data Integration, Kristen Koyama/NOAA (contact) • USACE Federal Toolbox (Ada Benavides/USACE) {See Lightning Talk}

  5. Sensor Web: Global Streamflow Data Services Global Runoff Data Centre New Zealand USA Dominican Republic Italy Building a national system federating regions . . . . . . builds a global system federating countries

  6. Sensor to Model Web: World Soil Moisture from the NASA Global Land Data Assimilation System (GLDAS) Charts show 3-hourly variation (37,000 values) of soil water content of the top 1m of soil from 2000 to 2012 Popup on point links to data and chart New Zealand A very wet region with little seasonality A dryer region with distinct seasonality A dryer region with significant seasonality

  7. Other systems overview slides here…

  8. Successful integrative platforms? • GEOSS: catalog of catalogs with discovery, access and semantics broker framework • Needs improvement of search interface • Needs streamlining of integration framework • …

  9. What is role of USWP portal in global context?

  10. Data requirements: managing and sharing water knowledge • Enable distributed discovery and access, with semantics mediation • …

  11. Key Recommendations • …

  12. Add-On Slides